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Episode 25: Season 1 Reflection - Hannah

Hannah, our so-called 'Queen of Rhythms,' is keeping it real and giving you a peek into the realisations she has had about rhythms AND herself over the past year of episodes. You might just be surprised to hear what she has to say about her ability to 'hold onto' all these rhythms she loves to adopt. Note to our RHYTHMS Community: Thanks to everyone, both old and new friends, who have listened along with us over the past year, this first season of RHYTHMS. We're excited to go away and keep rhythm-ing, keep living, keep chatting, and then come back with another season of the pod sometime soon. Ka kite! Links + resources from this episode: ⁠ The principle of 'Decide Once' from Kendra Adachi - The Lazy Genius (found in her book 'The Lazy Genius Way') Heaven is Everywhere (JOHNNYSWIM) *** This transcript was generated automatically and may not be 100 percent accurate. Episode transcript: 00:00:00 Hannah Welcome to The Rhythms podcast. My name is Hannah.

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