Episode 8: Input / Output.


You are already you. But guess what.. You are also continually becoming you. You are being made. Everyday! So, what's making you? Join Kris and Hannah as they reflect on the ways in which their lives' inputs and influences are impacting their daily choices, habits and rhythms.

Links + resources from this episode:

  • Korie Robertson's Facebook post on influences and entertainment (that inspired this episode)
  • @thatsmybookshelf on Instagram: recovering their books to look like Penguin Classics
  • Watch one of Hannah's fave's on Netflix: SWAT, and then DM Hannah with your hot takes!
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Episode transcript:

00:00:00 Hannah 

Welcome to The Rhythms podcast. 

00:00:02 Hannah 

My name is Hannah. 

00:00:03 Kris 

And my name's Chris. 

00:00:05 Kris 

This is a podcast about exploring the rhythms, patterns and habits that bring joy and add richness to our everyday lives. 

00:00:12 Hannah 

From daily habits to embracing the changing seasons, it's not about mindless routines, but patterns with purpose. 

00:00:20 Hannah 

It's about making something special out of something ordinary. 

00:00:24 Kris 

If you're someone who wants to move beyond just being more efficient or productive and instead find ways to infuse your days with small, familiar moments that matter, then you've found two new friends with the same goal. 

00:00:37 Hannah 

Every episode listen in as we share a reflection. 

00:00:40 Hannah 

The role of rhythms in our. 

00:00:42 Hannah 

Lives join our conversation as we unpack this idea further and then spend a moment with us considering how that rhythm could shape or add richness to our lives today. 

00:00:56 Hannah 

This is episode 8 input output. 

00:01:02 Hannah 

I was scrolling my Facebook feed recently and a random post stopped me in my tracks. 

00:01:06 Hannah 

It was not from someone I follow or know. 

00:01:09 Hannah 

It was just suggested content that might be well suited to me. 

00:01:11 Hannah 

And my interests. 

00:01:13 Hannah 

Well, good job Facebook algorithm this time. 

00:01:16 Hannah 

You got it right. 

00:01:18 Hannah 

Corey Robertson is a public figure. 

00:01:20 Hannah 

I'm not familiar with, but if you're a fan of the show Duck Dynasty, she will be known to you. 

00:01:25 Hannah 

Robertson had posted some thoughts on entertainment and its power to shape change and affect our thoughts, our minds and our behaviour, she said this. 

00:01:35 Hannah 

I read a book called Born to Run and then ran 1/2 marathon. 

00:01:40 Hannah 

I then read books by Daniel and Tana Amen, and watched the magic pill and cut out sugar and white flour entirely for a while. 

00:01:49 Hannah 

Has snuck back in, but not. 

00:01:51 Hannah 

As much as before. 

00:01:54 Hannah 

When I went through a challenging time in life, I flooded my car with worship music only and I became more aware of God's presence around me. 

00:02:02 Hannah 

A few years ago, we watched the game changer stock and went vegetarian for about six months. 

00:02:07 Hannah 

And right now, I'm listening to younger next year on Audible and have become my journey to six days. 

00:02:13 Hannah 

A week exercise. End Quote. 

00:02:17 Hannah 

I don't know about. 

00:02:18 Hannah 

But as I considered how Robertson had been influenced to form new habits by the media, she consumed my own experiences of this came to mind. 

00:02:27 Hannah 

For instance, I'm currently following online a lot of foodies and cooking and baking content creators. 

00:02:33 Hannah 

And so I'm trying more new recipes and cooking techniques. 

00:02:37 Hannah 

I find myself wanting to bake and prepare meals and I feel excited about it. 

00:02:41 Hannah 

And of course the content has done its job and I feel an overwhelming need to purchase new cookbooks using that influencers affilia. 

00:02:48 Hannah 

Like of course. 

00:02:50 Hannah 

I love to read and what I'm reading impacts what I'm thinking about and what I'm talking with others about. 

00:02:56 Hannah 

For example, a guilty pleasure of mine is a ROM com type novel. 

00:03:00 Hannah 

When I'm reading about a family in a small town somewhere or a summer holiday in a forgotten beach time, I find myself romanticising my own life more. 

00:03:09 Hannah 

My drive to work the scenic way helps me embrace the feeling of living in the little country village, a coffee while sitting in a local cafe puts me in a holiday mindset and I feel like I'm on vacation for those. 

00:03:21 Hannah 

15 minutes. 

00:03:23 Hannah 

I also enjoy reading theological and spirituality focused literature and when I do, I find myself in a rhythm of attentiveness to my own spirituality, my own evolving theology, and even to the presence of God. 

00:03:38 Hannah 

Also, a couple years ago I spent a solid five or six months obsessed with the TV show swapped. 

00:03:44 Hannah 

If you haven't seen it, check it out on Netflix. 

00:03:46 Hannah 

It's about a special tactical unit of the LAPD who are the last stop in law enforcement. 

00:03:52 Hannah 

As with most dramas, it's the characters who keep you watching episode after episode. 

00:03:57 Hannah 

And somehow sitting on my couch and watching SWAT investing in the characters and the storylines inspired me to want to lead a more active life to make changes to my physical fitness. As to my goal of walking 10,000 steps and then later 10 kilometers a day was born. 

00:04:14 Hannah 

This led to reading books, watching documentaries and following online influencers who prioritize adventure. 

00:04:21 Hannah 

These inputs too have helped focus my interests in spending time outdoors, moving my body and having adventures regularly, and it's easy to tell at any moment whether I'm following more Diyers or more shopping haulers on Instagram. 

00:04:36 Hannah 

Either parcels keep arriving at the front door, or my family are watching with equal parts. 

00:04:42 Hannah 

Curiosity and terror as I walk through the house with a tape measure at the ready. 

00:04:47 Hannah 

Back Cory Robertson. 

00:04:48 Hannah 

What I'm consuming in my life directly affects my thoughts and in my actions and the consequences. 

00:04:56 Hannah 

And it's not just media and entertainment. 

00:04:59 Hannah 

It's other influences like our environment and relationships too, like how when I store my Pretty Little bottle of plant food in a place where I see it daily, it's easier to be in the rhythm of watering my indoor plants regularly. 

00:05:12 Hannah 

Like how the way I drive to work affects the head space in which I arrive. 

00:05:16 Hannah 

To and begin my. 

00:05:17 Hannah 

Work like how when I spend time with friends and family, I laugh more and I have new experiences more often. 

00:05:26 Hannah 

And I remember the kind of special joy that can only be found in moments with others. 

00:05:33 Hannah 

As an early childhood teacher, my research and teaching experience with young children and making proved the same thing Penny Brownie in her book Magic places the adults guide to young children's creative artwork, argues that whatever makes an impression seeks expression. 

00:05:51 Hannah 

Meaning whatever is leaving an impression in children's minds will be evident in the artistry and making. And I've seen this countless times recently as my 4 year old niece's home is slowly being wallpapered with her illustrations of Bluey and bingo from her favorite TV show. 

00:06:07 Hannah 

As humans, we can't help but somehow express that which has made an impression on us. 

00:06:14 Hannah 

Or, to put it more simply and less eloquently, what goes in must come out. 

00:06:21 Hannah 

Pat Robertson, in her opinion piece goes on entertainment is shaping our culture and it is shaping us. 

00:06:28 Hannah 

It's not neutral. 

00:06:29 Hannah 

It's changing us positively or negatively. 

00:06:34 Hannah 

So she suggests. 

00:06:35 Hannah 

If you don't like where you're headed or want to change something about your life, I'm suggesting you do this one simple thing. 

00:06:42 Hannah 

Take a look at all of the things you are reading, watching, listening to music, books, podcast, TV, social media, movies. 

00:06:49 Hannah 

Make a change. 

00:06:51 Hannah 

Just input different things than you normally do and see what happens. 

00:06:56 Hannah 

And it seems so obvious what she's saying, doesn't it? 

00:06:59 Hannah 

But it's helpful to hear it. 

00:07:01 Hannah 

Input has a direct effect on output if we want our output to be different, we need to change the inputs. 

00:07:09 Hannah 

If we want to be intentional about where we're headed, how we're being changed, we need to be aware of what's moving and. 

00:07:14 Hannah 

Shaping us. 

00:07:16 Hannah 

I love this quote that I came across recently from John Dryden. 

00:07:20 Hannah 

We make our habits and then our habits make us. 

00:07:25 Hannah 

Our habits, our outputs are influenced and affected by the inputs. 

00:07:31 Hannah 

In our lives. 

00:07:33 Hannah 

And habits? 

00:07:34 Hannah 

Well, they're making up our lives. 

00:07:36 Hannah 

They're making us. 

00:07:40 Hannah 

So let's bring this all together and consider rhythms. 

00:07:44 Hannah 

Our rhythms are similar to routines and habits and patterns, but they have soul meaning. 

00:07:52 Hannah 

A rhythm not only helps us get where we need to go, a rhythm helps us enjoy getting there. 

00:07:59 Hannah 

So maybe you want to create an evening rhythm that supports your sleep and helps you enjoy getting ready for bed. 

00:08:05 Hannah 

My hands up here. 

00:08:07 Hannah 

But maybe you're like me and too often waste away half an hour an hour lying in bed on your phone when instead you could have been reading a book or a journaling. 

00:08:19 Hannah 

So change your environment. 

00:08:22 Hannah 

Personally, I could totally do with finding a new spot away from my bedside table to charge my phone to just remove that temptation and in its spot I could put my current reading stack and maybe a favorite candle or a reading playlist. 

00:08:37 Hannah 

I know that this little change will have ripples. 

00:08:40 Hannah 

That shape my thoughts and actions in so many ways. 

00:08:45 Hannah 

Or perhaps you would like a rhythm around preparing for a regular meeting. 

00:08:47 Hannah 

At work. 

00:08:49 Hannah 

I too often put off prepping for a regular creative planning meeting because of less important but more urgent tasks I could do with creating a rhythm of preparation which could include creative thinking and research time in a way that I won't want to miss it. 

00:09:04 Hannah 

Instead, I'll prioritize it and enjoy it. 

00:09:08 Hannah 

Perhaps reading a relevant book while working in a local cafe? 

00:09:13 Hannah 

I'd be away from those other tasks that cry out for my attention, and hopefully in an environment and with material that will inspire creative ideas. 

00:09:21 Hannah 

Change my inputs, try to reel them. 

00:09:24 Hannah 

And we're going to plan and get a different output and these don't have to be huge changes, little tweaks or simple swaps will change the outcome, just like the type of sugar in a cookie recipe can produce crispy or chewy cookies. 

00:09:39 Hannah 

Books on your nightstand instead of your phone. 

00:09:43 Hannah 

Change of scenery. 

00:09:44 Hannah 

For different types of work. 

00:09:47 Hannah 

The inputs and influences in our lives, media, environment, relationships, they will shape and change our actions and the rhythms that we create to carry us through our days and our lives. 

00:10:01 Hannah 

And the rhythms that we create are inputs and influences themselves. 

00:10:06 Hannah 

They impact what we do, where we go and how we feel as we get there. 

00:10:12 Hannah 

So what I've realized through all this is that I am already me, Hannah. 

00:10:18 Hannah 

And yet I am also continually becoming Hannah. 

00:10:24 Hannah 

I am being made. 

00:10:26 Hannah 

You are being made every day. 

00:10:31 Hannah 

What's making you? 

00:10:38 Kris 

Welcome back to the trashing Social media podcast. 

00:10:40 Kris 

My name is. 

00:10:41 Hannah 

Chris, I'm sorry. 

00:10:43 Hannah 

I I I'm really not meaning to be that person. 

00:10:48 Kris 

I just noticed it's been. 

00:10:49 Kris 

Been a theme that's cropping up lately. 

00:10:52 Hannah 

Yes, I feel like maybe like the rest of the world, we're just like becoming more conscious. 

00:11:00 Hannah 

And so we're talking about it. 

00:11:02 Kris 

But it's. 

00:11:03 Kris 


00:11:04 Kris 

Just because you're talking about it doesn't mean you're against. 

00:11:06 Hannah 

It exactly and I think what's become quite evident even to myself is that there's a lot of really positive influences for me. 

00:11:15 Hannah 

As I'm scrolling as I'm scrolling every night would actually be sleeping. 

00:11:20 Hannah 

I'm being influenced in some positive ways as well. 

00:11:23 Kris 

Do you think that the word influence or influencer has like changed meaning now like when you think of an influencer, you don't think of someone like? 

00:11:33 Kris 

Nikola Tesla or like an great inventor or something you think of like, like Kardashians? 

00:11:38 Hannah 

Or yes, I do feel like I kind of roll my eyes a little bit. 

00:11:42 Hannah 

I think, uh, what are we talking about? 

00:11:43 Hannah 

Because it's being used for a very specific and it's not even again, I'm not trying to trash influences like I follow them, they enrich my life in lots of ways. 

00:11:53 Hannah 

Like good on them. 

00:11:54 Hannah 

But I I agree, yeah, we I definitely think about online content creators now. 

00:12:00 Hannah 

When I think of influence. 

00:12:01 Kris 

Yeah, influence is like a powerful concept, isn't it? 

00:12:05 Kris 

And maybe one we could talk. 

00:12:08 Kris 

About but influencers, I don't know. 

00:12:12 Kris 

There's that there's that connotation of there's not a lot of depth to it, but we're influenced by lots. 

00:12:17 Kris 

Of things every day for sure. 

00:12:20 Hannah 

The ones that we've talked about here also include our environment very much influences us and the people in our lives. 

00:12:26 Hannah 

And yeah, an event. 

00:12:28 Hannah 

That I'm working on at the moment actually is around Father's Day and it's about celebrating the men of influence and it's nothing to do with the social. 

00:12:36 Hannah 

Sort of connotation social media connotations of it at all. 

00:12:40 Hannah 

It's about the men who are just around our everyday lives. 

00:12:43 Kris 

But it's everywhere I influence. 

00:12:45 Kris 

Yeah, which is, I guess what you were talking about is that we we absorb things around us. 

00:12:51 Kris 

And what I liked is that you talked about all of the different ways in which that happens. 

00:12:58 Kris 

And and we sort of a quite simple beings in that way we we mimic a lot of what's around us, this idea of ingesting and taking in. 

00:13:08 Hannah 

Yeah, this idea that I've heard recently is that we have triggers which are like influences that leads to thoughts which lead to actions or behavior which leads to consequences. 

00:13:21 Hannah 

And so we can sort of like control or have some power over how that goes when we. 

00:13:28 Hannah 

Have some control in the inputs or in the info. 

00:13:30 Hannah 

One says. 

00:13:31 Kris 

Yeah, I hear that. 

00:13:32 Kris 

So tell me then about this post, because obviously it has influenced you to write this reflection. 

00:13:38 Hannah 

Yes, I have to admit I did do like a little Google on the author of the Post because I really didn't know anything about her at all, so I wanted to make sure I wasn't sharing a person who I didn't know anything about. 

00:13:50 Kris 

So can I ask a question because I didn't Google this person, so I would love to know what the connection is between Corey Robertson and Duck Dynasty. 



00:14:00 Hannah 

I believe that she is the wife of like, one of the men in that show, and so she must be part of the television show as well. 

00:14:08 Hannah 

But I don't even know much about the show Duck Dynasty. 

00:14:11 Hannah 

I know I've heard of it and. 

00:14:12 Hannah 

I've heard of another female like prominent female who has been featured on that show. 

00:14:19 Kris 

It's a voice actor cuz I thought. 

00:14:20 Kris 

I thought it was an animated. 

00:14:23 Hannah 

Oh no. 

00:14:24 Hannah 

It's about a family. 

00:14:26 Hannah 

I believe somewhere in. 

00:14:27 Kris 

Ohh what show am I? 

00:14:29 Kris 

What show am I thinking of? 

00:14:30 Kris 

Jamie pulled it up. 

00:14:33 Hannah 

It's not a show that I've seen it all. 

00:14:35 Kris 

Actually, ah, I see it's got real humans. 

00:14:37 Kris 

In it, OK. 

00:14:38 Hannah 

With beards, I believe that's the picture that comes to. 

00:14:40 Kris 

OK, I'm thinking of Darkwing Duck with Daffy Duck. 

00:14:41 Hannah 

My mind is like. 

00:14:46 Hannah 


00:14:46 Kris 

I thought maybe she's a voice actor or something. 

00:14:49 Hannah 

I thought you might have been thinking of what is it like Donald Duck? 

00:14:53 Kris 

Tales, duck tales? No. OK. 

00:14:53 Hannah 

If you, DuckTales. 

00:14:55 Hannah 

Yeah, they were so good. 

00:14:57 Hannah 

And what's the one? 

00:14:58 Hannah 

And they're like, is it Donald Duck? 

00:15:01 Hannah 

Is it Donald Duck and the and the. 

00:15:03 Hannah 

There's the nephews. 

00:15:03 Hannah 

And at some point there's a duck swimming through mountains of gold. 

00:15:07 Hannah 

I remember that. 

00:15:07 Kris 

Ohh, Scrooge Mcduck, that Scrooge Mcduck. 

00:15:09 Hannah 

Oh, is that Scrooge, man, are they? 

00:15:12 Kris 

I think that's duck tales. 

00:15:13 Hannah 

Yeah. And so. 

00:15:14 Kris 

There are a lot of duck themed shows. 

00:15:14 Hannah 

It's the there are a lot of. 

00:15:17 Hannah 

There are and just actually. 

00:15:19 Hannah 

Today Speaking of being influenced just before we started recording someone who from online has the most gorgeous 2 year old daughter who loves to play imaginary and she was playing a game and had no idea that a duck was a bird and she was learning in the moment. 

00:15:34 Kris 

There you go. 

00:15:35 Hannah 

Lots to know about that. 

00:15:36 Kris 

So, so anyway, Corey has this quote that you that really spoke to you. 

00:15:42 Kris 

Tell me about it. 

00:15:42 Hannah 

So, you know, it's just like one of those posts that just gets suggested for you. 

00:15:47 Hannah 

And I don't know why I stopped to read it, but I did. 

00:15:48 Hannah 

And as I read it, I thought, OK, yes, this resonates so much with me. 

00:15:53 Hannah 

This is totally I can totally see that this. 

00:15:56 Hannah 

Has been happening in my own life that as I'm engaged with certain pieces of media or entertainment, I am changing as a person. 

00:16:03 Hannah 

And then, because I have my rhythms hat on all the time, I thought, OK, AHA, we can harness this idea and use it to support the rhythms of life that we want to be carrying us when we're conscious that what? 

00:16:17 Hannah 

We input into our life affects what we do, then we can intentionally craft. 

00:16:23 Hannah 

It so that what we're doing is supported by the things we've intentionally put in. 

00:16:29 Hannah 

I've said they're really roundabout way. 

00:16:29 Kris 

Yes. No, no, I hear. 

00:16:31 Kris 

It I I love the example she's given, so I I read a book called Born to Run and then I ran 1/2 a marathon. 

00:16:38 Kris 

I read books about sugar and white flour and they cut them out. 

00:16:42 Kris 

You know about listening to music and being like having a spiritual experience. 

00:16:47 Kris 

From that I like. 

00:16:48 Kris 

It's so simple. 

00:16:49 Kris 

The things that she put into her body or the the ideas that she put into her mind. 

00:16:55 Kris 

Turned into actions. 

00:16:56 Hannah 

Yeah. And it's very much. She's really talking about her well-being and her Wellness isn't she is. 

00:17:01 Hannah 

It's about her physical health and her spiritual and emotional health has been affected by what she's been consuming, not just food. 

00:17:10 Kris 

I guess then that would help you pinpoint. 

00:17:14 Kris 

Bits of media or practices or rhythms that you've been doing that has. 

00:17:19 Kris 

Had a like a real, tangible. 

00:17:21 Hannah 

Yeah, for sure. 

00:17:22 Hannah 

So like one of the examples that I gave from my own life is that I follow a lot of foodies and like cooking, baking content creators at the moment online. 

00:17:34 Hannah 

And I really enjoy that. 

00:17:36 Hannah 

It's leading me to like cooking new things. 

00:17:38 Hannah 

Trying new things so that's been something that's been really wonderful at the same time as I've been thinking about some other rhythms that I'd like to reprioritize in my life. 

00:17:47 Hannah 

I'm realizing actually maybe I could follow a few less like sandwich artists on Instagram and maybe follow a few more. 

00:17:55 Hannah 

Or people who are going out and walking and exploring nature. 

00:17:59 Hannah 

Or maybe I need to find someone who are doing like the walks in the area where I live. 

00:18:04 Hannah 

So I'm seeing those and that I would be influenced to go out and experience some of those because I probably want to bring a little bit more of that into my life and maybe a little bit less. 

00:18:15 Hannah 

Thinking about food, it's not a bad thing, but I just want to like change the weight that they have at the moment. 

00:18:21 Kris 

And do you? 

00:18:21 Kris 

Know what? 

00:18:22 Kris 

That's so cool about social media, especially something like Instagram is you can curate. 

00:18:27 Kris 

It's almost like a Museum of your interests. 

00:18:31 Kris 

And so you can actually have a really. 

00:18:34 Kris 

Tangible hand in curating what you see and I sort of had that realization that actually I don't have to follow just public figures or celebrities, but fun stuff as well. 

00:18:47 Kris 

Like, I really enjoy space. 

00:18:49 Kris 

And so I follow NASA and SpaceX, and there's this really tangible. 

00:18:54 Kris 

Way of curating some of the imagery that's going into your brain. 

00:18:58 Kris 

I find that really, really helpful in communities like Reddit are great for that as well, where you can actually, if you're interested in something or a type of information, you can actually really craft that. 

00:19:11 Kris 

It's something quite appealing about that. 

00:19:13 Hannah 

And and like again to go back to sort of how we started, it's actually often as being in the online. 

00:19:19 Hannah 

Space does promote offline activities, so another example for me is, you know, I really enjoy reading, but actually where I'm getting a lot of my recommendations from are on Instagram. 

00:19:30 Hannah 

And so as I'm coming across books. 

00:19:32 Hannah 

So at the moment in the northern hemisphere, they've been in the month of summer recently. 

00:19:37 Hannah 

So I'm grabbing all of the summary book suggestions, popping them in a note in my phone and going like, OK, I need to start getting those books sorted because in my. 

00:19:47 Hannah 

Here we go. 

00:19:47 Hannah 

I've got the types of books that I want to read during the summer time. 

00:19:49 Hannah 

Ready to go. 

00:19:50 Hannah 

So this online activity is actually going to promote. 

00:19:53 Hannah 

Really, really good offline activity as well. 

00:19:56 Kris 

Vanessa does that as well. 

00:19:57 Kris 

She uses Instagram to get book recommendations from people. 

00:20:01 Hannah 

Slightly unrelated notes, well, there are amazing people on Instagram who are like, recovering and binding books like there's someone who I follow. 

00:20:10 Hannah 

I'll find it and put it. 

00:20:11 Hannah 

In the show notes who like is recovering all of their books to look like Penguin Classics, and it's so amazing to watch. 

00:20:18 Kris 

OK. So the one that I was really interested in was this idea of following DIY's. This is shopper. What do you call it? Shopping haulers, something like that. 

00:20:27 Hannah 

Yeah, yeah. 

00:20:28 Hannah 

You know, like people like to show you their whole, like, quite much it is, it is and yeah. 

00:20:32 Kris 

It's a whole genre of video, isn't. 

00:20:37 Kris 

Oh weird. 

00:20:38 Hannah 

Fascinating and really interesting to watch. 

00:20:42 Hannah 

But yeah, for me this is like a little tension that I have. 

00:20:44 Hannah 

So I follow people. 

00:20:50 Hannah 

But what I am finding is that when I follow more people who are sharing like links to things that they've purchased, when I combine that with the ads that I'm also seeing. 

00:20:59 Hannah 

I'm doing a lot of online shopping and that is probably something that I want to like pull back on a little bit more. 

00:21:06 Hannah 

So even though there's some really interesting skilled content creators, we're sharing the halls. 

00:21:13 Hannah 

I'm doing a little bit of unfollowing at the moment. 

00:21:16 Hannah 

At the same time, I'm starting to follow. 

00:21:17 Hannah 

And the more you follow, the more. 

00:21:19 Hannah 

You have presented to you and these amazing woman Diyers who are doing up their homes. 

00:21:25 Hannah 

Like bringing historical type character to their like a builder grade homes and that has been so inspiring to me because I would love to learn more carpentry skills and construction skills and so following more of those sorts of content creators is helpful to me because it's inspiring. 

00:21:47 Hannah 

Activity and activity beyond just clicking a buy now button. 

00:21:52 Hannah 

That's really helpful for me to think about and sort of what my rhythms of life are and thinking about, like, how do I spend my weekends or my free time? 

00:21:58 Hannah 

Well, I what I would like to do is spend more time learning these skills practicing them and I want to have some more disposable income to be purchasing. 

00:22:07 Hannah 

The supplies that I'll need, so that's going to mean I spend a little bit less on shopping malls. 

00:22:11 Hannah 

So I can buy a little bit more timber. 

00:22:14 Hannah 

So yeah, I just like being conscious of that and what I'm consuming and how that's affecting my habits and my rhythms of life. 

00:22:22 Hannah 

Is so so helpful. 

00:22:24 Kris 

Yeah, two things from that. 

00:22:25 Kris 

The 1st is that you have actually identified like a a trajectory and we talked about setting your trajectory in the dollars and cents episode where you've set a goal and you've now identified the rhythms that it would take for you to establish a rejigging your. 

00:22:44 Kris 

Online content to to to show you and to feed you the things that you're hopefully going to absorb and then output. 

00:22:52 Kris 

And then the other thing is that what I think is cool about being exposed to so many creators is that it's quite aspirational and I know that social media can. 

00:23:04 Kris 

Feel like a comparison game sometimes where we compare and we show the deficiency between where we are and where we perceive that we want to be. 

00:23:13 Kris 

But also I think the neat flip side of that is it gives us something good to aspire to because I'm going to go out on a limb and say some of these DIY is the stuff that they're doing isn't beyond the reach of mere mortals. 

00:23:26 Hannah 

Yeah, totally. Yeah.