Episode 10: Q&A Special


It's time to hear Kris and Hannah answer YOUR questions about rhythms of life, about making the podcast, and about how personalised rhythms could help you, our listeners, to embrace and enjoy the season you're in! Find out more about your hosts, and hopefully discover even more how far and wide the impact that familiar loveliness could have in your life and the lives of fellow listeners!

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Episode transcript:

00:00:00 Hannah 

Welcome to The Rhythms podcast. My name is Hannah. 

00:00:03 Kris 

And my name's Kris. 

00:00:05 Kris 

This is a podcast about exploring the rhythms, patterns and habits that bring joy and add richness to our everyday lives. 

00:00:12 Hannah 

From daily habits to embracing the changing seasons, it's not about mindless routines, but patterns with purpose. It's about making something special out of something ordinary. 

00:00:24 Kris 

If you're someone who wants to move beyond just being more efficient or productive and instead find ways to infuse your days with small, familiar moments that matter, then you've found two new friends with the same goal. 

00:00:37 Hannah 

Every episode listen in as we share a reflection. 

00:00:40 Hannah 

The role of rhythms in our. 

00:00:42 Hannah 

Lives join our conversation as we unpack this idea further and then spend a moment with us considering how that rhythm could shape or add richness to our lives today. 

00:01:00 Kris 

OK, should go for. 

00:01:01 Hannah 

It Easter. 

00:01:05 Kris 

Hi, welcome to The Rhythms podcast. Welcome. Welcome to episode like that. 

00:01:12 Hannah 

One day we'll just put this in right and people will just know, OK, that's how we actually start before you here when we start. 

00:01:18 Kris 

This could be the start. 

00:01:20 Kris 

Maybe we should give people a peek behind the curtain. 

00:01:23 Hannah 

This is the real deal I had someone asked me to like interview someone at a conference recently and they said it's your fault cause I hear on your podcast I know you're up for it and I said no, no, you hear edited Hannah. 

00:01:34 Kris 

OK, well, I'm going to make an executive decision then and talk to editor Chris, and this is gonna be the introduction now. 

00:01:35 Hannah 

Today you're getting unedited. 

00:01:43 Hannah 

OK, well, if this is the introduction. Hello, everyone who's listening. So today you're gonna get a little bit of a different sort of episode from us. So we are gonna answer a bunch of questions. 

00:01:55 Hannah 

We've been sent in about the podcast about rhythms. 

00:01:57 Kris 

And we're gonna celebrate because this is a bit of a milestone episode for US, episode 10. 

00:02:04 Kris 

If we were a weekly podcast, it would be episode. 

00:02:07 Kris 

20 and they say, if you can make it past episode 21, then you're a A well established podcast, yeah. 

00:02:13 Hannah 

OK. Ohh so we must be yellow Week 20 at least. 

00:02:17 Kris 

Yeah, yeah. Not because of laziness, but I don't think we could have we could manage. 


Or weekly. 

00:02:24 Hannah 

We figured out. 

00:02:25 Hannah 

What the right rhythm for us was in the season, but actually that is a good little segue if we're really Chris into what one of our questions was. 

00:02:29 Kris 

Well, it's all coming together. 

00:02:37 Kris 

Yeah, let's just go for it. Hey, there's a bunch that have come in. We are gonna attempt to get to as many as we can. Some of them might run together because they have similar sort of themes. We'll let the episode go for as long as it needs to. So feel free to, like, dip in and out. You might not want to take it in all in one go. 

00:02:57 Hannah 

Is that how you listen to a podcast, Chris or you were like a whole? 

00:03:00 Kris 

Way through then I don't know. Like depends on how long the activity attached to the podcast show. 

00:03:06 Kris 

But we're going to go for like a Joe Rogan experience 3. 

00:03:10 Kris 

Hour marathon style. 

00:03:12 Hannah 

Are they really I've? 

00:03:13 Hannah 

Never had a Joe Rogan experience. 

00:03:16 Kris 

That's correct. Well, that's very clever. 


I'm not there I. 

00:03:19 Kris 

Don't listen to him regularly, but I think some of his. 

00:03:22 Kris 

Episodes are two or three. 

00:03:23 Kris 

Hours long and they just sit there and and. 

00:03:26 Kris 

Yarn so we could. 

00:03:27 Hannah 

Do that. OK, that would be past my bedtime though, OK? 

00:03:31 Kris 

We don't want to break that rhythm. 

00:03:33 Hannah 

So the. 

00:03:34 Hannah 

Question. We're going to talk about is how long had you guys, Chris you and I have been thinking and talking about starting a podcast and what made us actually do it? 

00:03:45 Kris 

There is an episode where. 

00:03:46 Kris 

We mentioned this, I can't remember it though, but we talked about our Christmas podcast, Hannah and I used to work on the same building and like, yes, roughly in similar fields. And so one day, Hannah had an idea to do a three-part Christmas themed podcast. 

00:04:04 Hannah 

And remember, it was like I think it was only like 3 weeks until Christmas when I pitched it to you maybe 4 weeks. And so I was like. 

00:04:11 Hannah 

We got to get this done. 

00:04:12 Kris 

Yeah. No, it was fun. I really enjoyed it. Hannahs script for it was really interesting and varied. It was aimed at primarily at families and young kids, and it's got lots of different bits in it. There's some singing. There's like interactive games and things. And there was a nice experience to work on, eh. 

00:04:31 Hannah 

It was so fun, and yet the way that you brought it all. 

00:04:33 Hannah 

Together, it sounded and felt like Christmas, like and storyteller. Chris's voice is all through it, which I think is just so beautiful. So. 

00:04:40 Kris 

Yeah, it's like I'm gonna just go close to my mic. It's like ASMR, Chris. Yeah, one day. 

00:04:48 Hannah 

So good. And then just imagine like. 

00:04:50 Hannah 

Christmas adoringly music behind. 

00:04:51 Kris 

Yeah, well, you don't have to imagine it. You can go listen to it. It it's been moved now. It used to be called family time, but now it is. Well, Lincoln, we'll link it in the show notes. How about that? 

00:05:04 Hannah 

Link it will link it but it is now. 

00:05:06 Hannah 

Like training for leaders podcast. 

00:05:09 Kris 

Yep. And that's the first. That's the first three episode 4 episodes of that technically, but we'll link in the show notes cause it's it's it's now a chapter in a larger book. 

00:05:20 Hannah 

Yeah. So, yeah, so that was actually our first podcast and it. 

00:05:24 Hannah 

Was it kind of rushed, but really fun first attempt and it was really good, but it was only ever going to be 3, three episodes in the trailer. But we started talking about this podcast kind of on and off. 

00:05:36 Hannah 

For I would say a few months at. 

00:05:38 Hannah 

Least, but what I. 

00:05:39 Hannah 

Really trace it back to. Is that road trip from Auckland on New Year's Eve. 

00:05:45 Kris 

Ohh yeah. 

00:05:46 Hannah 

Do you remember we talked about it quite a bit then and I think even at that point you might have brought up the idea of rhythms as a topic because I remember us talking about. 

00:05:53 Kris 

Uh, sure, yeah. 

00:05:56 Hannah 

Rhythms that we had during, like our church, had this whole. 

00:06:00 Hannah 

World Series called Rhythms when. 

00:06:01 Hannah 

We were all in COVID lockdown. 

00:06:04 Kris 

Yeah, which was like proper lockdown, right? We couldn't go out. We couldn't do anything that was, like normal. And so we had this idea of repeated patterns throughout the week, so Monday would be a certain thing we'd do Tuesday and so forth. And the idea was it would give you. 

00:06:21 Kris 

Consistency in a time where things were changing very quickly. 

00:06:25 Kris 


00:06:26 Kris 

You know, everyone was tuning in for the 1:00 COVID-19 press briefing in New Zealand. Do you remember that? Was it 1:00 or 12:00 and? 

00:06:35 Hannah 

I loved tuning and at first with always like, exciting, and then I got sober. And when someone in my household would turn that flipping TV on, I was like, get that out. 

00:06:44 Hannah 

Of my house. 

00:06:45 Kris 

That was around a week, week two or three when like you've had enough sourdough bread and your kombucha is not really working out anymore. 

00:06:54 Hannah 

Yeah, but yeah, so that was kind of. I remember even on that road trip. So we were driving back from Auckland you and Vanessa and I. 

00:07:02 Hannah 

And you brought up like I think it would be fun to make something for ourselves. Not for work. Yeah. And maybe this is an idea. And then we kind of. 

00:07:10 Kris 

Left it for a while. Yeah, that was a big thing for me, though. Is having something that was our own because we have both professionally been creating for other people for so long. 

00:07:22 Kris 

That we always. 

00:07:23 Kris 

I'm not. I'm not speaking for myself, Anna, but I suspect it's the same for you. 

00:07:27 Kris 

We always sort of shelved our own creativity in favour of pouring it into something else, and creatives will know that if you do it for a living, it becomes quite hard to do it. 

00:07:37 Kris 

For fun as well. 

00:07:40 Kris 

And so I it was really important to me at that time and still now to actually be creating something that I was really proud of. 

00:07:48 Kris 

For myself, and that didn't have any expectation attached to it other than my own sense of self satisfaction of hey, this is something I'm really proud. 

00:07:57 Kris 

Of which I am I'm really proud of what we've done in 13 episodes. I think even if we stopped today, which we're not going. 

00:08:04 Kris 

To I'd be proud of. 

00:08:06 Kris 

The 10 episodes we've made. 

00:08:07 Hannah 

Ohh my goodness. Yeah, like I think the creative work and like those ideas that we have unpacked and understood like have kind of surprised me actually like so enjoyed knowing more about how I think and how I view the world because we've had to pull it out so. 

00:08:24 Hannah 

We can articulate it. 

00:08:25 Kris 

Yeah, absolutely. And we've probably learned more than we would have if we hadn't done it, yeah. 

00:08:32 Kris 

Yeah. So I think it's really valuable. 

00:08:33 Hannah 

Yeah. Yeah. So it was probably just like pretty much just this. Yeah, we started thinking about it. We did it because really, Chris, because you were like, come on, let's. 

00:08:36 Kris 

There you go. 

00:08:45 Kris 

Do this? Yeah. Why not? I said I remember saying we need to back ourselves. Hey. 

00:08:47 Hannah 

Come along. 

00:08:50 Hannah 

Yes you do. 

00:08:51 Kris 

And have some confidence that what we have to say. 

00:08:55 Kris 

Is important enough for someone to. 

00:08:58 Kris 

Hear it and everyone's got there. Everyone's got something that they have to offer, and sometimes we undersell ourselves. And what our opinion and our voice has to offer. And so I just, I didn't want to leave it on the shelf. You know, I don't want it. I want to leave it on the shelf and get dusty and. 

00:09:18 Kris 

You know. 

00:09:19 Kris 

So yeah, that that was that. 

00:09:20 Kris 

Was important to me for sure. 

00:09:23 Hannah 

Yeah. Well, yeah. Thanks for doing it, Chris. 

00:09:26 Kris 

Wow, it's a team effort, isn't it? 

00:09:26 Hannah 

Thanks so much fun. 

00:09:29 Hannah 

Thanks myself. 

00:09:29 Kris 

Yes, that's the rhythms podcast blue rule. 

00:09:35 Kris 

So Speaking of the podcast, we've had a couple of questions about how we make it because it doesn't. A lot of the work actually before we even hit record is all in the pre production. It's all in the planning of an episode. 

00:09:51 Hannah 

We created this rhythm, I suppose. 

00:09:54 Hannah 

For our pre production where we really get to unpack our ideas, the person who's written a reflection about the idea. 

00:10:01 Hannah 

And the person who's going to receive that reflection and be part of the conversation. So if you've been listening for a while, you probably picked up that Chris and I at the moment are alternating writing reflections. Also, let me just throw in here another question we got was how do you come up with your topics? We'll get to that, but we each get to decide what we want to write about. And like Chris said in. 

00:10:22 Hannah 

The last episode usually it reflects like where the bookmark is in our life right now, so genuinely the things that I've been thinking about wondering about pondering is what I tend to write about that fortnight. And so we write the reflection the other person gets to read it over the weekend. 

00:10:38 Hannah 

And then we sit down to record maybe we've like come up with some talking points and things. 

00:10:44 Hannah 

But then we are not in the. 

00:10:47 Hannah 

Same room when we record we. 

00:10:48 Kris 

Are for one episode. 

00:10:51 Kris 

I wonder if audio files can pick up which one it. 

00:10:54 Hannah 

Is actually very much to do with what we're talking about, like which is ideal that we're in the same room, so maybe. 

00:11:00 Kris 

Yes, that's a good hand. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. 

00:11:01 Hannah 

Giving it away a bit. 

00:11:05 Kris 

No, we record remotely. We give ourselves a little bit of time to, like, chew on the reflection over the weekend and come up with some talking points. But we we aim to record on Mondays, Hannah. And why can I? And I'm in Wellington central. And so we'll FaceTime each other and we'll record independently so. 

00:11:25 Kris 

I've got a microphone and an audio interface, and Hannah's got a microphone and an audio. 

00:11:30 Hannah 

Face. Is that what it's called? I did not know. I just say just for me to get this red box so. 

00:11:34 Kris 

The red. 

00:11:36 Kris 

Yeah, yeah, it's a focus. Henna's running our focus, right, scarlet. And I'm running the two I4. Nice, nice bits of gear for anyone who's interested. And we do. We do a very non-technical like, OK ready 321 record. 

00:11:36 Hannah 

I got it. 

00:11:55 Hannah 

It works by right you're the editor doesn't work. 

00:11:58 Kris 

Well, it's not ideal, but it works close enough. So sometimes I'll have to do a bit of creative editing to line everything up, but we. 

00:12:06 Kris 

Record for about. 

00:12:07 Kris 

An hour and we'll talk about the topic and the discussion and before that, actually, whoever's reflection it was. 

00:12:17 Kris 

They'll record that separately and upload that to where we should have like a Google. 

00:12:21 Kris 

Drive or something and then. 

00:12:23 Kris 

I'll sit down with the two finished audio takes and piece the episode together. I've got a template I use logic Pro X to start a fresh template and we've got our introduction and then the reflection which is where I get to be a little bit creative, some more than others, depending on time. If we've had to push out our recording for whatever reason. 

00:12:43 Kris 

As life happens, the sound design is a little less involved. 

00:12:47 Hannah 

And sometimes it depends as well, like on the topic, right? Like I remember when I did my slowing. 

00:12:52 Hannah 

Down reflection, I came to and I was like, I really want it to be like you're going on this flight. 

00:12:56 Hannah 

With me. So how can we do that? 

00:12:58 Kris 

Yeah, sometimes the topic lends itself better. So you, you know, there's like airport ambience and and a bit of sound design with planes taking off and the cabin noise. And there's a lot of work there if you want there to be for Hannah slowing down at 500 kilometres an hour episode. I was very intentional about how I cut up Hannah's. 

00:13:18 Kris 

Collection audio so to give it gaps where it needed gas. 

00:13:21 Kris 

You see it in films and and audio where you have a lot of power to change the meaning of something when you like. If you put a gap for like 2 seconds longer, it can change the implied meaning and so there's a bit of that. So I'm I always have to kind of juggle that when I'm editing. 

00:13:37 Hannah 

A little bit of behind the scenes fact as well about that. 

00:13:40 Hannah 

Episode was I was really sick when I had to record that reflection, so I think I had to record it like four or five times because I was so sniffly. 

00:13:49 Hannah 

Like my voice. 

00:13:49 Hannah 

Sounded so gross. Yeah. So I did it like I tried twice that week, recording it and listening, but it doesn't sound like I'm sick. 

00:13:56 Kris 

Yeah, and mine, I I was. I had the worst flu ever in episode 4 and doing their reflection for that was just. 

00:14:05 Kris 

Awful. If you've ever recorded yourself with a sniffly nose, it is impossible. It's so hard. So I think he did very well. 

00:14:10 Hannah 

Yeah, you like, keep catching your breath and like getting like. 

00:14:14 Kris 

Yeah, and there's no plugin for that. There's no audio plugin to make someone sound less less congested. So yeah, that's just a little bit of the production process and they have presets for each of our voices that I apply so that everything is consistent. And I've also done a little bit of work just to make it sound like we're sitting in the same room, which you can do that with some. 

00:14:34 Kris 

Reverb settings just to make to simulate the sound of a room, and then we upload the episode to our host and then. 

00:14:42 Kris 

There catches the baton. The ball at this point. 

00:14:45 Hannah 

Yes. Yeah. And so I get sent this beautiful episode and I work on the transcript, getting it all uploaded to our web page for the episode, and then doing all of the show notes. So anytime we said we're going to link something we think would be helpful if we gave you a resource. 

00:15:04 Hannah 

So for those of you who check out the show notes and the lengths, thank you. 

00:15:07 Kris 

Ohh shout out yeah. 

00:15:11 Hannah 

But no, genuinely. 

00:15:11 Kris 

There's some good stuff in there. 

00:15:13 Hannah 

Well, when I listen to podcasts, I often go to the show notes to try and, like, follow little leads. So it feels important. 

00:15:18 Kris 

Yeah, they they do flesh out the episodes a bit, so if you aren't checking out the show notes like head to the head to the side, it's rhythms, it's RHYT hms.com. You can get all of the show notes there, and for a bit of fun, go and read the transcripts because they are automatically generated. 

00:15:34 Hannah 

Ohh my gosh, sometimes it's so. 

00:15:36 Kris 

They don't. Yeah, they don't make any sense. Sometimes it's like 70% there and then that other 30% is just. 

00:15:37 Hannah 

Like awkward. 

00:15:45 Kris 

So, but you know what we should do is we do an episode where we just. 

00:15:47 Hannah 

That's true. That is fun. 

00:15:49 Kris 

Recite the. 

00:15:51 Kris 

Word for word and then say it people. 

00:15:54 Kris 

Can figure it out. 

00:15:57 Hannah 

That's so funny. 

00:15:57 Kris 

Yeah, they're little plug there for the. 

00:15:59 Kris 

For the transcript and the show notes. But yeah, that's that's our. 

00:16:01 Kris 

Process and it's. 

00:16:02 Kris 

Been working really well. 

00:16:03 Hannah 

And it's always like, just fun. I always feel a bit nervous, to be honest when we're going to record, because like, oh, my gosh, how are we gonna talk thoughtfully for that long? And I feel a bit like nervous. But then I always just have so much fun. And when I finish talking to you. 

00:16:16 Hannah 

Guys, I'm like, Oh my gosh, why was I nervous about that? That was. 

00:16:19 Kris 

Yeah, actually, that that's Segway nicely into one of the questions we had, which is how long we've known each other for. And I think the fact that we have an existing relationship and that we've done these conversations before, after events and and venting in the car or when we're working on the same building. 

00:16:39 Kris 

Get and having lunch or something like we've had all of these conversations before and have gotten used to to the the the pitter patter of, you know, the back and forth of. 

00:16:45 Hannah 

That's true. 

00:16:50 Kris 

Of our conversations. 

00:16:51 Hannah 

And also like we get work like we kind of intimated earlier on creative projects together. And so I don't think our feelings are easily gonna get hurt when working together because we know each other so well and we know or this is how Chris or this is how Hannah works. So I honestly don't. 

00:17:07 Hannah 

Know if I could do a podcast with someone I didn't. 

00:17:09 Hannah 

Know as well as you. 

00:17:10 Hannah 

But yes, so how do we know each other? How long do? 

00:17:14 Kris 

I mean, I don't know. 

00:17:14 Hannah 

We know each other. 

00:17:15 Hannah 

Actually, how long have you been in their? 

00:17:18 Hannah 

Relationship with Vanessa for. 

00:17:20 Kris 

Her 10th wedding anniversary in. 

00:17:23 Kris 

And then we dated for about. 

00:17:25 Kris 

Three years. Yeah. So maybe about 14 years, yeah. 

00:17:30 Hannah 

Yeah, I think because I think you guys got together like the, yeah, the year that I sort of became. 

00:17:36 Hannah 

Friends with her or. 

00:17:36 Kris 

Yeah. Well, I kind of stole her away. 

00:17:38 Kris 

From you, didn't I it? 

00:17:38 Hannah 

There was a yeah, there was a short period there where I saw my best friend walk off into the distance with this lovely tall man. But you guys came back or she came back and she brought you. 

00:17:49 Kris 

Yeah, yeah. 

00:17:50 Hannah 

Which was great. 

00:17:52 Kris 

No, you guys, you guys were friends before we were properly met. I think, though through our our mutual connections though, we probably knew of each other in the same way that, that, that Vanessa and I knew each other. But being part of the same church community and the same workplace has helped their relationship. 

00:18:10 Hannah 

To grow. Yeah. And then we've like. 

00:18:12 Hannah 

On on holidays like travel the world together, the three of us. 

00:18:15 Kris 

We've gone and then we've gone to we've. 

00:18:17 Kris 

Gone all over Europe. 

00:18:18 Hannah 

Yep, we have in the UK, Scandinavia, we've done Australia together. 

00:18:22 Kris 

Oh, that's right, yeah. 

00:18:24 Kris 

I've got such a bad memory. 

00:18:25 Hannah 

What? Ohh, I thought you said you had a bad. 

00:18:28 Hannah 

Memory from it do. 

00:18:29 Hannah 

You know what I always think of is how we got a rental SUV and then remember we're at. 

00:18:34 Hannah 

The rental car place and the guys. 

00:18:35 Hannah 

Like the five of you? Because my sister and brother-in-law with us as well, and and all of your luggage is not. 

00:18:41 Hannah 

Gonna fit in that kind. We're like we've rented. 

00:18:44 Hannah 

It will be fine with the smallest. 

00:18:45 Hannah 

When we. 


I remember that. 

00:18:48 Hannah 

I don't even know if you can and I have the shortest legs in the group other than my sister, but I'm the driver, so we had to make you sit in the front passenger seat and then the other three were scrammed into the back. I remember they said something like the back seat was like leaning backwards and they couldn't figure out how to get. 

00:19:02 Kris 

That's right. 

00:19:08 Hannah 

But yeah, we're just. 

00:19:08 Hannah 

All crammed into that car for.