Episode 15: Rhythms Live Special!


Kris, Hannah and a couple dozen of their friends hung out over on Instagram recently to record this special, live episode of The Rhythms Podcast! Listen in as Hannah and Kris discuss the upcoming holiday season, including asking and answering questions about their own (and viewers's!) holiday rhythms and traditions, while they attempt to bake a chocolate pudding that always features at Hannah's family Christmas Eve.

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Episode transcript:

00:00:00 Hannah 

Welcome to The Rhythms podcast. My name is Hannah. 

00:00:03 Kris 

And my name is Chris. 

00:00:05 Kris 

This is a podcast about exploring the rhythms, patterns and habits that bring joy and add richness to our everyday lives. 

00:00:12 Hannah 

From daily habits to embracing the changing seasons, it's not about mindless routines, but patterns with purpose. It's about making something special out of something. 

00:00:24 Kris 

If you're someone who wants to move beyond just being more efficient or productive and instead find ways to infuse your days with small, familiar moments that matter, then you've found two new friends with the same goal. 

00:00:37 Hannah 

Every episode listen in as we share a reflection on the role of rhythms in our. 

00:00:42 Hannah 

Lives join our conversation as we unpack this idea further and then spend a moment with us considering how that rhythm could shape or add richness to our lives today. 

00:01:00 Kris 

Hey everyone, we're lives. 

00:01:02 Kris 

Welcome to The Rhythms podcast. See, I guess. 

00:01:05 Hannah 

Yeah, Rob Rythms podcast live this one. 

00:01:09 Kris 

I don't know. It might be the only one. 

00:01:13 Kris 

We're we're in our friend's kitchen. She very graciously lends it. 

00:01:18 Kris 

Yes, because my kitchen is just too small for this. 

00:01:22 Kris 

Kind of thing I think. 

00:01:22 Hannah 

Lots of kitchens are. 

00:01:23 Hannah 

Like that, it's like all the workspaces against. 

00:01:26 Kris 

A wall? Yes. They're not designed to be filmed in. 

00:01:29 Hannah 

Yeah, to be for cooking. 

00:01:31 Hannah 

Shows like which was what. 

00:01:32 Hannah 

We're gonna have a little taste. 

00:01:34 Kris 

Of in that, but you've. 

00:01:35 Kris 

Got the look. 

00:01:36 Hannah 

Thank you. Yeah. 

00:01:37 Hannah 

I watch a few cooking shows. I thought when we were talking. 

00:01:40 Hannah 

This, I said. It's gonna be like. 

00:01:41 Hannah 

Rachel Ray, have you? 

00:01:42 Hannah 

Ever seen an episode of Rachael Ray? 

00:01:42 Kris 

Yeah, I haven't seen any. 

00:01:46 Hannah 

OK, well, this is going to be an inside Rachel way. Yeah, we're gonna be baking a little bit later and also talking. 

00:01:53 Kris 

Yeah. So and you would have noticed if you're watching this that there's a lot of Christmas decorations. It is not Christmas right now. No, it's only just. 

00:02:02 Kris 

Going into November, when we're recording this and streaming, but. 

00:02:06 Kris 

We will be releasing next episode on the 20th of November, so hello to this audience streaming and also to our podcast audience who are listening and maybe watching we don't. 

00:02:18 Kris 

Know how this? 

00:02:18 Kris 

Is gonna go. 

00:02:20 Hannah 

But it's going to be fun because, like Christine, that we've got Christmas stuff around and there's gonna be lots of good conversation. 

00:02:27 Hannah 

Because hopefully some people who might chew them, I'm not sure and could send us some questions either yeah, or follow up thoughts or maybe even answers to the questions that we will be discussing. So this is going to be. 

00:02:38 Hannah 

Our first holiday. 

00:02:40 Hannah 

Thing if so. 

00:02:41 Hannah 

And when it comes? 

00:02:42 Hannah 

Out in mid November, my family would have just had our Christmas opening ceremony, which was to go to this Christmas market. 

00:02:49 Kris 

Can you? 

00:02:50 Kris 

And thinking of that also you have you seen that episode of the office where they do Office Olympics and they have like the closing ceremony with the yogurt? 

00:02:57 Kris 

Lid. Yeah, it's not like. 

00:02:59 Hannah 

There's well, there's no middles involved. No. It's something that mark the star or it could be a closing ceremony. The end of something. It's. 

00:03:07 Hannah 

A. It's a helpful. 

00:03:08 Hannah 

All of them. 

00:03:09 Kris 


00:03:09 Hannah 

So ours and our family, our Christmas celebrations always kick off every year with a trip to our like favorite Christmas market. It's so giant. It's in Kimballton, which is this weird little town that no one really knows where it is. So yeah, so we would have just been to that this our first holiday, so that you're listening to on the podcast. 

00:03:29 Hannah 

We're going to have a few more. 

00:03:30 Hannah 

After this, not just talking about Christmas. 

00:03:33 Kris 

No. Yeah, cause we've got the Christmas decorations up. 

00:03:37 Kris 

Especially in New Zealand, a holidays are more than just Christmas time, but we also think of like summer holidays or even like holidays during the year we've we've just had a new one with Matariki, which has got like new rhythms attached to it as well. So it's not just Christmas holidays that we're kind of talking about the rhythms around, but it's like a super. 

00:03:58 Kris 

Like obvious one. 

00:03:59 Kris 

Because it's. 

00:03:59 Hannah 

Yeah, for sure. 

00:04:00 Kris 

Just everywhere, I don't know. By the time you're watching special listening. 

00:04:04 Kris 

For this UM, I'm sure the Christmas stuff will be out in the. 

00:04:08 Hannah 

Shops. Totally. I just splurged on some new Christmas tree lights last night. 

00:04:13 Kris 

What's the sludge, though for Christmas? 

00:04:15 Hannah 

Tree and the sludge because I actually want them online. Don't ask me how much. OK, how much my family probably watching. 

00:04:20 Hannah 

And don't ask me how. 

00:04:21 Kris 

Much hey, if you're in the yeah. 

00:04:23 Kris 

You should ask Jenna. 

00:04:24 Kris 

How much? Maybe Christmas? 

00:04:25 Kris 

Last week, they. 

00:04:26 Hannah 

Are really lovely. They look like candles, flameless candles, but they're. 

00:04:30 Hannah 

Made of real wax. 

00:04:31 Hannah 

And that was my like. 

00:04:33 Hannah 

Because I'm here to having a Christmas tree, I've only had my own Christmas tree for one season, so I've decided this is kind of like a tradition or rhythm, if you will. I'll let myself buy like one big thing for the Christmas tree each year. Well, like so, like, build up my my decor. Yeah, it's it's nice. 

00:04:47 Kris 

So this year was. 

00:04:48 Kris 

The was the light. OK, what's next year? 

00:04:52 Kris 

Do you want to start too big? 

00:04:53 Hannah 

No, I know. 

00:04:54 Hannah 

Last year it was this like beautiful. 

00:04:57 Hannah 

Ornaments, wooden ornaments and there's one for each day leading up to Christmas during December. 

00:05:02 Hannah 

So that's nice. 

00:05:04 Hannah 

Cool. And so, yeah. So obviously, Christmas and New Year's or there's other holidays in there like Hanukkah, which I've not celebrated or Thanksgiving very rich with traditions, rituals, rhythms. 

00:05:18 Hannah 

But then I also love our summer holidays because that's when you. 

00:05:21 Hannah 

Kind of get different rhythms. 

00:05:23 Hannah 

Yeah, you know, like the work rhythms are gone or you're a bit more relaxed around cooking or house stuff, or just how you hang out with people. And you might have new ones that help you relax or have fun and still wanna talk about those. 

00:05:36 Kris 

As well, yeah, I like the. 

00:05:38 Kris 

Work one day he, like he can tell when the office is like winding down and and it's like getting quiet and suddenly less people are coming into the office. It's just, like, so peaceful. There's there's cars on the road. That's when, you know, nice. 

00:05:50 Hannah 

So yes, yes, there's in Wellington where you live like Indies out very quickly once school's done. 

00:05:57 Speaker 3 

And then all through January, yeah. 

00:06:00 Kris 

OK, so we've got our notes, yeah, because we're like trying to figure out. So what we're going to do tonight or whenever you're listening to this is we are making a. 

00:06:12 Kris 

This is wasn't no. 

00:06:14 Kris 

This isn't the pudding from episode. 

00:06:17 Hannah 

Is actually, so if you have listen for a while, you might have heard me talk about my family's chocolate self saucing pudding, which we watch on Taskmaster Nights during the autumn. 

00:06:18 Kris 

Ah, OK. 

00:06:29 Kris 

Yeah. Yeah. How many more episodes in this season? 

00:06:29 Hannah 

Taskmasters back on bus too warm. They're a little behind. It's also our Christmas Eve tradition to have chocolate self saucing pudding. 

00:06:40 Kris 

Is this? Should I like is a secret. 

00:06:44 Hannah 

I think it's correct. 

00:06:46 Kris 

Is is the resolution high enough? 

00:06:46 Hannah 

It's not, it's not a. 

00:06:47 Hannah 

Three sisters recipe, so it's not quite. 

00:06:50 Hannah 

Under the same thing here. 

00:06:51 Kris 

Like and follow that three sisters. 

00:06:53 Hannah 

Yeah. So my sister makes this pudding on Christmas Eve. 

00:07:02 Hannah 

And I think. 

00:07:04 Hannah 

Often anything about. 

00:07:05 Hannah 

Christmas Day, hopefully in New Zealand. It's like really hot summer and then you want to have the like summer desserts. We do those on Christmas Day, yeah. And then into the summer. But still what we used to always do and we do it in a different church now as we go to. 

00:07:19 Hannah 

A Christmas Eve service. 

00:07:21 Hannah 

And then we come home and we have, like, a little grazing. 

00:07:24 Hannah 

Table with maybe like savory sausage rolls cheeses. 

00:07:29 Hannah 

There's there will be chocolate dipped strawberries on there. 

00:07:32 Hannah 

Though even though it's. 

00:07:33 Hannah 

Thinner and then we will have chocolate. 

00:07:36 Hannah 

Self saucing pudding. 

00:07:37 Hannah 

So it's an. 

00:07:38 Hannah 

Important tradition in our family. So we're going to make it. 

00:07:43 Kris 

We are currently making one. 

00:07:47 Hannah 

Being shot. 

00:07:50 Hannah 

We can open it because all right. OK. 

00:07:51 Hannah 

It's in. 

00:07:53 Kris 

So really invoicing, we're embracing the median here, so. 

00:07:58 Kris 

Read it but. 

00:08:01 Hannah 

You can't really see anything. 

00:08:03 Hannah 

Because it's in the Dutch travel. 

00:08:04 Kris 

This shape to look. Look at that. 

00:08:06 Kris 

German is very like crafted putting ours inside. 

00:08:10 Hannah 

Yeah, it's going to be very. 

00:08:11 Hannah 

Messy. You have to wait and see. 

00:08:20 Kris 

That was on. 

00:08:20 Kris 

The go. 

00:08:22 Kris 

So that we can at the end of the. 

00:08:22 Kris 

One out. 

00:08:24 Kris 

Stream and if. 

00:08:25 Hannah 

You Willy Wonka, we'd be able to send you. 

00:08:27 Hannah 

The smell of it, but. 

00:08:30 Hannah 

We're not, but we may share. 

00:08:31 Hannah 

The rest of it, OK, so. 

00:08:33 Kris 

So if you've got. 

00:08:34 Kris 

Any questions by the way, like feel free. 

00:08:35 Kris 

To give them. 

00:08:36 Kris 

To the chat, we kind of want to do like a live Q&A as well because we have some really. 

00:08:41 Kris 

Good feedback about the. 

00:08:44 Kris 

Episode Q&A special you guys seem to love that one according to. 

00:08:48 Kris 

Analytics, at least. 

00:08:49 Kris 

Yeah. So yeah, give your questions then. Hello to everyone who's watching and it. 

00:08:53 Kris 

Was about 7 people tuned in. 

00:08:57 Kris 

It's nice. 

00:08:57 Hannah 

I wasn't sure if anyone was. 

00:08:59 Hannah 

Going to. 

00:09:01 Kris 

That that she did. But it doesn't. 

00:09:03 Hannah 

That doesn't mean you're sad. And so to start. 

00:09:03 Kris 

Yeah. So they're gonna stay to be compelling. 

00:09:09 Hannah 

Off our Q&A. 

00:09:11 Hannah 

Chris, I've got a question. 

00:09:12 Hannah 

For you? Yep. 

00:09:13 Hannah 

What is your earliest? 

00:09:15 Hannah 

Memory of a holiday rhythm or tradition. 

00:09:19 Kris 

Man, I kind of remember that for breakfast. 

00:09:23 Hannah 

It's it's a good clue though, is it could be a good. 

00:09:25 Hannah 

Food cause often it's the. 

00:09:26 Hannah 

Sensory yeah. 

00:09:26 Kris 

I honestly probably is food like lots of my memories are a bit a revolve around food. 

00:09:31 Hannah 

I remember my first holiday thing with you. Yep, Vanessa and I. 

00:09:37 Kris 

My God, sorry. 

00:09:38 Hannah 

Dropped a hat off of you. 

00:09:41 Hannah 

Bullet so describe that. 

00:09:46 Hannah 

I don't know if you guys are already. 

00:09:47 Hannah 

Dating at this point, yeah. Or if this was. 

00:09:50 Hannah 

Like the precursor to dating, dropping off weird gifts in your little box? I'm. 

00:09:54 Hannah 

Not take a. 

00:09:55 Kris 

Photo of me and and pull it in our story later but it's so my name is spelled. 

00:10:00 Kris 


00:10:01 Kris 

S it's not CHRI. 

00:10:02 Kris 

S and so Hannah and. 

00:10:05 Kris 

Vanessa found a hat like a fish, a fish shop, and it's got, like, a moose and less. It's green. It's got moose antlers, and it's just. 

00:10:15 Kris 

Merry Christmas. But it is spelled with the K, which is so. 

00:10:21 Kris 

Weird when you think. 

00:10:22 Hannah 

That's very unusual. 

00:10:23 Kris 

About it is like it should be. 

00:10:25 Kris 


00:10:26 Kris 

Is, but it's of course, but anyway. 

00:10:32 Kris 

That's a good. 

00:10:32 Kris 

Christmas memory. 

00:10:33 Hannah 

Is that a tradition for you to wear? 

00:10:35 Hannah 

At every Christmas. 

00:10:36 Kris 

Actually, there's a play drums like at our Christmas service. And when we do the but with the kids getting out their their their workers and things and Chuck it on and Bobby. 

00:10:43 Hannah 

Ohh yeah, little instruments. 

00:10:49 Hannah 

Well, I forgot my earliest holiday with Chris me Marie. 

00:10:53 Kris 

Well, thanks for thanks for answering the question. 


I was. 

00:10:59 Hannah 

Do you need some more time? 

00:11:03 Hannah 

So I definitely do remember Christmas and at that point, when I was very young, probably like 4, our stockings were pillowcases. Yeah. Which that does not happen in 2023. 

00:11:17 Kris 

That's a lot of that was ambitious. 

00:11:18 Hannah 

This isn't even the main. 

00:11:21 Hannah 

So actually a couple of years ago, the stockings. 

00:11:24 Hannah 

Were retired for good so. 

00:11:26 Hannah 

There's no stockings now, but so I remembered that and just that being so exciting and we had to wait until our parents got up before we could look in the stockings, but also do the little peek. 

00:11:39 Kris 

Really. Sleep the pillowcases. 

00:11:42 Kris 

You can say Thursday. 

00:11:43 Hannah 

Yeah, but they might have very beloved holiday memory. 

00:11:49 Hannah 

Of a tradition, rhythm is of our summer holidays. 

00:11:53 Hannah 

And we did this when I was a kid, through when I was teenager, like, even just finished high school as our family would go camping in a tent. And yeah, I. 

00:12:02 Kris 

Just loved that glamping. 



00:12:05 Hannah 

Glamping, because one year we took our. 

00:12:11 Hannah 

Thrifts, our churches, thrift store. 

00:12:13 Hannah 

This truck and my parents like. 

00:12:16 Hannah 

Took the dresser the beads, and we just, like rolled up with this truck full of furniture. 

00:12:23 Hannah 

That we moved into our tent. 

00:12:26 Kris 

Have you heard of it? 

00:12:27 Hannah 

I loved that because again, like you have all these different rhythms, right. So you wake up probably a bit early because. 

00:12:33 Hannah 

Intense flipping. Boiling hot. Yeah. And so you need to get out of bed going some breakfast, but then we'll just be backing around all the time. We had some friends from the city where we lived. We'd come with us as well. And then we had just camping. Friends. Like we only ever saw them once. 

00:12:48 Kris 

At at the come crab. 

00:12:48 Hannah 

In the out at at the camp. 

00:12:50 Hannah 

And and we'd hang out with them, would walk up to the office each day and see what? 

00:12:55 Hannah 

Activities we're on. 

00:12:56 Hannah 

And whether we wanted to get a. 

00:12:57 Hannah 

Token for horse riding or. 

00:12:58 Hannah 

Whatever. Yeah, we go. 

00:13:00 Hannah 

Up to the canteen when it was open in the morning and the afternoon and decide, oh, do I want to get a $1.00 mix bag of lollies or is it an ice cream sort of afternoon? It's a bit more of the. 

00:13:10 Hannah 

Pocket money gone. 

00:13:11 Kris 

Well, the $5 bag nowadays, eh? 

00:13:13 Hannah

That would be. 

00:13:14 Hannah 

Yeah. So that was very important, Ken. I would look forward to that. Oh, yeah, I think. 

00:13:18 Hannah 

I probably looked forward. 

00:13:20 Hannah 

To those those camping days more than. 

00:13:24 Hannah 

A holiday like Christmas. 

00:13:25 Hannah 

Or even my birthday or anything. 

00:13:27 Kris 

Yeah, yeah. I was trying to think back and I feel like I've seen this one before around like a really whether they remember, but like, Mum would do like a roast lamb week. And that's always stuck with me. Yeah. And this is a weird one. But, like, I always remember the time. 

00:13:43 Kris 

They'll actually use. 

00:13:44 Kris 

Tinfoil to like kind of finish. 

00:13:46 Kris 

It and just remember the. 

00:13:48 Kris 

Like sound and the texture of it, and like pulling it. 

00:13:50 Kris 

Open and like it's funny. 

00:13:52 Kris 

How they like smells and the. 

00:13:54 Kris 

Taste of like things. Yeah to you, right. 

00:13:57 Hannah 

I think it leaves me. 

00:13:58 Hannah 

For a good rhythm, potentially I haven't. 

00:14:00 Hannah 

Figured this out. 

00:14:00 Hannah 

Fully, but I think we definitely would be. You have to think through all the senses and how you engage multiple senses. 

00:14:07 Kris 

Weather. Yeah, Speaking of engaging multiple. 

00:14:10 Kris 

People in this country on the story. 

00:14:14 Speaker 3 

OK, I'm gonna. 

00:14:15 Hannah 

Get out some more things we need. 

00:14:16 Hannah 

To bake, OK. 

00:14:18 Kris 

How about I play camera operator? 


OK. I'll follow you around. 

00:14:23 Hannah 

So we'll get this going first. So we've got some butter in there. I'm just going to put another. 

00:14:30 Hannah 

Bit of milk. 

00:14:32 Hannah 

And I this I talked about this putting on the podcast before because it's the one if one of my family makes it. 

00:14:39 Hannah 

A bit different. 

00:14:40 Hannah 

And I'm the one who brought in the Dutch oven. 

00:14:42 Hannah 

And I love it. 

00:14:45 Hannah 

I make some of the mixture. 

00:14:47 Hannah 

In the dish that I'm gonna then. 

00:14:48 Hannah 

Cook it in. So I like that. 

00:14:50 Kris 

Part of it. That's the famous Dutch oven. 

00:14:53 Kris 

From you know what I'm noticing here and now that we've got a few episodes in the bank is that people, when we talk to them reference something from like an earlier episode and. 

00:15:03 Kris 

The kind of. 



00:15:07 Kris 

Ohh yeah, that one hadn't. 

00:15:09 Kris 

Like no idea. 

00:15:10 Hannah 

Yeah, my friend talked to me about. She messaged me about a bunch of. 

00:15:17 Hannah 

This week, and if you are listening, it took me a long time. 

00:15:21 Hannah 

To realize what? 

00:15:22 Hannah 

You were talking about. 

00:15:24 Kris 

Meanwhile, when you're telling me. 

00:15:25 Kris 

The story I. 

00:15:26 Kris 

Was like chickens. 

00:15:27 Hannah 

Yeah, I just stared at the message. I don't know why is. What is she telling me that she's? I'm like scrolling back through old. 

00:15:33 Hannah 

Messages trying to figure it out. 

00:15:35 Hannah 

And and and the interesting another message and help me raise. OK, she's up to the part of the episode. 

00:15:41 Hannah 

Where I was. 

00:15:41 Hannah 

Talking to her lives at my house. 

00:15:44 Hannah 

Yeah. Which includes a bunch. 

00:15:45 Hannah 

Of chickens. I think Hannah is. 

00:15:47 Kris 

On stream and she was saying she's never seen you this high before. But I don't think Hannah High, I think. 

00:15:52 Kris 

She meant, like physically high. 

00:15:55 Kris 

Like what's in the building? 

00:15:58 Hannah 

OK, so I'm just melting butter and there's some milk in there. And then as soon as that butter is all melted, then I'm going to add vanilla. Are we going this cooking trash? Because all. 

00:16:08 Hannah 

People want so. 

00:16:08 Kris 

Sure. Yeah. Let us know. 


That actually know how to make this. 

00:16:12 Kris 

But we I think what this is gonna reveal about us is our in business dynamic, this is our like have not listen they've said and we don't actually record in the same room we remote. 

00:16:25 Hannah 

And we don't actually live near each other. 

00:16:27 Kris 

No, all this decision was there. 

00:16:28 Hannah 

So we don't see each other. 

00:16:29 Hannah 

That often, I'm sorry. 

00:16:34 Kris 

So yeah, we, you're, I'm probably going to reveal some of my inadequacies with. 

00:16:40 Kris 

Anything to do? 

00:16:41 Kris 

Preparing any sort of. 

00:16:42 Kris 

Food S the only reason? Yeah, double it. 

00:16:44 Hannah 

I'm just checking the recipe because I said to. 

00:16:47 Hannah 

You before we start.