Episode 17: Your Holiday Pep Talk


The holidays are ALMOST here - let Kris and Hannah give you the pep talk YOU need to make it through these last few days of work/school/life and transition into the holiday season ready and at peace! Whether it's visiting with 'challenging' family members, feeling a little lost with the lack of regular routines, or the crazy feeling of there being a zillion things to do, Hannah and Kris have got you covered with some hacks to help you find your ways to small moments of familiar loveliness!

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Episode transcript:

00:00:00 Hannah 

Welcome to The Rhythms podcast. My name is Hannah. 

00:00:03 Kris 

And my name's. 

00:00:04 Kris 

Kis, this is a podcast about exploring the rhythms, patterns and habits that bring joy and add richness to our everyday lives. 

00:00:12 Hannah 

From daily habits to embracing the changing seasons, it's not about mindless routines, but patterns with purpose. It's about making something special out of something. 

00:00:24 Kris 

If you're someone who wants to move beyond just being more efficient or productive and instead find ways to infuse your days with small, familiar moments that matter, then you've found two new friends with the same goal. 

00:00:37 Hannah 

Every episode listen in as we share a reflection on the role of rhythms in our. 

00:00:42 Hannah 

Lives join our conversation as we unpack this idea further and then spend a moment with us considering how that rhythm could shape or add richness to our lives today. 

00:00:58 Hannah 

All right, everyone, happy holidays. At that time, we have in our final stretch before the holiday period really begins, actually maybe some of your kids have already finished school or maybe one of those lucky ones have already finished work. But most of us is out like last stretch going in Christmas New Years, summer vacation. 

00:01:18 Hannah 

We're all coming. It's a lot. 

00:01:20 Kris 

Chris, OK, so this episode is going to be very, very to the point, OK. Gonna be slightly shorter. And this is your holiday pep talk. 

00:01:31 Kris 

This is what you need to know to get through this next season. 

00:01:35 Hannah 

Alright. Because it's gonna be most wonderful and also maybe a little bit wild. 

00:01:40 Kris 

And crazy. And you just you need. You're gonna need our help, alright? So fortunately we've developed a bit of a back catalogue of Self Help podcast episodes and we're going to be reaching into them. 

00:01:53 Kris 

To give you your holiday pep talk, alright, so all of the things we're gonna be talking about, there's gonna be an episode 4. And because you've got time off because you're on holiday. Possibly you'll have time. 

00:02:03 Kris 

To listen to. 

00:02:04 Kris 

That so? 

00:02:04 Hannah 

Sure, it might be Rd. tripping somewhere you want to track that on while you drive to mum and Dad's house or whatever. 

00:02:09 Kris 

Yep, alright, so without. 

00:02:11 Kris 

Further ado, this is your holiday. 

00:02:13 Hannah 

Pep talk. Alright, so let's kick this off by just like painting the picture. You come with us, paint in your head of. What are these holidays going to be like? OK, so. 

00:02:23 Hannah 

A big feature for a lot of us people visiting us or us visiting people. 

00:02:28 Hannah 

Wonderful. Get to catch up with people. Get to hear how their year's been all that stuff. Also, what comes with that is other peoples expectations on their own rhythms that they're trying to like. Hold on to a lot more people's presence. You know, there's more bodies and opinions. 

00:02:29 Kris 


00:02:48 Hannah 

And perceived judgments. Maybe feel like people are judging, you know, like it's wonderful and also. 

00:02:51 Kris 

Ohh, that's a fun one. 

00:02:55 Hannah 

There's a lot when you're spending time with other people and different bathroom routine, so you know, I just had this actually as we had people staying, I was like, I don't even know when to wash my face anymore. Like, it just felt like there was no time. And so some of that might be what you're about to step into. Chaos, wonderful chaos. 

00:03:15 Hannah 

I've kind of just said this as well. Another thing is like your routine. 

00:03:20 Hannah 

Are not going to be normal. You know, you might not even have routines and rhythms during this time. Everything kind of like changes and goes up in the air when you have more people in the house or you're going somewhere else or you're not at work and you're cooking. 

00:03:31 Hannah 

Christmas meals. 

00:03:32 Hannah 

Or plenty New Year's parties or whatever it is. So that's happening. What else is this holiday? 

00:03:39 Hannah 

I'm gonna look like. 

00:03:40 Kris 

Chris, OK. So with all that said. 

00:03:43 Kris 

There will be things that go wrong. Guarantee it, whether it's you talked about politics, no, you didn't talk about politics, but someone will talk about politics and they'll just like, they'll just set things off, right? Something's gonna go wrong. Someone's going to blow up or get annoyed or frustrated. Some is getting an argument. Someone's not going to get what they wanted for Christmas. 

00:04:06 Kris 

The chickens gonna burn. 

00:04:08 Kris 

You know, so it's really important to have some flexibility because things are going to go wrong. Things are going to change very quickly and. 

00:04:18 Kris 

There's a bit of magic in that chaos and we we talked about chaos in episode 13. A cure for chaos where rhythms can help steady us through those moments. So here's the thing about rhythms and how they can help you in this holiday chaos. They can be. 

00:04:37 Kris 

If so, they can set you up for. 

00:04:40 Kris 

When things do. 

00:04:41 Kris 

Go wrong there, that there's something that's already in place that are really strong that are your values, that are what you believe that are going to help you. 

00:04:50 Kris 

Get through that. 

00:04:50 Kris 

Moment, but they can also be. 

00:04:52 Kris 

A cure for those moments so. 

00:04:54 Kris 

Rhythms can help us duck and weave. 

00:04:57 Kris 

And be a bit of a balm for our wounds. 

00:05:00 Kris 

If things go crazy if things go chaotic, which they will. Yeah, I guarantee. 

00:05:05 Hannah 

It so I think then the little bit of homework now to do is think because we've already said yes, a lot of our rhythms, they're out the window during this time. So think through what is a rhythm or maybe a couple that you can realistically. 

00:05:20 Hannah 

Heap. During this period, one that's going to help you feel like yourself and feel ground. 

00:05:26 Hannah 

Red and resilient. Alright, so that's like the first strategy is think through what's 1 rhythm that you are going to fight for that you are going to hold on to during this time because it's going to help you be the best version of yourself. And the second one is when things go wrong. When that person says that thing or that thing burns or whatever it is and the disappointment and the stress. 

00:05:47 Hannah 

Well, the annoyance comes. You know, we've kind of talked about this in our episode elections and other disappointments. That was episode 2. 

00:05:56 Hannah 

And let's consider now make a plan. Now, if we can of what we'll say or do when it inevitably happens. Again, this can be a rhythm that we have in place. It's ready for us to, like, throw into action, to help us to recover from that disappointment. 

00:06:16 Hannah 

So it could be that you're going to be keeping a list of things that you're grateful for during this time. You don't have to commit to this for your whole life, but maybe you just want to do it at the end of each day for this week or whatever it is. Just write down one or two things that you were grateful for or that you enjoyed that. 

00:06:31 Hannah 

It could be that you got when you feel like stressed out or annoyed or disappointed by that person. Like even in war, you're definitely doing it that day. You also think through what is the rhythm that you are going to fight for. You're going to hold on to and what's a rhythm that you're gonna pull out and use when that disappointment or stress comes? 

00:06:50 Kris 

Absolutely. And. 

00:06:52 Kris 

To compound on top of that, is this time of year. 

00:06:56 Kris 

Brings with it a whole heap of things to do. There's going to be a ton of things on your To Do List, do your Christmas shopping, figure out holiday plans, travel plans, finances. Leave all of that. There's going to be a lot of things to do. So the idea here is all of these things. 

00:07:17 Kris 

On taken by themselves can be just chores, right? 

00:07:22 Kris 

But we've talked about this idea of of matching them with things that you enjoy doing and that way by association, those things become lovely in themselves. So when you're zipping around doing holiday chores, you know, maybe you've got to go to shop, shopping or whatever. And it's something you've been regretting. 

00:07:41 Kris 

Maybe stack it with something that you enjoy doing, so if you do enjoy Christmas music, we'll make it, you know, jam your Christmas playlist in the car and make it a moment. Make it a thing, make it that's something that's you're sort of pairing the two together so that the one that you're not want. 

00:07:57 Kris 

Thing to do is paired with the thing that you really like. 

00:08:00 Kris 

Doing that will. 

00:08:01 Kris 

Help mitigate some of that feeling of I don't want to do this or this is too much. 

00:08:06 Hannah 

Exactly. I think another example of this is maybe you're responsible for like some family dinners during this time that they might be larger dinners or lunches than you're used to cooking. So in my house, what we do is we, like, have timed everything out. Right. So like, at this time, we need the potatoes. And at this time. 

00:08:24 Hannah 

Blah. So have a plan definitely, but yeah. Infuse the plan with loveliness. So for me, like, you know that there will be a delicious drink that I will be consuming while I am cooking. It's not just enough to have the lake plan with all. 

00:08:39 Hannah 

The timings. There's going to be a lovely drink. There's probably going to be a lovely playlist. 

00:08:44 Hannah 

Playing that's gonna like, keep my energy up and keep me like feeling festive and good. But it could be something different for you. It could be that you're gonna set up like a little meal prep station outside because you want to be barefoot, and during the fresh air, I think what's a good idea here is like. 

00:08:59 Hannah 

Think through your senses, right? 

00:09:01 Hannah 

So, like, think about what are the things that are going to help you feel good and enjoy during those chores? Like you said, it could be that you have to wrap a whole bunch of Christmas presents or something like that. OK, so how could that be fun? You know, this is this is what we talk about with rhythms all the time. 

00:09:23 Hannah 

Get where you need to go and enjoy getting there. I think the other thing that's important here is like there's gonna be so, so. 

00:09:28 Hannah 

Much to. 

00:09:29 Hannah 

Do we need to find ways to slow down and be present and enjoy it? 

00:09:33 Kris 

That's it. Absolutely, because you don't want to just. 

00:09:36 Kris 

Let this. 

00:09:37 Kris 

Time be the thing that you end. 

00:09:40 Kris 

You are. 

00:09:41 Kris 

You want to be able to enjoy the loveliness of going through this holiday period and not having to endure it as a punishment so slow down. 

00:09:52 Hannah 

You know, you already have read thems that help you to slow down and be present. That's almost like part of the DNA of a rhythm. So again, like when you're thinking about what is one of those rhythms. 

00:10:02 Hannah 

You realistically can keep during this time you know it potentially is going to be the lifesaver, the balm to your wounds or the thing that's gonna actually help you stay grounded before you even get to the stressful. 

00:10:12 Hannah 

That pick something that helps you to slow down and be present again, like some examples we've talked about before that might be helpful. 

00:10:21 Hannah 

For you morning coffee on the deck before everyone else gets up out of bed or the evening walk debriefing the day with a family member or a friend or a flat maid or whoever. 

00:10:32 Hannah 

And think about what those are. The ones they're gonna help you and slow down and be present. I think Ange gave us some great ideas in her episode. 

00:10:41 Hannah 

About Beauty episode 11, why we all need beauty again. That helps us to slow down and be present when we're observing and appreciating beauty. So I think, like we say. 

00:10:56 Hannah 

We've got, we. 

00:10:57 Hannah 

Already have these rhythms in our lives. We just need to find a way to incorporate them into this time. 

00:11:02 Kris 

OK, so digging further back into the back catalog episode 4 dollars and cents. Now this time of the year can be a time where money is really present. 

00:11:16 Kris 

For people, especially when they buy presents because it's part of the rhythm of holidays. So you might have rhythms in place to deal with really practical things, like who gives gifts to who, whom, which one is it, who or whom? I don't know. 

00:11:33 Kris 

And even a so rhythms can be a good way of mitigating some of the financial stresses around this, and particularly gift giving. If you are in a big family or you're doing a big Christmas thing, setting up some rhythms around, deciding how gifts are given can be a really meaningful thing, not just from a practical point of view. 

00:11:53 Kris 

But also making it something that's special. So in Vanessa's family, we do a a draw. We do a lot where one couple buys for another couple and the kids get something little. But we don't have that stress of having to buy gifts for everyone every year. 

00:12:08 Kris 

And that's a a nice little thing, and part of the rhythm is doing the the draw and seeing who you get and. 

00:12:15 Kris 

Very from a very. 

00:12:15 Kris 

Practical sense. It helps mitigate some of that financial worry as well, because it's tight. Things are expensive. Fortunately, strawberries get cheaper around Christmas time, but who knows? This year's general they're still floating at. 

00:12:28 Kris 

$4.50 a payment so finances can be tight around this time, so lean into those rhythms, make things about the meaning rather than the money. 

00:12:37 Hannah 

Hmm. Ohh that's good. 

00:12:38 Kris 

And we you do need to spend money. 

00:12:41 Kris 

Spend it knowing that it's meaningful. 

00:12:44 Kris 

But don't stress or don't bring money into an equation where it doesn't need to be, because the idea is is about spending time with people. It's about connecting with people and not so much about stressing about where the the the money's coming from to pay for it all because you don't want that to get in the way of a really good. 

00:13:05 Kris 

Time with people and and and and a break. 

00:13:10 Hannah 

That's so good, Chris. I love. I love that. OK, then thinking then about, like, not wanting to feel stressed as well and not feeling like all that pressure. And how do we want to feel during this time? This is another consideration that we have now a lot of us put huge expectations on how we want to feel during this time. And I'm definitely not saying that's wrong. 

00:13:30 Hannah 

A lot of us just have a desire for this period to feel a particular way, maybe a bit magical or festive or relaxing or epic. And I think what's helpful here is us to name how do you want to feel during this time? OK. So like. 

00:13:48 Hannah 

Drop that down if you will think about it now, then think about do you have a memory of a time? Maybe during the holidays when you did feel like that? So what were some of the factors that made it so was it particular people or was it something that was surprising or was it something that was nostalgic? 

00:14:09 Hannah 

And think through that I've used the limbs of a rhythm or a tradition to help you figure out what those factors would be. Right. And then is there one of those factors that you could lean into this year that could have? 

00:14:20 Hannah 

You to have that feeling. Maybe you're like Hannah. I can't think of a time. All right. Some other strategies for. 

00:14:27 Hannah 

Opening and closing ceremonies. So this is the lazy genius idea. But I love it. I've, as you've heard, if you've listened to previous episodes, we've adopted this into our family, opening and closing ceremonies are activities or moments that you and your family, your community can use to, like, start and finish a season. 

00:14:48 Hannah 

And so, you know, maybe everyone is congregating to somebody's house. 

00:14:52 Hannah 

Else on. 

00:14:53 Hannah 

Saturday night or something, think through like. Is this something you can do to start off that time together once everyone's arrived or whatever that can help you to start the time off with that feeling that you've named. Right. I think just having those like little bookends can help us to find the magical. 

00:15:14 Hannah 

Or the epic thing or the relaxing thing. You know, kind of like that idea of start the way you intend to go on. So I think that's a good idea to think. 

00:15:24 Hannah 

And then also of course, we talked about it last episode, traditions, right? Our traditions when they're done well, they crowd places, people love them and helps us feel connected. And like we belong and safe that potentially you know hopefully is going to help you feel the way you want to feel during this time. 

00:15:44 Hannah 

So think through those and how can you fight for the ones that are going to be important and are there things that you need to let go of this time? Go back to our last episode which. 

00:15:55 Hannah 

Was episode 16. If you haven't listened to that one yet and that'll give you some good ideas around that. 

00:16:01 Kris 

OK. And now I've got one more. This one is from episode 3 conversations and concept albums, extroverts talking to you, consider how many spoons the people around you have and whether they're giving them out or you're taking them from them. Introverts keep an eye out on the number of spoons. 

00:16:21 Kris 

We have used them wisely because this is a dance. 

00:16:26 Kris 

This time is a dance between extroverts and introverts and introverts, I think come off worse because it's just full on. There's nowhere to escape. You've got people over. Things are happening around you. There's nowhere to escape to. There's nowhere to recharge to everyone. Keep an eye out on your spoons. If you don't know what that means. 

00:16:47 Kris 

Episode 3. Conversations and concept. 

00:16:50 Hannah 

OK. And if you have like any sense of like some of the hosting responsibility or maybe you're like one of those influential voices in your family or community like you can speak into what the rhythm of your day is going to look like and make sure is there going to be some downtime for the introverts there, whether that's yourself or other people to recharge? 

00:17:09 Hannah 

And like, let that form some of the rhythm of the day. 

00:17:12 Hannah 

Going like, oh, you know. 

00:17:13 Hannah 

I'm not sure if, like we want to rush back from the backyard cricket to go straight into this. Like maybe we could. 

00:17:19 Hannah 

Just have a little down. 

00:17:21 Hannah 

There I think if you have that if you have that responsibility, please use it wisely for the. 

00:17:26 Hannah 

Introverts in your life. 

00:17:27 Kris 

You know, just look out for each. 

00:17:28 Hannah 

Other just saying that you brought up people like and kind of circling back because I thought of another one, Chris. 

00:17:33 Hannah 

While we were. 

00:17:33 Hannah 

Talking is to go back to episode 9. I don't care anymore. We guys, we had those. I don't care counters. 

00:17:42 Hannah 

Is it time to revive that I don't care counters. 

00:17:45 Kris 

I think it's a very good time to revive them because there's gonna be times where you just have to release something. You just gotta. 

00:17:53 Kris 

Let it go. Let. 

00:17:53 Kris 

It go, I don't care. I don't care anymore. Doesn't matter. 

00:17:57 Hannah 

Exactly. Just like naming it like for us, we found the doing the telly don't write down what it was, because if you write the thing down, you'll hold on to it. But if you're just like, add the line to the telly. 

00:18:09 Hannah 

You've acknowledged that you can release it. Forget about it. So I think genuinely cross if people may like following along with us. I genuinely believe we have the rhythms on our lives that we need to get through this time and enjoy it and love it to get where we're going and enjoy getting there. We can do it. 

00:18:26 Kris 

This people absolutely OK so. 

00:18:28 Kris 

That was your. 

00:18:29 Kris 

Holiday pep talk. 

00:18:30 Hannah 

So we've given. 

00:18:31 Hannah 

You a little bit of homework there, but I really think it could be kind of fun to think through and so check out the show notes now. That's we're going to put like what those points are the things to consider and. 

00:18:42 Hannah 

That's where you. 

00:18:43 Hannah 

You can find all the strategy points to get you through this time. 

00:18:46 Hannah 

You got this. 

00:18:47 Kris 

You've got this. 

00:18:48 Kris 

OK, that was your holiday pep talk. You've got the homework now and we've been name dropping our own episodes like crazy. Fortunately, it's the holidays and you've got time to listen to them all. Or if it isn't, well, get started. 

00:19:02 Hannah 

And we can't wait to be back with you very soon. 

00:19:05 Hannah 

In New Year's Day, you're going to hear. 

00:19:07 Hannah 

A new episode from US, Chris has got an awesome reflection to share with us, and then we're going to like move on with thinking about heading back to work after that. 

00:19:16 Hannah 

What is that going to look like for us this year? Well, we can't wait to see you again after the holidays. So until then, all the thanks. Merry Christmas. Happy New Year's. Happy holidays, everything. Enjoy the summer. May we all have wonderful weather. You got this, rhythmless this got this. 

00:19:31 Kris 

Alright, see ya. 

00:19:35 Hannah 

Thanks for listening to the Rhythms podcast. 

00:19:38 Hannah 

For show notes, IPSO transcripts and more, remember it's RHYT hms.com that's its rhythms.com, and if you enjoyed today's episode, don't forget to subscribe. Rate and review on your favorite platform. It really helps us out. 

00:19:54 Hannah 

Plus, we want to hear from you. 

00:19:56 Hannah 

If there's a rhythm in your life you want us to talk about, or a question you'd like to ask us. 

00:20:00 Hannah 

This episode or any others please do get in touch. You can e-mail us at the rhythmspodcast@gmail.com you can DM us on Instagram at its rhythms podcast, or if you're listening on Spotify, make sure you use the Q&A. 

00:20:15 Hannah 

Feature. See you next time on the Rhythms podcast. 



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