Episode 18: Your New Resolution Began Last Year


In this episode, Kris and Hannah consider whether your rhythms of life may just matter more than your new year resolution! Whether you’re someone who loves or loathes new year resolutions, we propose that there’s merit in considering who you are becoming and whether your habits are helping or hindering. So listen in and celebrate the start of 2024 with us!

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Episode transcript:

00:00:00 Hannah 

Welcome to The Rhythms podcast. My name is Hannah. 

00:00:03 Kris 

And my name's. 

00:00:04 Kris 

Kris, this is a podcast about exploring the rhythms, patterns and habits that bring joy and add richness to our everyday lives. 

00:00:12 Hannah 

From daily habits to embracing the changing seasons, it's not about mindless routines, but patterns with purpose. It's about making something special out of something. 

00:00:24 Kris 

If you're someone who wants to move beyond just being more efficient or productive and instead find ways to infuse your days with small, familiar moments that matter, then you've found two new friends with the same goal. 

00:00:37 Hannah 

Every episode listen in as we share a reflection on the role of rhythms in our. 

00:00:42 Hannah 

Lives join our conversation as we unpack this idea further and then spend a moment with us considering how that rhythm could shape or add richness to our lives today. 

00:00:56 Kris 

This is episode 18. Your new resolution began last year. 

00:01:02 Kris 

Happy New year. Here's what Forbes magazine says are the main resolutions people make at the end of the year. 

00:01:10 Kris 

Improved mental health, improved fitness, lose weight, improved diet, improved finances. 

00:01:19 Kris 

So which one? 

00:01:20 Kris 

Will you be giving up? 

00:01:22 Kris 

Sorry, I know that's mean, but statistically 23% of people give up within a week and 47% by the. 

00:01:30 Kris 

End of January. 

00:01:31 Kris 

So here's my first hot take for. 

00:01:33 Kris 

The new year. 

00:01:35 Kris 

Your new resolution began last year. 

00:01:40 Kris 

That's because the thing that you value, the thing that you want and the thing that you wish you could achieve is likely to be something you are already aware of. 

00:01:51 Kris 

You probably already know that you want to get your finances in order or lose weight. 

00:01:56 Kris 

It's just that the new year is an opportunity and a great one at that to purposefully consider those goals. 

00:02:04 Kris 

There's a whole heap of reasons why New Year's resolutions fail, however, and that's why, considering your goals now rather than at the end of the year, is so helpful. You don't want to set yourself up to fail and become one of those statistics, since this is the Rhythms podcast, let's hone in on why your habits patterns. 

00:02:26 Kris 

The routines might be influencing these statistics. 

00:02:31 Kris 

The first is 1. We've already covered. Your goals should be set as soon as the need or desire comes up. Traditions can be great, but when they become repeated robotically with no thought or consideration, they lose the impact of their original purpose. 

00:02:49 Kris 

Your goals are a reflection of what you would like your future to look like. A resolution for traditions sake won't get you to where you need to go, so set those goals with purpose and meaning. 

00:03:05 Kris 

Secondly, resolutions fail when we don't anticipate that things will go wrong. 

00:03:12 Kris 

No matter how big or how small your resolution, something is going to go wrong. 

00:03:19 Kris 

These will knock your enthusiasm to the ground. If you haven't given yourself the space and permission to fail. 

00:03:28 Kris 

To keep your. 

00:03:29 Kris 

Optimism. Identify obstacles and create plans to avoid those inevitable barriers. This will reduce the possibility of setbacks or failure. 

00:03:40 Kris 

Thirdly, set goals into challenging, measured but smaller pieces. 

00:03:47 Kris 

Goals should be easy enough to be approachable, but challenging enough that they offer a sense of accomplishment when we achieve them. 

00:03:56 Kris 

By breaking them into pieces, it gives you a measurable trajectory towards success. 

00:04:03 Kris 

It also gives you a chance to celebrate small wins when you reach a milestone. 

00:04:08 Kris 

Celebrating wins is super important since it reinforces a sense of progression until you reach your final goal. 

00:04:16 Kris 

Finally, accountability and this simply means that you're responsible to someone or something else to accomplish the goal. This can be motivating because it gives you someone else to lean on for support and guidance, or even a push in the right direction when something goes wrong. Friends are a great way to have accountability. 

00:04:37 Kris 

Maybe you share a goal and share. 

00:04:39 Kris 

Your progress with each other. 

00:04:41 Kris 

You could join some type of accountability group, maybe online, like a forum or in person, depending on the goal or activity. 

00:04:49 Kris 

Maybe you even put some money on the line and hire a coach for things like weight loss or financial planning. 

00:04:56 Kris 

So take a minute now to think of your new resolution, or in this case, your old resolution. 

00:05:05 Kris 

What can you do to make it a reality? 

00:05:10 Kris 

Your resolution has already started so get started now. 

00:05:18 Hannah 


00:05:23 Hannah 

Happy New Years. 

00:05:26 Kris 

Ohh, was that cheesy? That's counting. 

00:05:29 Kris 

Down our own New Year's. 

00:05:30 Hannah 

Think it is virtually, but Chris is chasing real life. It's just one of those cheesy traditions that everyone seems to do with you. Like you kind of feel like you should. 

00:05:33 Kris 

It is. 

00:05:37 Kris 

So weird. 

00:05:39 Kris 

Yeah, even if if you even make it to midnight. 

00:05:43 Kris 

I mean you get. 

00:05:44 Hannah 

I know I think I've actually opted out the. 

00:05:47 Hannah 

Last couple of years. 

00:05:48 Kris 

That's right. You have. I'm a first hand witness. Cause that's part of our New Year's rhythm is that we spend it with you guys. 

00:05:55 Kris 

And you're a bit. 

00:05:56 Hannah 

Of a wuss, much like much like this year, 2024, Chris. 

00:05:59 Kris 

Well, we'll see. We're we're not quite there yet. So we're kind of talking to you pre New Years we're not. 

00:06:07 Kris 


00:06:08 Kris 

Over the hurdle? 

00:06:08 Kris 

Yet but we are all intents and purposes, talking to you in 2024. Wow. Hey. 

00:06:15 Hannah 

Jenna and Chris with you. But it's your present. 

00:06:17 Kris 

Yeah. Got any stock picks? 

00:06:18 Hannah 

And and Chris. 

00:06:19 Kris 

For 2024. 

00:06:25 Hannah 

So yeah, time. It's it's one of those times. That's like we're getting through this holiday season now, still rich with traditions and rituals, just like counting down at midnight and then jumping into a cold freezing cold pool. Some of us. Yeah, that's what we do. 

00:06:42 Hannah 

Ohh yeah, OK, that's what you write at my house says. But I have not been. 

00:06:45 Kris 

Except you cause you opted out. 

00:06:46 Hannah 

Doing it recently because. 

00:06:47 Hannah 

Yeah, I just don't. I don't know. I just don't. I just don't need it. It doesn't have. 

00:06:51 Hannah 

Much meaning for me. 

00:06:52 Kris 

It's not familiar or lovely anymore. 

00:06:54 Hannah 

Is it? Well, it has to be like a meaningful thing for me. For me, like, get into it. 

00:06:58 Hannah 

You know. 

00:06:59 Kris 


00:07:00 Hannah 

Although I potentially that's just me being a little bit selfish, I don't know. 

00:07:03 Kris 

Yeah, while the Christmas. 

00:07:05 Kris 

Trees are coming down. The tinsel is coming down. The holidays are tapering off and what's next? It's a whole new year. Umm. 

00:07:14 Hannah 

Yeah. Is that exciting or terrifying? I'm not sure. 

00:07:17 Kris 

Ah, both I think. 

00:07:20 Kris 

For sure, because it means a whole new year full of new challenges, new excitements, maybe you're expecting something, maybe you're waiting for something, maybe you're apprehensive about something this year. It's just unknown and there's so much new road to travel. 

00:07:38 Hannah 

Yeah, but I feel like generally for a lot of us, there's like this kind of like exciting energy, right? We're like, really, it's like that new. 

00:07:46 Hannah 

Year New Year. 

00:07:48 Kris 

Yeah. Yeah, it is. Yeah. And that's what we want to talk about is this idea of making resolutions and how there's a bit of a rhythm, too, right. We do that every. 

00:07:59 Kris 

Yeah, some of. 

00:08:00 Kris 

Us do do you make news resolution center? 

00:08:03 Hannah 

No, no, no. 

00:08:04 Hannah 

I I for a while this one year, I actually still have the piece of paper like stuck on the back of my closet door and it was like this template you could fill in with all these different things like different prompts. Yeah, I did that. Yeah. 

00:08:05 Kris 

But that you used to. 

00:08:18 Hannah 

And then a few years I did. What's my word for this year? 

00:08:21 Kris 

Ohh, that's interesting. That's a. 

00:08:23 Kris 

Twist. Yeah. Is that like, what do you? What kind of what's your guiding word for the year? 

00:08:28 Hannah 

Ohh well once I felt we've actually talked about this camp before that I went on every summer and one year we were talking about like the fruit that you want to see in your life and I. 

00:08:40 Hannah 

Felt very convicted. 

00:08:42 Hannah 

That I should be seeing more self-control. 

00:08:45 Hannah 

In my life. 

00:08:47 Hannah 

So self-control was my word for the I think it was for like the two after. 

00:08:51 Hannah 

That as well. And then I gave. 

00:08:53 Kris 

Up was it self-control when buying furniture? 

00:08:57 Hannah 

At that time in my life, yes, it probably was. That's when I still lived at home and had, like, more disposable income than I should have had. So like mid century modern couches would just arrive. 

00:09:07 Kris 

That could be our next podcast. 


Let's see. 

00:09:10 Hannah 

Well, if it involves me buying more fine furniture and trying it out, that'd be great. We just need a sponsor. 

00:09:16 Kris 

Yeah, well, your your word for the year where you should set one up. 

00:09:19 Kris 

For 2024, yeah, I don't know. What about you? Are you like a? 

00:09:22 Hannah 

Big New Year's, I think you must be New Year's resolution Guy. 

00:09:25 Kris 

I used to be a New Year's resolution person, but I think my perspective has changed and which is why I have made the argument that actually your New Year's resolution began last year. 

00:09:40 Kris 

OK. Because I think that the thing you want to achieve, you know that you want to achieve it already, you don't need to wait till New Years to actually make that priority. You already know that you want to lose weight or you want to sort your finances out. But it's funny that New Year's resolutions are this like doorway. This like permission giver for us to. 

00:09:59 Kris 

Make that a reality. Look. OK, I'm going to sort out. I'm going to lose 10 key. 

00:10:04 Kris 

Lows and January 1st Clean slate. Let's get the ball rolling, but I want to argue that actually you've got the capability of having your new resolution now or your 2025 New Year's resolution has. 

00:10:18 Kris 

Already started so. 

00:10:19 Hannah 

Obviously, if people listening to this today, which is the 1st of January or you know, maybe the few days after that, then you might be at a time though where people like talking about news resolutions and you're trying to think like, OK, well, what would mine be? Look to what was going on then last year, because if you're already at New Year's, that's fine. But that's sort of what you're encouraging. 

00:10:40 Hannah 

Just to think about it is like. 

00:10:42 Hannah 

It doesn't have to be this like big first of the year thing. If you're listening to this in July 2024, don't wait for January 2025. 

00:10:52 Kris 

Yeah. For some reason like the whole idea of doing a resolution has been programmed into us is like, this is a great place to start. And in my journey through weight loss, there's this idea that, ohh, I'll begin on Monday. 

00:11:06 Kris 

You know, it's a psychological barrier that says I am not ready until this predetermined amount of time, but my argument is the goal should start at a time of change or when change is needed, right? So if I want to start losing weight, why wait till Monday? You know, start. 

00:11:26 Kris 

Now make it make a change. Now do like a press up now or go for a walk now and I think it's great to make that commit. 

00:11:36 Kris 

Meant at New Year's time because it's exciting and it can be inspiring to have that goal set and it's like a really decent line in the sand. But when it's and it would be interesting to to pull on this one is like when that becomes a given or a just a thing that happens every year. Do you think it's easier? 

00:11:56 Kris 

To write it off or like, forget about it because some of the stats are are crazy, you know, like 40% of resolutions. 

00:12:04 Kris 

And I can't remember what it was. And I said it in the reflection, but it's like a decent. 

00:12:09 Kris 

Chunk of of. 

00:12:10 Kris 

Resolutions end by January and end in the first week of January as well. 

00:12:16 Hannah 

I mean, I think it's an interesting one because I think sometimes when we have that like fresh start, new Year energy, maybe we want to grasp for something bigger or different, whatever that we might otherwise. And then also, yeah, I think then when we trip or stumble. 

00:12:36 Hannah 

Then we feel like one of the bad stats, and then it can be kind of easy to feel like a failure, you know, which is also. 

00:12:42 Hannah 

Isn't very helpful for us. 

00:12:44 Hannah 

And and in terms of like and if you're someone who just doesn't have New Year's resolutions like same, I'm in that club too. And I think I I was. I went to the king of habits, you know James Clear. 

00:12:56 Kris 

Of course. 

00:12:57 Hannah 

Who wrote atomic habits and he talks about, you know, people often think that they want something far off and that that's the thing that's gonna make them happy. So the thing about, like, moving to a new place or getting a different job or meeting someone new will change how. 

00:13:12 Hannah 

But he says happiness will always be withheld. If you believe it is somewhere else. The secret is to find happiness in the people and places that are close to you. See the beauty and the things that are nearby. And I loved that because they thought he's not someone who's telling you like, stay where you are. Stay stuck in. 

00:13:30 Hannah 

The mud because he's. 

00:13:31 Hannah 

All about like building habits and how your habits help you become the type of person you want to be. But he is saying like you don't need to be, like reaching really far. You know, he actually talks about like, start small and it's something that. 

00:13:43 Kris 

You. Yeah. No wonder it's a good seller, right? 


Load up. 

00:13:44 Hannah 

As well in your reflection. 

00:13:46 Kris 

Habits. That's so many gyms in there, but he's totally right. When you set a goal that's so big and so far away, it's really hard to conceptualize completing that. 

00:13:59 Kris 

Like again weight loss, which is probably I think one of the biggest New Year's resolutions that people have set, even setting a goal of, I just want to lose weight. 

00:14:07 Kris 

Is so abstract that you don't really know what you're trying to achieve, and it's just too hard to conceptualize what that what that means. Like I've reached my weight loss goal now, but if I didn't have that number or that like I want to do X amount of kilos and X amount of weeks, I couldn't visualize succeeding in that and. 

00:14:27 Kris 

I think what's important is that you need to break up your goal into smaller and more meaningful chunks because it also allows you to, like, make each of those achievements each of those little steps a victory in itself, and it makes the cumulative victory bigger. 

00:14:46 Kris 

Think it stacks. 

00:14:48 Kris 

It becomes more important, more meaningful, more significant, because you've actually. 

00:14:54 Kris 

Achieved all of these little victories along the way. 

00:14:59 Kris 

And I I yeah, that's that's such a good point because. 

00:15:04 Kris 

How often do we set a goal? 

00:15:06 Kris 

And we don't really define what the goal is. We just say I would like to. I'd like to do this and I don't have a plan. I don't have a time frame. I don't have any tools I haven't thought about how I'm going to do this, but I just want to do it and that's what I think the the DNA of a lot of news resolutions is. It's like fanciful this. 

00:15:25 Kris 

Thinking it's like, wouldn't it be great if I could lose weight? But it's not a plan, it's not a. 

00:15:33 Kris 

And I'm speaking very generally here because there will be people here who are like January 1st. This is my plan. You know, this is how I'm gonna achieve. 

00:15:40 Kris 

It, but I think for the most part it feels very fanciful. It feels like you're getting swept away a bit in the festiveness of the moment. 

00:15:50 Kris 

And maybe not thinking of it in terms of real practicable steps. 

00:15:55 Hannah 

Yeah, cause probably what actually matters more. 

00:15:59 Hannah 

Then the goal is the habits that you form to help you then achieve the goal right? And like what James Claire and his book talks about is habits. 

00:16:11 Hannah 

But not just habits. He talks about rituals and I think rituals are like our rhythms, right? So he says, find the beauty and joy in your daily rituals and you will find beauty and joy in your daily life. To love your habits is to love your days and to love your days is to love your life. And he talks about how our habits are making us, the people who we are. 

00:16:32 Hannah 

So if we have a goal, usually that's about like who we want to be, maybe we want to be more organized. Maybe we want to be more act. 

00:16:40 Hannah 

Maybe we want to pursue our interest in dance because we want to be someone who expresses ourselves through dance. Whatever you know, often it's about like who? 

00:16:50 Hannah 

We want to be. 

00:16:51 Hannah 

Our habits help us, like our habits are who we really are, what we're doing every day that's forming, who we are, and informing what our habits are as well. And so we have to focus on getting those right. And I like that he talks about developing rituals to help us get started forming habits. So. 

00:17:11 Hannah 

For instance, if you are finding it hard to get started with a new habit. 

00:17:16 Hannah 

Says then develop a ritual around it. So I was like when I read this I was like, OK, here we are. This is the rhythm part of it. So it can't just be every day. I'll do this. It's like every day at. 

00:17:26 Hannah 

This time I will do this and I'll do this bit as well because that will make it a bit more, you know, it's like when people buy the new drink bottle or the dance. 

00:17:37 Hannah 

Or a mirror for the studio or whatever it is. 

00:17:40 Hannah 

New paint brushes and he talks about habit stacking and I thought that this is a really cool idea. Other people talk about this as well as if you want to form a new habit then stack it onto an old one that is already embedded in your life. And I think when you start doing that then we're starting to talk. 

00:18:00 Hannah 

About rhythms. 

00:18:00 Kris 

Yeah, cause we talked about that day like, how do we, for instance, make something that we don't like doing meaningful or rich. So like cleaning, you know, check an audio book on and then suddenly you've stacked a habit that you maybe didn't want to do with something that you do want to do. 

00:18:19 Kris 

And you've made the whole experience more meaningful. 

00:18:22 Hannah 

Yeah. And then hopefully you're like starting to see the beauty and joy. 

00:18:25 Hannah 

That can come from. 

00:18:28 Hannah 

Like working practically working towards a goal or whatever. Because yeah, you've like added elements of meaning and joy and richness like you. 

00:18:36 Kris 

Say, as we've been talking about that and. 

00:18:38 Kris 

I've been struck this idea. 

00:18:41 Kris 

And it's interesting because I normally have a a sense of what I want to do or achieve in the next year. But 2023 has been quite full on and I've just realized that I haven't been in a space where I've actually been able to even think about what do I want to achieve in 2024, what what's going to be on my highlight. 

00:19:02 Kris 

Year for 2024, when they hit 2025, and I might be speaking to someone out there who's the same who this year has been so tight and squeezed and full on that. 

00:19:15 Kris 

They haven't had a chance to think about. 

00:19:18 Kris 

Even what their resolution could be. 

00:19:22 Kris 

Do you feel the same? Like, what's your year been like? And do you, what do you think about? How do we make carve out some time, you know, even to just think of something to do? 

00:19:32 Hannah 

Yeah, I'm definitely in the same boat as you like. 

00:19:35 Hannah 

I was having a conversation with someone recently and the idea of like January or February 2023 came up and in my head I heard myself say, oh, that was only a few months ago. 

00:19:46 Kris 

Yeah. And honestly, that's what it feels like. It's been the longest but quickest year. 

00:19:52 Hannah 

Yeah, yeah, exactly. Definitely has flown. 

00:19:55 Hannah 

By and I have just been like, so focused on. 

00:19:58 Hannah 

What I've been. 

00:19:59 Hannah 

Needing to achieve and do this. Yeah, like what's right in front of my face. So I haven't so much been thinking about what's coming next. But I think what. Yeah, I think though, we're in a great position as people who are engaging with rhythms and looking to embed rhythms in our lives. 

00:20:18 Hannah 

We've talked about this before. Rhythms really help us slow down and be reflective and self aware. 

00:20:24 Hannah 

At least that's my experience. I've shared about that before and it really does get me thinking about like, what's going on and what am I feeling and why am I feeling that? What am I dreaming about? What am I doing? So again here in the southern hemisphere? Hopefully you're not having to rush back to work. Some of us will be, but some of us, our holiday period as in like. 

00:20:44 Hannah 

Christmas, New Year's everything. 

00:20:46 Hannah 

Blurs into now summer holidays and vacation, there could be time now for like summer rhythms, and we're actually going to. 

00:20:54 Hannah 

Have spoiler a podcast episode about that coming up as well about the summer rhythm saving our lives. But this could be a time for some summertime rhythms that are about being slower and reflective and self worth. 

00:21:07 Hannah 

Thinking about last, yeah, thinking about those dreams that you actually had. You know, your idea is your new resolution began last year. That's right. There were things that happened in 2023. Thoughts that you had, ideas that you had that you had you kind of. 

00:21:23 Hannah 

Put way to the back of your head because you were so busy and you were running those ones. Now that and slowing down and reflecting, giving yourself space and time for that which the rhythm is the tool that will help you actually do it. They're going to come back to the forefront of your mind. Those are the ones to grab on to. And for me, like I talked about at the start of the episode, that template that I had and it had all these different little prompts. 

00:21:45 Hannah 

And that was a really helpful thing for me to do that year that potentially could be like a tradition or a rhythm, someone who found that helpful might choose to do that each year because it kind of gets you to think the prompts kind of got me to think about. 

00:22:00 Hannah 

Yeah. What are the things that they want to create or what do I want to be filled with or where do I want to go? I can't remember all the prompts. But you know, they were like. 

00:22:09 Hannah 

Interesting ones like that. 

00:22:10 Kris 

I think what's helpful for me, because I'm I can be quite forgetful around things as having a note of some of those ideas that you had or some of those what ifs or those dreams or fancies that you had throughout the year that you didn't have time to give the headspace to. 

00:22:29 Kris 

Is it even just writing them down or making a note? 

00:22:31 Kris 

Of of them, so they don't disappear. 

00:22:35 Kris 

And how sad. Like to have a really exciting dream only to forget about it because you were too busy to do anything about it. The neat thing about this part of the year hopefully is that the accelerator pedals down at the moment, right? It's really fast. It's like a Sprint to the finish and then there's a sort of clear sky. 

00:22:55 Kris 

On the other side of January, hopefully we're there's that couple of days where people are still not at work and physically the traffic is less, the weather's hopefully nicer and the world seems to slow down just a little bit. 

00:23:11 Kris 

And I'm kind of hoping in that clear sky moment will be a time to actually just have space mentally. 

00:23:19 Kris 

To think about what the next what the New Year's going to. 

00:23:23 Hannah 

Look like for sure and I think again, hopefully as people who have been looking for rhythms will have some ideas of the things that will help us to do that. Right. So like for me and so you know, OK and I go for. 

00:23:35 Hannah 

Ohh right. Or another idea is at this time of year, often more of us are catching up with old friends, you know, cause we're like moving around the country, going on holidays or we've just got more time during the day. So we go, Oh yeah, text a friend. Do you want to grab an ice cream or whatever? And. 

00:23:55 Hannah 

And I think that that's another helpful rhythm as being in conversation with someone, you know, a good conversation that often reminds us of. 

00:24:06 Hannah 

Who we are or who we've been, it brings other ideas to mind. Things we've said, previous conversations that we've had, like that rhythm is like a bit of music and it reminds us, Oh yeah, I forgot that I knew this melody and that this is something important to me. So I think that that could be a helpful rhythm. Now during these first few days and weeks of the year. 

00:24:28 Hannah 

To like. 

00:24:29 Hannah 

Catch up with people who we haven't seen for a while, but who you have those life giving rhythmic conversations with. See what that tells you about what's important to you and what you could be dreaming about. I think just those like slow mornings, you know, we have more time now that we're not rushing off to work or to do the school drop off or whatever. So being able to go and. 

00:24:49 Hannah 

Make it your everyday rhythm during the summer if you can, to have your coffee outside or to. 

00:24:55 Hannah 

Make your breakfast slowly or whatever it is. Some of you with kids are like shaking your head right now being like Hannah the. 

00:25:03 Hannah 

Kids are still. 

00:25:03 Hannah 

Here, but for some of us it's possible. Or maybe there's another time in the day. Maybe they've got play dates or with grandparents or cousins or whatever it is. That's when we've got some time to. 

00:25:15 Hannah 

Said and pull out that journal or that book. We started reading halfway through last year that we're only just coming back to. 

00:25:23 Hannah 

Now and do that over the next few days and weeks and see what comes to mind. Umm, I think you know we want consistency in our rhythms. But I also think it's OK to be. 

00:25:32 Hannah 

Like summer or holiday version of ourselves, and there could be different rhythms that goes with holiday. I've said before, I think on this podcast. 

00:25:41 Hannah 

I am the best version of myself on a day off and I think I'm the best Hannah on a holiday, so Hannah Holiday has different holiday holiday. Hannah has different rhythms. 

00:25:48 Kris 

It's you have double. 

00:25:52 Kris 

Yeah, it'll be double because you'll have days off and you'll be in holiday mode. And if you're playing a good game of tennis with the people that you're. 

00:26:02 Kris 

Chatting with in your breaks as well, you'll be feeding off each other's a sense of like. 

00:26:10 Kris 

Not just a surface level conversation, but if there's something that's really important to you that you want to achieve, they're the types of people that are. 

00:26:18 Kris 

Going to hold. 

00:26:19 Kris 

You accountable for that because I think I pulled out in the reflection is that a lot of resolutions fail because we don't set ourselves up. 

00:26:30 Kris 

People who can help us get to where we want to go where? 

00:26:34 Kris 

We need to. 

00:26:34 Kris 

Go as well. What we want to achieve and those are the types of people and and you'll know who that is or who those people are. 

00:26:41 Kris 

By the by the time you spend with them and the the effort you put into that relationship, they're the people who are going to help you achieve that resolution and also by the way, I think when we think New Year's resolutions, I pointed at the ones that are the most common, right, lose weight, get the finances in order. But New Year's resolutions don't have to be these. 

00:27:01 Kris 

Life changing, life altering shift. 

00:27:06 Kris 

They can be little things like you mentioned, yeah. 

00:27:08 Kris 

Go and read. 

00:27:09 Kris 

That book that you were going to read, you know, it might just be that I. 

00:27:12 Kris 

Want to read more? 

00:27:14 Kris 

And that doesn't have to be. 

00:27:17 Kris 

I have to read a novel a month that can be I I might read the newspaper occasionally. It's about small cumulative steps, say like stacking those into bigger victories. And I think the people that you're in contact with that you're playing that good game of conversational tennis with and feeding back to each other. 

00:27:37 Kris 

Throw back to episode 14 about feedback. Have a listen. 

00:27:41 Kris 

If you're, if you're playing that good game of. 

00:27:42 Kris 

Tennis. Then you're both going. 

00:27:44 Kris 

To be helping each other achieve those goals. 

00:27:46 Hannah 

We can even bring those people into rhythms. 

00:27:52 Hannah