Episode 20: Summer Catch Up


Come hang out as Hannah and Kris chat about what's been happening over the summer  - including where they've been, what they ate, and how their rhythms flexed, remained or broke over this time! 
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Episode transcript:

00:00:00 Hannah 

Welcome to The Rhythms podcast. My name is Hannah. 

00:00:03 Kris 

And my name's Kris. This is a podcast about exploring the rhythms, patterns and habits that bring joy and add richness to our everyday lives. 

00:00:12 Hannah 

From daily habits to embracing the changing seasons, it's not about mindless routines, but patterns with purpose. It's about making something special out of something. 

00:00:24 Kris 

If you're someone who wants to move beyond just being more efficient or productive and instead find ways to infuse your days with small, familiar moments that matter, then you've found two new friends with the same goal. 

00:00:37 Hannah 

Every episode listen in as we share a reflection on the role of rhythms in our lives. Join our conversation as we unpack this idea further and then spend a moment with us considering how that rhythm could shape or add richness to our lives today. 

00:00:56 Hannah 

All right, Chris, so welcome back. 

00:00:59 Hannah 

What are we? What are we talking about today? 

00:01:01 Kris 

Well, welcome back. Well, I guess it's almost the start of February. By the time this one comes out, but we're it's a bit of a funny time thing because we haven't done a episode for. 

00:01:06 Hannah 

It's true, it's true. 

00:01:15 Kris 

When was the last one we've recorded? 

00:01:18 Kris 

It was before, well before Christmas, you know. 

00:01:19 Hannah 

It was probably like mid-december, early December I think. 

00:01:24 Kris 

Wow, that that whole like like I was just taking myself back into pre Christmas mindset or pre end of year mindset. 

00:01:34 Kris 

We have like done. 

00:01:34 Kris 

And thinking. 

00:01:34 Hannah 

A lot since we last recorded and like we've actually barely talked over the summer. 

00:01:36 Kris 

Yeah, it's so much. 

00:01:42 Kris 

No, it's weird 'cause, we've we've been, we've talked every two weeks. Yeah, for like, you know, I think, well, 19 episodes now, this is our. Well, this is our. 

00:01:51 Kris 

20th episode. 

00:01:52 Kris 

Hooray, we should have done a little celebration or something, and then suddenly funny that like a kind of break in with him and routine. 

00:02:02 Kris 

And kind of off doing our own things and living our own lives and and now we're doing a bit of an experiment now where we haven't planned a single little thing. Yeah. For this episode, I don't know. We'll see what comes out. 

00:02:15 Hannah 

How do you how do you feel? 

00:02:18 Kris 

I mean, you know, I know that people love to listen to shows where the hosts just yarn and talk about stuff, and some people absolutely hate it. So this one might be one of those off topic rambly episodes. But if you're looking for someone to listen to in the car on the way to work. 

00:02:30 Hannah 

And strength. 

00:02:38 Kris 

About nothing particularly interesting. 

00:02:41 Kris 

Well, we'll see then. This is the right one for. 

00:02:44 Hannah 

I feel like it's like an evaluation like will rhythms just randomly come up in the conversation. Are we really people of rhythms or not, you know? 

00:02:52 Hannah 

Like we're safe. 

00:02:53 Kris 

Actually, that's what I was wondering too. Like are are we like, have we internalized this topic so much that now we can talk about like it'll come up organically and conversation? 

00:03:04 Hannah 

Yeah, OK. We might have just spoilt it now that I've raised it. But OK, what's that? Your doorbell? I'm delivering you 20 doughnuts for our 20th celebration. 

00:03:16 Hannah 

He did that. That'd be awesome. 

00:03:19 Kris 

It would be, although we need, I mean the way I've eaten over this break, I do not need 20 doughnuts. 

00:03:26 Hannah 

Have you let loose a little bit and enjoyed festivities? 

00:03:29 Kris 

Yeah, I think it's it's important to have a healthy relationship with food and that means like when you're celebrating like so much of it's. 

00:03:38 Kris 

Done with food. 

00:03:39 Kris 

Hey so. 

00:03:39 Hannah 

Umm, I love I. 

00:03:42 Hannah 

Like just caught up with my boss for the first time today and she was like showing me photos of all this. 

00:03:49 Hannah 

From her time away, she was like, oh, my kids love food. You're like, you're a foodie. You'll like these, Hannah. And she's showing me. I was like, ohh I. 

00:03:55 Hannah 

Do. Yeah, I'm very interested. 

00:03:57 Kris 

Yeah, my advice this year was I always like, go for the ham. I love Christmas ham, but ambrosia. Ah, yeah. Like I'm pretty sure my blood is like 73% ambrosia. Some sort of filter. It's filtering out of my bloodstream, but, yeah, for those who don't know, Ambrosius, like a. 

00:04:02 Hannah 

Ohh OK. 

00:04:13 Hannah 

No. So. 

00:04:17 Kris 

It's like a yogurt and cream based dessert. 

00:04:20 Kris 

See like mix those two together and then it's got marshmallows in it and chocolate and then some crazy people put like mandarins in them. But I don't associate with them. 

00:04:30 Hannah 

And their friends know it has to be strawberries. 

00:04:32 Kris 

Strawberries or blueberries. The pinch. That's probably like the most citrus you'd go for in an ambrosia I. 

00:04:34 Hannah 

Oh yeah, I'm not such a blueberry. 

00:04:39 Hannah 

Think and in terms of chocolate, what do you do like we do a pineapple lump sometimes. 

00:04:44 Kris 

That's the that's divisive. My sister-in-law puts chunks of moroba in hers and was really good. 

00:04:49 Hannah 

Ohh I haven't tried that. 

00:04:52 Kris 

Although like any caramel, like gets solid cause you put it in the fridge so it gets a bit chewy, but it's like a different texture, so like it's still good. But yeah, pineapple lumps as a go too. 

00:05:04 Hannah 

Yeah, they they do the same. They kind of like. 

00:05:06 Kris 

Freeze up a bit. Yeah. They've gotta be the soft pineapple ups, you know. 

00:05:09 Hannah 

I think they can't be in there. I think it's like gotta be the last thing you add so they don't have too long in there. 

00:05:16 Kris 

Yeah, it's funny how there's, like, a go to food though way over the holidays. What's your guys one? 

00:05:21 Hannah 

Go to food. 

00:05:22 Kris 

Like for Christmas, cause you've got you've got like whole genres of eating at your place, so. 

00:05:28 Hannah 

Yeah, this is right. Yes. Look like your Christmas one for Christmas. Yeah, we do. Like kind of like the roast sort of thing. But because there's so many of us, we always have to have too many meats. So, like, that's when we get a really, really nice piece of beef. Like, you know, I feel it or something. 

00:05:45 Hannah 

And then there has to be ham. I'm like, really not a ham person. Like I can eat it when it's fresh out of the oven, like the tiniest bit. But ohh, otherwise it just feels like I'm eating flesh, which is what I am. Good. And then chicken has to be chicken. I think the main reason needs to be chicken is because people like the stuff. 

00:06:04 Kris 

Are true, but do you know what? In the states, though, they make the stuffing as like it's not even stuffed into it shouldn't be called stuffing it's, it's separate. 

00:06:10 Hannah 

No, I've heard. 

00:06:10 Hannah 

Another name for it, if it's not from within the bird, then in the states it's called drew. 

00:06:17 Hannah 

Saying in some places I don't think it's cross style, but I think there's probably a southern thing is if it was inside the bird it's stuffing. If you made it not inside the bird, it's dressing, which I. 

00:06:28 Hannah 

Think is confusing. 

00:06:28 Kris 

Like window dressing but like chicken dressing. I guess. I don't know. That's a weird. 

00:06:33 Hannah 

Place. Yeah, but yeah, that's what we do. And then I. 

00:06:35 Hannah 

Was going to make a. 

00:06:38 Hannah 

Sort of chocolate tart with boysenberries, and then do you think I could find the right pastry the week of Christmas? No. 

00:06:48 Hannah 

Do you think I could find canned boysenberries the week of Christmas? No, no chance. So that didn't happen. 

00:06:54 Kris 

There was a shortage of boys and berries I think. Ohh like I think because of the cyclone that New Zealand a lot of stone fruits and berries and like a lot of Kiwi fruit was missing this year. So like. 

00:07:05 Hannah 

Oh yeah, yeah. 

00:07:07 Kris 

Strawberries, men. How disappointing. The price of strawberries. 

00:07:11 Hannah 

I know, I know, even like what's quite good is like, near where we live. There's a pick your own strawberry place. And they were more expensive. I think this year. However, you can ensure that every single strawberry in your Punnett is perfect. 

00:07:12 Kris 

So disappointing. 

00:07:25 Hannah 

So it's worth. 

00:07:25 Kris 

Was there like a a dish that everyone was looking forward to? 

00:07:30 Hannah 

Good question everyone. Everyone really likes the potatoes that my mum makes. 

00:07:31 Kris 

Like with anticipation. 

00:07:36 Hannah 

Sometimes she uses duck fat, which is like she didn't this year, but that's so, so good. And then also everyone loves the gravy that my mum makes. 

00:07:36 Kris 

Ohh yes. 

00:07:46 Hannah 

So that was probably like the two things I was most excited for. 

00:07:51 Kris 

Potatoes and gravy. 

00:07:52 Kris 

Ohh well but. 

00:07:53 Hannah 

Actually, I'm more excited as I've mentioned like a zillion times on this podcast before, about our Mexican food that we have two days later. 

00:07:53 Kris 

You do. 

00:08:01 Kris 

Hmm. Yeah, yeah. So what did you do? Like the fried chicken and? 

00:08:06 Hannah 

We didn't do the fried chicken, actually. We. What did we do? I don't even remember what sort of tacos we did. 

00:08:06 Kris 

Fried chicken tacos. 

00:08:13 Hannah 

But we also had, like our Mexican corn and queso and yeah, it was good. 

00:08:18 Kris 

Nice. So we're like we said before, this is a bit of like our summer catch up because like, I feel like I've lived a whole different life in the last. 

00:08:27 Kris 

Month. That's just. 

00:08:27 Hannah 

You've had a different job since I last talked to you briefly for a few days. 

00:08:32 Kris 

Yeah, yeah, I have. I did a bit of travel. We went to Fiji in like mid-december. I got a contracting job doing some photography over there. And Vanessa was running an event over there for her. 

00:08:47 Kris 

Yeah. And so that was like whirlwind like big time and I I was thinking about it on the way over like travel, it would make such a great episode topic because it changes up so many of your established rhythms practically, right. But also when you're. 

00:09:08 Kris 

In the new location as well, the way you live your life is so different and it can be like highly disorganized. If you're not with the type of. If you're not the type of travel. 

00:09:17 Kris 

Who hyper organizes everything and you're in this case. You know, in in a new culture, a new environment, a new temperature. It was full on so. Like, really interesting, I think like, put it down on the notepad. 

00:09:33 Kris 

For each year. 

00:09:34 Hannah 

Yeah, it's bad idea. 

00:09:35 Kris 

So, but yeah, better travel there. What else? 

00:09:37 Kris 

Happened to us. I would say we'd like 99% finished our room. 

00:09:41 Kris 

Relations and I'll post a photo on our Instagram so you guys can see, but that that was a huge a huge push. So we were doing that before and after we we travelled as well. So like right up to the lead up to Christmas and then we had this like Christmas break and we drove this year. 

00:10:02 Kris 

On Christmas Day, we didn't. 

00:10:03 Hannah 

Fly. Did you take Rooney? 

00:10:04 Kris 

We did. Yeah. That's the reason we we took A and we stopped about halfway up the country and stayed the night at a like, an adventure camp where we got we gotta hook up. Thanks, Kyle. And we spend Christmas. 

00:10:17 Kris 

Day in Limu just this beautiful National Park. Well, yeah. So it was, like, completely different. And then we were on the road again for another 5 hours before we had all. And so like all of it was just so different. And I actually really, I was incredibly exhausted. 

00:10:34 Kris 

But I really appreciated. I think having something so different like having life be really different for a little while. 

00:10:42 Kris 

And that I think like in hindsight, I'm not. 

00:10:45 Kris 

Like, what's the date now? It's like end of January, January, when we're recording this. And like, I still don't think I'm, like, rested. 

00:10:52 Hannah 

Yeah, I did. 

00:10:53 Kris 

But I. 

00:10:54 Kris 

I think I've I've appreciated some of the adventures that we've gone on in the last while. 

00:11:00 Hannah 

I like that I listened to someone talking about rest recently and how there's like different types of rest. 

00:11:06 Hannah 

And sometimes we think we're getting the rest that we need, but we need a different sort of rest. I can't remember what they all are, but yeah, you've had like the rest where you're having a break and maybe you've had fun or got to different things like adventure like you say. 

00:11:18 Hannah 

And I believe that's been good for part of you, but then maybe also the kind of rescue there, just like actually stopping and like resting and refreshing your body relaxing. 

00:11:25 Kris 

One down rest. Yeah. Yeah. And that's the thing. That's The funny thing is that Vanessa and I relax in different ways. She's an active relaxer, so she just doesn't sit down and slop out. Yeah. 

00:11:36 Hannah 

She's a crazy person. 

00:11:37 Kris 

But she yeah, she'll. She'll find things to do, or she'll just keep moving. She's very. 

00:11:42 Kris 

To where I like to sit down and, like, watch a movie or, you know, do something. Set entry. If I'm really relaxing. So I think I actually need a few days somewhere to actually have that type of rest. Because you like driving it. It does take it out of your way, especially during the Wellington to Auckland trip. And then we we just did another drive about 7 hours to go. 

00:11:58 Hannah 

Yeah, yeah. 

00:12:03 Kris 

We were invited to a place called Paramore and our friends got engaged there and they invited us to watch that. That's where I was going, by the way. We weren't allowed to tell anyone because if we were seen then it would have given it away because his whole family didn't know and we only knew because Vanessa guys. 

00:12:18 Hannah 

Ohh my goodness. 

00:12:22 Kris 

So we were invited, yeah, so. 

00:12:24 Hannah 

Of course. Vanessa guest. Oh, my gosh. Make that girl a detective. Yeah. I even asked you. I was like, Ohh, where he goes. Going away. Like in a text. And then you just didn't answer that question. 

00:12:35 Hannah 

At all. 

00:12:37 Hannah 

I didn't think anything of it at the time though, but. 

00:12:37 Kris 

I'm not as crafty like. 

00:12:40 Kris 

Yeah. So that was really cool. That was again really great time away. And we only just got back like last week or something, but again, not the type of rest that you're looking for when you're actually fatigued like physical rest. Yes, I think that's what we need. Some of that actual physical. 

00:12:56 Kris 

Like slow down rest. 

00:12:58 Kris 

Another great title. 

00:13:00 Kris 

An episode? Yeah. How about you? So you've been off doing your own thing for a little while? 

00:13:05 Hannah 

Yeah, I feel like I was kind of the opposite. Like, I just really didn't do much but purposefully. And so I love the staycation I had, like, 3 1/2 weeks, I think off from work and hadn't made any major plans I did. 

00:13:21 Hannah 

True to form sort of craft, what I wanted my daily rhythm to be so like wake up, go for a nice long walk, come back, do some jobs around the property or working on projects and stuff. And then I thought in the afternoons I would swim and read. And then in the. 

00:13:41 Hannah 

Evenings go for a bike ride or another big walk, and I didn't really do. 

00:13:45 Kris 

That. No, I was gonna ask. Actually, I was thinking, you know, throughout this whole season, I wonder if Hannahs rhythms will stay as, like, regimented and like set in. 

00:13:57 Kris 

Or will they just kind of change and be replaced organically with new things? Yeah, because that's the one thing I noticed about this time is that maybe some of the fatigue that came out of it was not doing this. The things that I'm either used to or have established as a an important routine like food is a big one. So without me really realizing. 

00:14:18 Kris 

And a kind of a way like realizing but not realizing at the same time that my food has become very routine. And so suddenly you're out for brunch one place. 

00:14:27 Kris 

And then you're at another place having a BBQ at the campsite like there's just changes all the time happening and you are just having to adapt quickly. So I wondered if that had happened to you, where, you know, things had changed. 

00:14:40 Hannah 

Yeah. So I like. There were definitely some mornings when I slept in and I didn't go for a walk, but there weren't too many of those to be honest, because I like to be up early. Like, I like that time of day. I like that I'm by myself in the house. I like the temperature. 

00:14:59 Hannah 

I like the light. I like that it's quiet on the straight when I take cougar for a walk, so sometimes I if I didn't do that then I like missed it. So I made sure I mostly went for that, which was. 

00:15:10 Hannah 

Really good. And then in terms of like not so much like a routine ritual like rhythm, but like getting into rhythm, doing something, I had this. 

00:15:20 Hannah 

Sort of carpentry project that I was wanting to work on and it was just hard like I just couldn't get into like a groove with it. OK. Yeah. So that was like, a bit frustrating. Well, we had kind of, like, changed our back doorstep because, you know, we live, like on a lifestyle property. And so people have got boots and jackets and then we've got like. 

00:15:30 Kris 

What were you doing? 

00:15:42 Hannah 

To our tools and things that we use when we do our chores. 

00:15:45 Hannah 

And property, and they're all on our back doorstep and on a Saturday morning, there might be like seven or eight of us all congregating there trying to get our gloves and our boots on. So we've kind of extended that. We're like kind of built out this little platform. So we have more space and we've got some like nice benches we can store our boots and sit, put them on and things and we needed a really I wanted it to be a very attractive. 

00:16:06 Hannah 

Piece of furniture to like put our gloves and our flax cutters and spray bottles and everything in just on the back doorstep there. And I was thinking maybe I'd build something. I really like Shaker style cap. 

00:16:17 Hannah 

That tree, and so I said. Maybe I'd build something, but then in the end, I bought a piece of furniture on trade me to sort of upcycle. And with my brother-in-law and sister, we like built some new doors. I had to get a new tool. I got a pocket hole jig. Do you know what that is? Yeah. 

00:16:35 Kris 

Ohh cool. Yep. 

00:16:36 Hannah 

Yep. Yeah. So and I needed some new fade and we needed it was. 

00:16:42 Hannah 

Harder than I like. I should go back and listen to the like learning episode when we talk about learning because it was just hard and I just couldn't, like, get into like. 

00:16:52 Hannah 

A good groove. 

00:16:53 Kris 

Yeah, I know how that feels because it's like, you know, the outcome you want. But you know that this isn't gonna be the last time you fail as well. 

00:17:01 Kris 

Like and that's that's the. That's what makes it so satisfying at the end. Like it wouldn't be the same if you didn't have those failures. I think. Or like frustrations. 

00:17:12 Hannah 

Yes, I think what was. 

00:17:14 Hannah 

Like hard for me as well as like admitting that I can't do everything like I just could not get the doors. 

00:17:20 Hannah 

Because that it's like a very old piece finish right with these funny hinges and probably hadn't made the doors perfectly and I just couldn't get them to hang right. And then the and my brother-in-law had to like, you know, adjust them and stuff. And so for me, like to not be able to do something myself, it's like, but also I. 

00:17:36 Hannah 

Do really rely I? 

00:17:37 Hannah 

Do want people to do things for me, but when I want to be able to do something for myself? 

00:17:41 Hannah 

I want to be able to do it myself and I couldn't, but that's OK. I think we don't have to be independent at everything in life. I think we're meant to rely on other people. But yeah, so that was like a bit of what I did. And then I did like some I didn't bike ride every day, but I did some bike ride. 

00:17:59 Kris 

Oh no. 

00:17:59 Hannah 

I swam in the pool maybe like twice which. 

00:18:04 Hannah 

That, yeah. 

00:18:04 Kris 

That's weird, given the heat we've had. 

00:18:06 Hannah 

I know, but then do you know what I started doing just in the last, like, week or two? 

00:18:10 Kris 

Ice bath. 

00:18:11 Hannah 

Kind of swimming in the river and. 


One day I did. 

00:18:14 Hannah 

Go out like 6 in the morning. 

00:18:16 Kris 

Really, you didn't think you hid under though? 

00:18:18 Hannah 

Did you? No, I didn't. But well, maybe the first time I did. But we checked. The algae levels are all good. It's OK. But my sister did say cause it was like, very busy down at the river and we don't really know where to go because our usual spot, we can't get to at the moment with Rd. works. 

00:18:31 Hannah 

And someone sent us down somewhere. It was like very busy there. 

00:18:34 Hannah 

And when we got home, one of my sisters was like, Oh my gosh, I feel like we're, like, country bumpkins, like, everyone. And why can't I was down at the river. 


And I was. 

00:18:43 Hannah 

Like, no, I love that I love. 

00:18:45 Kris 

Right now we had that we funny like Rhythm Breaker. Today, Vanessa and I caught the bus home together from work like which we never do. And it's just like circumstance happened so that it worked that way. Another like the little rhythm breaker that actually was quite nice. We had like, a really nice, almost like little bust. 



00:19:04 Kris 

Because we sat on the top level of the the double deckers and the bus we took took us around the base. 

00:19:12 Hannah 

Ohh wow. 

00:19:13 Kris 

OK, you can drive all the difference. It was really beautiful day. The water's like crystal clear and there's just so many people out on the water and swimming. 

00:19:21 Kris 

Ohh bear. 

00:19:21 Kris 

We're working from home after this. I'm like, don't all these people go to work like, what's going on here? And I guess it's still school holidays. 

00:19:26 Hannah 

I know. 

00:19:28 Kris 

I guess. 

00:19:28 Hannah 

This is true, I guess, by the time people hear this, people almost be back. I was just talking to a neighbour. We were a little late recording cause I was talking to my neighbour who's a nanny to some kids down our street. And yeah, they're about to go back. 

00:19:33 Kris 

Almost, yeah. 

00:19:40 Hannah 

How about you? So you're back at work. How was that? We were like, we've done a bit of work over our last couple of. 

00:19:45 Hannah 

Episodes trying. 

00:19:46 Hannah 

To feel good about that. 

00:19:46 Kris 

Yeah. Help us another another. Another rhythm breaker. Maybe that should be the title of the episode, because, like, I feel like I've done so many different things. But so Vanessa and I used to work on the same building together. And sometimes our projects crossed over. And one of those projects was a big camp that we would both run with our departments. 

00:20:06 Kris 

And last year I was staying out there. I wasn't like going to the camp, but I was staying out there. This year was the first time in 15 years that I hadn't gone to the camp. 

00:20:18 Kris 

Which and and it wasn't just being physically at the camp, but because of the nature of the camp, the size you're planning from like September, October, November, December, like, so you don't actually get a wind down over Christmas. It's like you're working, working, working, working. 

00:20:33 Kris 

Working you get the holidays and the stat days, and then you're back into it. And because it happens in mid, early, mid January. So I had a very quiet week in January for the first time in 15 years where I wasn't working and that was weird. I kind of like didn't know what to do with myself but. 

00:20:53 Kris 

That meant that I could have some of these new work experience rhythms too, so going back into work when it's still really quiet when there's no one on the road, there's no one out and about. Lots of my colleagues are still on leave, and I could do little. 

00:21:08 Kris 

Projects you know that feel different because of that time of year. So my colleague and I renovated a small room in our office, so it was it was really a bit grimy and it needed some touching up and some paint and some carpet. So we actually spent a bit of time doing that. And that was actually really different because it was a rhythm breaker. 

00:21:28 Kris 

We weren't talking about our roles specifically. We were just, you know, having a yarn. And as you do when you're doing a project together and doing the hardware store trips and, you know, doing the problem solving and listening to the music, you know when you're, you know, painting or something and you got the music on. 

00:21:45 Kris 

And you sort of bond over that. So that was an interesting bit of with them breaking there too because it wasn't just like going back into work and then going straight back into what you normally do. But it's like a different period of time where you're sort of ramping back up like it's a slow ramp up and. And so from like, February onwards, it feels like. 

00:22:01 Hannah 

Hmm hmm. 

00:22:05 Kris 

OK, you're set up now and you're ready to go for the year, but so that was an interesting experience work wise, starting again, is that it was actually like a. 

00:22:08 Hannah 

Yes, for sure. 

00:22:13 Kris 

Slow start, yeah. 

00:22:14 Kris 

Not just jumping into the deep. 

00:22:16 Hannah 

Yeah, ohh that sounds delightful. 

00:22:19 Kris 

It was, yeah, definitely miss being out at the camp. There was a really big part of my life. And so I wonder, I wonder if people kind of. 

00:22:29 Kris 

Take for granted that January period where it's still really quiet. You have it just before Christmas where it's starting to wind down. 

00:22:36 Kris 

But is it like it's like the January witching hour. You know where it's so still and quiet and no one's around. Yeah. 

00:22:41 Hannah 

Yeah, yeah. Ohh look. And so now though, like we're kind of like almost back to like normal life, but it's still summer time. So what does that look like for you now like what do you do to, like make it still feel like summer holidays when you finish work for there? 

00:22:59 Kris 

It really helps that it's still really light. Yeah. Outside. Hey, it just feels like there's so many more hours left in the day when you get home. 

00:23:07 Kris 

So we've been having barbecues outside and taking Rooney to the local Bay to have a swim, little things like that still keep you in that summer holiday mode. And I think the longer we can hold on to it, the better A because, you know, winter can get get pretty tough and cold and dark. And so trying to hold on to. 

00:23:29 Kris 

Some are as long as possible for sure is, I think super important. 

00:23:33 Hannah 

Yeah. And I feel like. 

00:23:34 Hannah 

I like that even though we're not on holiday anymore, you can feel like you're on holiday in the evenings, you know, like by going and having dinner at the park or something. 

00:23:44 Kris 

Yeah, yeah, just doing different things. Hey. 

00:23:47 Hannah 

Yeah, I think what 1A new rhythm that we've just had to pick back up in my house is we have to give this is so we had we have to give zinc to our alpaca for a few months now. 

00:23:59 Kris 

Like on their. 

00:24:00 Hannah 

Nose. No, it's like. 

00:24:02 Kris 

Like a career player, how funny is? And those reference Oakley sunglasses. 

00:24:02 Hannah 

Things they eat. 

00:24:04 Hannah 

That would be eat. 

00:24:05 Hannah 

Well, I'm like this would be easier to apply. 

00:24:11 Kris 

No, no, I hear I hear like a supplement supplement. Yeah. 

00:24:12 Hannah 

Yeah. So, so yeah. 

00:24:15 Hannah 

And so yeah, we have to give zinc to the animals, our alpaca. And so every night we, you know, portion all out into the little containers, some little nuts, treats in there and take it out. And it's so lovely because they're often in different fields. So there's a lovely different view. 

00:24:33 Hannah 

Every night, as we're feeding them and it can be a little bit counter cause the sheep try to eat it. So we're trying to keep the sheep away. 

00:24:41 Hannah 

And the sheep kind of come bowling through knocking these ice cream containers over the things and they go flying. So it's a bit wild, but it always I always just stop and go, Oh my goodness. Like, this is such a beautiful evening. Thank goodness I had to come out and give thing to the alpaca. So I'm like noticing it and enjoying it, you know? And so. 

00:24:59 Kris 

Otherwise you might have never gone outside. 

00:25:01 Kris 

That time and send that view. 

00:25:02 Hannah 

Exactly. Exactly. Yeah. And I think that we'll try and keep doing, like, the country bumpkins that we are, some more trips down to the river with the rest of our town. 

00:25:13 Hannah 

Just again, yeah, to keep that like holiday feel going while we can. 

00:25:17 Kris 

Yeah, I am. I was thinking like we're 112th of the way through the year now. 

00:25:23 Hannah 

Ohh my gosh yeah. 

00:25:25 Kris 

It's crazy. Yeah, but when you think about that ramp up, it's great to sit in Coast mode, you know, to cruise by. But you you've got like 11 months now, 10 months, and then you got December, which is kind of that line down, a lot of people. So you got like 10. 

00:25:39 Kris 

So it's like, oh, no, what I I need to do something with that in months. I've got lots of work goals and things that I'd want to achieve and the main reason I went to Fiji was actually for my main job, which we we have an office there that I was able to visit. I think returning back to the air quotes the normalcy of. 

00:25:59 Kris 

Everyday life that can be really good to. 

00:26:01 Kris 

Because it, I think, helps us focus in on like if I got to December 2024 and I looked back and I hadn't utilized those ten months, I think I'd be really disappointed in myself if I hadn't established rhythms and routines that had helped me achieve, for instance, a work goal or, you know, a life goal for some of the things we were talking about in our previous, you know, Christmas. 

00:26:22 Kris 

Run those episodes you know. 

00:26:24 Kris 

So yeah, I I was just thinking like, OK, we've had this like coasty January, but what's next and I think that part of it is like enjoying these rhythm breaking moments, but also finding out where it's actually important for us to keep, like, go get back on track. 

00:26:45 Kris 

Yeah, so to. 

00:26:46 Hannah 

Speak. We kind of talked about this couple episodes ago like having this like fresh start energy is quite helpful, you know, like and and being able to think through. OK, yeah. What would be some new rhythms or what? 

00:26:57 Hannah 

The ones that I want to bring with me from last year into here. 

00:27:03 Kris 

Like what do I want to jettison away? Like what's? What's not working? Yeah. 

00:27:07 Hannah 

Yeah, exactly. So I feel like another person that I listen to, she calls it like we can have this big black trash bag energy. I've definitely had that. I do have it every January, you and I said before we started recording, we're both like recording next to piles of stuff to go to our local thrift store. Yeah. So I've like, really had that. 

00:27:26 Hannah 

Big Black trash bag energy. But and she it doesn't have to be a negative thing. We don't have to go crazy and like, declutter our whole house is what she's saying. You don't have to do that. But there is something nice about going like, OK, yeah. Now something new. Something fresh. And I think that that's something helpful for now. Going OK. 

00:27:47 Hannah 

On starting work, what are some of the rhythms that keep summer with me? What are the some of the rhythms that help me be excited and motivated for what I have to do? What are some of the rhythms that help me will help me do the things that I'm excited to grow in or achieve or whatever? Yeah, it's like a good time, yeah. 

00:28:05 Kris 

It's like we're in a we're in an assessment phase. 

00:28:08 Hannah 

It's true. 

00:28:09 Kris 

It's like assessing everything we've done that you know because of our our renos we're we're assessing the space now and trying to figure out what goes where and part of that means assessing what we want to keep and what we want to throw away or what we want to donate. Part of it means like. 

00:28:25 Kris 

Seeing how we use the space. 

00:28:26 Kris 

Places and that's just in our personal lives. You know? That's like our physical environment, our house. But then you've got so many different spaces in your life that the new year hinge is a great time to assess. Like, we talked about resolutions and goals. 

00:28:42 Kris 

But like assessing like, OK, so I've got the skull. How do I get there? We choose this time of year where it's really quiet. I think it's a really good time to do it because it is quiet and there's not a lot of mental clutter. Well, there might be, and there might be actually a good time to assess, you know, what's important to me mentally and spiritually and holistically, like your whole life. 

00:29:03 Kris 

Like what? Where am I going? What direction am I going? 

00:29:05 Kris 

And and I think a lot of people, maybe it's all the food and drink, but like people get very reflective at this time of year. OK. Yeah, yeah. No, that didn't work for me. 

00:29:13 Hannah 

Hmm, this is true. 

00:29:16 Hannah 

Last year, yeah, people have been asking, what are you looking forward to this year, Hannah? And I'm like. 

00:29:21 Hannah 

Yeah. So I still have some work to do thinking. 

00:29:23 Kris 

About that, I don't know. I don't know what I'd answer if I was asked that question. It would just, I don't know if it's good or bad because I kind of like being surprised and. 

00:29:35 Kris