Episode 21: Family Rhythms feat. Josh & Summer Luscombe

If you’re looking to live more intentionally and craft personal rhythms that align with your values, then this episode is for you! Listen in as we hear from long-time listeners, Josh and Summer Luscombe, about a date night they spent identifying their family values. Then Kris and Hannah dive in to help them workshop some accompanying rhythms!


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Episode transcript:

00:00:00 Kris 

Hey, everyone. Welcome to Episode 21 of The Rhythms Podcast. We've got a guest for you this episode. Now, Hannah, I don't want to reveal. All right now, but we'll get into that in a moment. But first, we wanted just to talk briefly about the show and what's coming up next. We've got some really interesting. 

00:00:20 Kris 

Ideas and lots of great feedback that's come through. 

00:00:23 Kris 

Instagram. But I think Hannah, we've landed on a plan and we just wanted to fill you. 

00:00:28 Hannah 

In before we got started. That's right. So over these next four or five episodes, as our season of the podcast kind of draws to a close, you're gonna hear some different sort of episodes where we're kind of like bringing a lot of these ideas together, and you're gonna hear that in this episode. 

00:00:44 Hannah 

As well with our guests, they've been listeners of the podcast, and so they're sort of drawing on a lot of those threads that have been introduced. So we hope that you can enjoy some different format episodes and some of our regular format and there as well as we come to the end of the season. 

00:00:59 Kris 

Alright, I can't wait. Let's get. 

00:01:01 Hannah 

Welcome to The Rhythms podcast. My name is Hannah. 

00:01:05 Kris 

And my name is Chris. This is a podcast about exploring the rhythms, patterns and habits that bring joy and add richness to our everyday lives. 

00:01:14 Hannah 

From daily habits to embracing the changing seasons, it's not about mindless routines, but patterns with purpose. It's about making something special out of something. 

00:01:24 Hannah 

Ordinary every episode listen in as we share a. 

00:01:27 Hannah 

Reflect on the role of rhythms in our lives. Join our conversation as we unpack this idea further and then spend a moment with us considering how that rhythm could shape or add richness to our lives today. 

00:01:44 Kris 

Hey Hannah, I have bought a couple of friends. Guests. You may know them. You may not. Oh, I hope you know them. 

00:01:51 Hannah 

I may be sitting a room away from them right now. 

00:01:55 Kris 

Yeah. And I bet that wondering how the heck did these guys get to show off the ground? It's taking like and 1/2 hour at least of screwing around. But here we are. 

00:02:04 Hannah 

That the problem is they know us too well. So they're like, what are our friends doing? 

00:02:08 Kris 

Well, we won't keep you in suspense unless you've read the title of the episode already, but we've got your sister and brother. 

00:02:14 Kris 

Law summer and Josh, welcome. 

00:02:17 Hannah 

Hey, thanks for doing this guys. And and you kind of couldn't get out of it because you're actually listeners of the podcast, right? True, we are. So you have to support. 

00:02:18 Kris 

Hello, welcome to the show. 

00:02:32 Kris 

Super super listeners. 

00:02:34 Josh 

Long time listener first time. 

00:02:39 Hannah 

Exactly. Exactly. So, yes, like Chris said. 

00:02:43 Hannah 

My sister and brother-in-law. But you guys also know Chris really well as well. Obviously don't tell us all about more about that. 

00:02:48 Josh 

Yeah. Yes. We still go to the same church in Merima for ages a while, like all served on music team, and I was on the tick. 

00:02:53 Hannah 

Many months. 

00:02:57 Kris 

Team and they're on. Joshua's name is literally written on the walls and one of their cupboards. 

00:03:03 Kris 

Followed by the word Muppet. I think it's been painted over though. Josh, sorry. 

00:03:09 Hannah 

Chris and I have been a musical duo many, many a time. 

00:03:14 Kris 

We have, yes, and not we. 

00:03:17 Kris 

Our only recording is on a podcast. 

00:03:20 Hannah 

True, our other podcast that you guys. 

00:03:22 Kris 

Only recorded properly recorded version of us is is on that Christmas podcast. 

00:03:25 Hannah 

True, yes, true. 

00:03:28 Kris 

Yeah, but we've sung together a lot. Thanks. 

00:03:30 Hannah 

We have. Yep, good times. 

00:03:32 Hannah 

And one thing like that is a little bit unique about our relationship like meet with you guys is we've sort of mentioned on the pod before that we all live in community on the same property. So that's fun. So fun. 

00:03:46 Hannah 

We've been doing. 

00:03:48 Hannah 

You guys even thank you. I'm gonna take this as a sincere statement even before you guys got married. 

00:03:55 Hannah 

Like Josh moved out here when we all moved out. 

00:03:58 Hannah 

Here and how? 

00:03:58 Kris 

Long have you guys been out there now? 

00:04:00 Hannah 

Like 4 1/2 years, is that right? Must be 4 1/2 years because we moved out just a bit before we got married. Yeah, you've got married and had two children since we moved here. That's right. So actually Speaking of that, tell us about your family as much as you'd like to and how you spend your days and a bit about you. 

00:04:01 Kris 

Wow, yeah. 

00:04:20 Hannah 

Guys, that's helpful for listeners to sort of know a little bit more about you guys. Sure. So yeah, we've been married or we've known each other for. 

00:04:30 Hannah 

Ever ages for ages we've been married for four and a bit years. We've got two beautiful kitties. Emily is 2 and Owen is 7 months. 

00:04:47 Hannah 

That's right. 

00:04:50 Hannah 

Oh yeah, 2 1/2 months. 

00:04:51 Kris 

Check check the. Check the notes out just to double check. 

00:04:56 Hannah 

And yeah, we love. 

00:04:58 Hannah 

On this property, without extended Fino and we love it, we live in a little two-bedroom cottage down the back of the property and we are embracing small living and all that. That all that comes with that. 

00:05:13 Josh 

With the joy of not having places to put stuff, yes. 

00:05:17 Hannah 

The joy of not being able to buy a lot of stuff because we don't. 


But it. 

00:05:21 Hannah 

Price for it. 

00:05:23 Hannah 

But you guys are doing something really cool this year, which if you live in a small home, lends itself very well to your lifestyle of like the goal that you have for this year. Tell us about that. 

00:05:35 Hannah 

Yes. So we are aiming to do 1000 hours outside as a family. This year it's a actually we're gonna talk about it a little bit later in the podcast. 

00:05:47 Hannah 

But yeah, it actually works pretty well with us. We've got a very small living space, so we are extending our living space to the outdoors with the goal of being outside for 1000 hours this year. 

00:05:59 Kris 

Like just existing outside or you have to sleep outside for 1000 hours or like, mow the lawns or anything. 

00:06:04 Hannah 

No. Yeah, being outside, being in nature, playing, doing jobs, we have spent one night in the tent this summer, so that increased our hours remarkably. 

00:06:20 Kris 

So you're like keeping track of them or. 

00:06:23 Hannah 

We are keeping track of them. Yep. 

00:06:26 Kris 

That's fun, yeah. 

00:06:28 Josh 

Past the 100 hour mark. 

00:06:30 Hannah 

I think we're about 100 and we're nearing about 140 hours and at the beginning of February, so it went going right. 

00:06:36 Kris 

Someone, someone quick with quick maths used to tell me how many days that is 1000 / 24 come on? 

00:06:44 Kris 

By by 24, just quick math sets 42.6 days. You're gonna spin outside. Ah, there you go. 

00:06:52 Hannah 

OK. And then how about what when you're not outside or even when you're outside, what the days sort of look like? 

00:06:58 Hannah 

For you guys. 

00:06:58 Josh 

I'll start. So I wake up really early. About 5:00 in the morning. I ride a motorbike into town, leaving home at about 5:30, getting into town for 6:30, and then I'm. 

00:07:12 Josh 

Acoustic engineer, so like a as a consultant. 

00:07:17 Josh 

In towns where I sit at a desk. 

00:07:20 Josh 

Writing reports pretty much for most of the day. 

00:07:24 Kris 

Can I ask something? 

00:07:25 Kris 

You must have the best sounding office in the city, right? 

00:07:30 Josh 

Ah, you'll be surprised. 

00:07:34 Kris 

You haven't even put your own engineers. 

00:07:36 Hannah 

They're an office space with a gigantic. 

00:07:39 Hannah 

Group of architects, right. Yes and. 

00:07:42 Kris 

Ohh well there's your problem. 

00:07:45 Kris 

So how about you, summer? What do you do? 

00:07:47 Hannah 

During the day, well, I am staying home with my kids. I'm not working currently or shall I say I'm working with in the home. And I mean this year we're definitely like I said before, trying to get outside. 

00:08:05 Hannah 

Lots of the day, but my day consists of lots of nappy change. 

00:08:11 Hannah 

Is preparing food and cleaning food off the floor a lot of the time because my 7 month old is obviously learning how to eat. So yeah, clean the high chair and the floor like four times a day and then it gets to dinner time. 

00:08:32 Hannah 

I have to say to Josh you. 

00:08:34 Hannah 

Are very welcome to. 

00:08:34 Hannah 

Take this one if you want so your query about. 

00:08:39 Hannah 

Yeah, but yeah, that's just having kids. And they're a lot of fun. They bring us lots of joy. They love playing by themselves. They love playing with each other. They love being outside. 

00:08:52 Hannah 

So yeah, I mean it's hard sometimes, but it's great. They're the best. Your kids are the best. And and the other kids who live here all. 

00:08:59 Hannah 

The kids are the. 

00:09:00 Kris 

Who's the who's the though? 

00:09:00 Hannah 

Best children are the best human beings. 

00:09:03 Kris 

You gotta can you rate them? 

00:09:04 Hannah 

I won't reveal. I won't reveal that. That's just if you subscribe, that's if you have a patron of the podcast. 

00:09:11 Kris 

We'll do our definitive Midland Luscombe, Lawrenson ranking wheels. 

00:09:17 Hannah 

I could rank everyone on the property. 

00:09:19 Josh 

We'll slip across some money to Internet, so he just does. Our kids are the best and then stops, alright. 

00:09:25 Hannah 

All right, so summer and Josh, we asked you to be on this episode because we really were taken with something that you guys recently decided to do, which was correct me if I'm wrong, but I think you decided that you wanted to define some of your family value. 

00:09:40 Hannah 

Use and then figure out how you were going to live out those values and and as relatives of mine and super listeners of the pod, you decided that rhythms would be an important part of that. So yeah. So tell us about why you thought that was an important thing to do and something that you wanted to do kind of how you like reached that decision. 

00:10:00 Hannah 

I don't. I don't really know how you guys got there. So, yeah, tell us, OK. 

00:10:05 Hannah 

I guess we've kind of like reached a a different stage in our lives. So we've been married and we like, figured out living together as a married couple and the things that were important to us. 

00:10:17 Hannah 

As a married couple and we've now like entered this phase of like having kids. So got two kids and yeah, I guess kind of like the way that you live and the way you think about. 

00:10:33 Hannah 

Like the mark that you want to leave on the world kind of changes a little bit. We're not just thinking about ourselves. We're thinking about our kids and how we're raising them and what we're. 

00:10:45 Hannah 

What they're hearing from us, so yeah, we decided we wanted to, like, have a conversation. Me and Josh together and get on the same page about like, what's important to the both of us and how we can. Yeah. Like, just get on the same page of what's going to be important to us. 

00:11:06 Hannah 

As a family. 

00:11:07 Kris 

So we did an episode on news resolution. So was this like a New Year's resolution or is it something that's been brewing for a while, like, hey, it would be really nice if we could create some meaningful structures or as how as a family, is that something new or what? 

00:11:25 Hannah 

I think it's been, yeah. Like for like say growing for a while. Yeah, we're not too big on resolution that we lost it. We didn't know. I can't remember when we did it sometime over the summer time. But yeah, we just want to like. 

00:11:31 Josh 

Last year. 

00:11:41 Hannah 

We want to be quite intentional about how we're living and we want like. 

00:11:47 Hannah 

Almost want like a list of things that we can go back to and like in the hard times of life or in the, you know, when somebody's getting upset or when we're trying to figure out how to never get a scenario we want to be able to go to our family values, have a look and see like, where that points us and. 

00:12:07 Hannah 

Even sort of like a little. 

00:12:08 Hannah 

But keeping each other accountable way like this is how we've agreed that we want to be as a family, yeah. 

00:12:17 Kris 

Yeah, it's kind of like how a country might have a constitution. You know, your founding document, like something to refer. Yeah. And like, a bit of a yardstick, you know, if there's conflict or something like that. 

00:12:22 Hannah 

Yes. Yeah, it is a bit. 

00:12:32 Kris 

Yeah, or difficult times. Well, here's our what? We're going back to here's our core set of values. Here's. 

00:12:38 Kris 

What we believe that's right. 

00:12:40 Kris 

If you have a big argument or something, yeah. 

00:12:42 Hannah 

Yeah, I think it probably for me because it was my like I brought this idea to Josh. For me as a primary school teacher, like, you know, at the beginning of every year with your class, you'll do like a class treating kind of thing and you'll like, list all the things that, you know, everyone's gonna agree to do. And then you'll sign your names and then, you know, like. 

00:13:03 Hannah 

I'll always reinforce it, you know. 

00:13:04 Hannah 

Like for me, remember, you agreed that you would have gentle hands and feet. Yeah. So I guess, you know, I've had that in my head and my experience. So in a similar way, just. Yeah, setting that up for our family, it's almost like, yeah, you like. And your brain. There's like this rhythm and your brain was like, hey, at this time of year, we're normally. 

00:13:24 Hannah 

Coming up with this saying I shouldn't be doing this true. Yeah. Yeah. As you were talking about it kind of reminded me of our slowing down episode. I think like when you're describing your day, especially like for you, Josh, that you leave the house so early, you get home just in time for dinner and do all. 

00:13:40 Hannah 

Weird time stuff like your pace of life. I'm sure this is true for like most families and parents could just sort of run away from you, right? And so it sounds like this was a moment of, like, OK, let's just like, slow down for a bit and like, get really present. And then that's when you, like, notice things and different things, different thoughts come to the surface. 

00:14:00 Hannah 

Right. For sure. Yeah. And like when you're just racing through life, I I mentioned like well, from experience the decisions that you're making and the way that you're talking to your kids or the way you're talking to each other can also be very rushed and. 

00:14:13 Hannah 

Perhaps not how you want to respond or act. So like, yeah, we want these family values and like rhythms to just become really natural to who we are as people and who we are as a family. Yeah. Want to be really intentional. And I think, yeah, the big like, I was talking about. 

00:14:33 Hannah 

The stage of life. We've got our kids and we just know that our kids are like always watching us and we yeah, we want to know that how we are acting. 

00:14:46 Hannah 

As you like, helping them to grow up to be awesome humans. 

00:14:50 Kris 

Yeah. Well, they're two and seven months now, but blink and then they'll be 5 and and then they'll be 8. And then, like life just accelerates. It just gets faster and faster and faster. Faster. And I guess we maybe don't perceive that until we see it in hindsight. And so, you know, when they're 8. 

00:15:10 Kris 

And, you know, sex. 

00:15:13 Kris 

You're going to see all of the little choices you've made, and we've talked about that about compounding choices you see in hindsight. Do you see the result of those in hindsight, I mean? 

00:15:24 Kris 

And so I guess you're starting now those process that process of small choices, these are the little things that we're going to do every day to be intentional. 

00:15:32 Hannah 

Only. Yeah, and I guess. 

00:15:34 Hannah 

It's like and this is an idea that I want to let keep exploring as like to have kind of already made some decisions ahead of time is a really secure place to be because you can go a little bit into autopilot, which cuz like making decisions is so exhausting. They talk about decision fatigue right now, like actually Chris. 

00:15:54 Hannah 

When we went. 

00:15:55 Hannah 

On our trip with Vanessa to Europe, decision fatigue was so real. 

00:16:00 Hannah 

It would be. 

00:16:00 Hannah 

Like I just like I do not wanna eat dinner tonight because I don't want to have to decide where we're. 

00:16:04 Hannah 

Gonna go in this city that I don't know. 

00:16:05 Kris 

That will split up the strongest friendship, the strongest marriage where where should we eat dinner when we're drinking? 

00:16:10 Hannah 

That's true. Yeah. So and being able to, like, go a little bit into autopilot can be a good thing sometimes. And I think that it sounds like going through a process like this, we have already decided these are our values and this is these are our priorities. This is what's. 

00:16:26 Hannah 

To us, I guess helps over time put you in a little bit more of an autopilot mode because you don't have to constantly think, oh, what should I do now? Oh, what would be the right decision? Cause you've kind of got that foundational material that you're we're talking about this, that may work quite a lot at the moment is like go back to the recipe book. Like you've got something that kind of. 

00:16:46 Hannah 

Guides you. So just go back to the recipe book and so it's kind of like you guys are putting together a bit of a recipe book for your life. Maybe you've got the key ingredients and then maybe the rhythms is the method. OK. I love this analog. 

00:16:58 Hannah 

OK. So tell us, what did this actually look like, right? Like, so how did you actually do this? Did you hire a boardroom somewhere and block out a whole week, or was this more casual or, you know, like, what did it actually look like for you to go through this? 

00:17:13 Josh 

Process. So I came up with some questions and she shared them with me. 

00:17:19 Josh 

He gave me a week to ponder over them, so the questions were things like, what do we want to see in our kids as they grow, what's important to us, what do we want to model to our kids and what do we want people to see in us as a Fano? So I had a week to think of. 

00:17:36 Josh 

Over those those things. And then we went on a date night and we went up to Monaco market, shout out to them again. 

00:17:47 Hannah 

Yeah, I think. 

00:17:47 Hannah 

Hannah talked about them on the podcast before. 

00:17:49 Kris 

A decent amount, I think. 

00:17:51 Hannah 

Yeah, they follow us now. They're awesome. I haven't been for ages, though, because they changed. They changed their pizza now and they couldn't go on a Thursday, and now they changed all Wednesday and it still can't go on a Wednesday Monaco market. Bring back the Friday and Saturday pizza for the pizzas, but we go for the burgers. We love the burgers. Yes, true. 

00:17:53 Josh 

The right burgers. 

00:18:11 Hannah 

Can I just ask though? Did it feel like homework like you were having to go and like, work on? 

00:18:17 Hannah 

An assignment and do homework or. 

00:18:18 Hannah 

I think that we tried our best to make it an enjoyable experience by yeah, they're going up to Monica market getting food that we really like and then we actually took. 

00:18:30 Hannah 

Our Kai to the to Otaki Beach and it was like such a lovely evening. 

00:18:37 Hannah 

So we set out and we ate first, like without even really talking about anything, just enjoying being together. So yeah, I don't feel too much like homework, but after the food was eaten, we did, yeah, we had a look at these questions that Josh mentioned and we were very much like pen and paper. 

00:18:56 Hannah 

We can both see lots of different colors. That's kind of my vibe. So we did a mess of brainstorm of answers to those questions with both of our input, and it was actually just really cool to. 

00:19:08 Hannah 

So, I mean, you know, like we're married, we talk all the time. But like these conversations, you don't really have that often. And I have like, ideas in my head of answers to these questions. 

00:19:21 Hannah 

But it was really nice to hear, like Josh's thoughts on it and. 

00:19:27 Hannah 

Yeah. So we came to kind of like. 

00:19:32 Hannah 

Some agreement as to the answers to these questions, we tried to group them together into like similar ideas, color-coded them and then from our like answers to those questions, we came up with 10 family values. I think that. 

00:19:52 Hannah 

That that was one evening of our lives that we spent. 

00:19:56 Hannah 

And kind of breaking down these questions and then coming up with family values. And so we're both very much of the perspective that like that was a moment in time and. 

00:20:07 Hannah 

This is like a working document. We hope to like add to it and like maybe change things when we've had more time to think about it. And like when the kids are older, we want it to become theirs as well, so. 

00:20:20 Hannah 

They might have input. 

00:20:22 Hannah 

So you're not like. 

00:20:24 Hannah 

Going to tattoo them on your body necessarily. Or like wallpaper your house with them like they can because that's when you were talking about it and you were like, saying you were categorizing them and stuff and then you picked. And I was like, but I would be. 

00:20:36 Hannah 

Nervous. I didn't. 

00:20:37 Hannah 

Have the right to yeah and same same. So that would like stop me like that would paralyze me and stop me. 

00:20:43 Hannah 

Yeah, I think. But so for you, they might change, they might be different because you might be in a different moment in time or you have the input of. 

00:20:49 Hannah 

Other people. 

00:20:51 Hannah 

Yeah, I would love to like have them displayed in our home just for like, you know, like easy reference and stuff. I think that perhaps that will come in the years to come once we've like, lived these out a bit and really. 

00:21:02 Hannah 

Really like figured out what is really important to us as a family, but for now we've just got it on our piece of paper that we've ripped out of Evelyn's drawing book. And yeah, we're just happy to add to it. Change it. 

00:21:18 Kris 

I think one day that piece of paper is going to be really important to you guys. 

00:21:22 Kris 

Yeah, it's the start of something really special as a family. 

00:21:27 Kris 

And yeah, I think you should hang on to it. Maybe you should frame it in 10 years time and you can say to the kids. 

00:21:33 Kris 

Hey, this is where it all began. 

00:21:35 Hannah 

That's very lovely. OK, so we are all nosy people probably right. Like, we're listening to a podcast hearing people talk. We're nosy. So I know that I want to know what the values that you. 

00:21:48 Hannah 

Came up with were. 

00:21:49 Hannah 

Yeah. So we've got our like 10 statements. 

00:21:52 Hannah 

And then we've also kind of got little like sub statements out of them just to try and like flesh it out a little bit, just do you wanna share one? 

00:22:02 Josh 

Well, the first one, well, the top right one is. 

00:22:07 Josh 

All left one. 

00:22:09 Josh 

Is we love God and I guess our faith is really important to summer and I and we really want that to show through, I guess through our actions to Emily and Owen so that they can see. 

00:22:22 Josh 

That that's important to us and. 

00:22:24 Josh 

We hope will end up being important. 

00:22:26 Kris 

To them, so they all we statements like we we blank. 

00:22:30 Hannah 

They are except for. 

00:22:31 Hannah 

One which we like written on it. It doesn't start with we, but we have figured out a way to make. 

00:22:37 Hannah 

It start with. 

00:22:38 Kris 

We'll see when we get there. 

00:22:40 Hannah 

Yeah. So, like under the we love God, we've got things like we go to church Sundays and we participate. 

00:22:50 Hannah 

Talk about God. We read the. 

00:22:52 Hannah 

Able we pray for each other and with each other. I guess those are quite practical. Yeah. You're starting to see where some rhythms might start to, like, weave themselves in. 

00:23:02 Kris 

Yeah, yeah, alright. Keep them coming, #2. 

00:23:06 Hannah 

Number two, we love people. We are generous with our words, with our actions and our money. We're respectful, kind, and understanding. Yeah, that one's not so much like rhythms. So the statement is we love people. And then I guess that's kind of just how we would express. 

00:23:25 Hannah 

Our love for people, our generosity and being respectful and just understanding of people and everybody's different. 

00:23:32 Hannah 

Like situations and where they come from. 

00:23:36 Josh 

The next one is we love family time. 

00:23:38 Kris 

The podcast or your actual family? 

00:23:43 Hannah 

Good podcast. 

00:23:46 Kris 

Well, that's really nice of you guys to put us at #3. We do appreciate it. Thank you. No, no. You love them though, yeah. 

00:23:50 Hannah 

It's so funny. 

00:23:53 Josh 

Yeah. And like we would all contribute like to, I guess our family and what makes up our family unit and. 

00:24:02 Josh 

Like for summer and I like it's important as part of that to make time for our marriage for like date nights and to. 

00:24:11 Josh 

Spend time having conversations to come up with, like the family values or. 

00:24:17 Josh 

Like to go deeper than just how was your day or? 

00:24:22 Josh 

All those kids are rascals or and stuff like that, so. 

00:24:25 Hannah 

Yeah. And I feel like what you're saying there, Josh, is like what I'm hearing underneath. What you're saying is like you could have these values but not actually do them, right. Like you could, you could say, oh, we, we love our. 

00:24:40 Hannah 

Family. But if you don't have time together as a family, then do you really love your family? That's sort of like what I'm hearing, which again is like bringing me back to this idea of, like rhythms and habits and the way we use our time and days are so important because that's how you actually show what's important. 

00:25:00 Hannah 

Is by what you do. 

00:25:01 Hannah 

Everyday actions speak louder than words. 

00:25:05 Hannah 

Yeah, yeah, I love that. OK. Sorry. So #4, we are content with and grateful for the things that we have. Yeah. So like, we use what we've got, I guess we were talking before about how we live in such a small home. And like, we've actually in this place, we're content with that. We don't feel like we need a bigger home to fill more stuff. 

00:25:26 Hannah 

Fill in with more stuff. 

00:25:29 Hannah 

Yeah. So I guess there's the two parts there. We're content. And then we're also grateful for and for us. We are always grateful to God for all that we have in our life. Yeah. 

00:25:39 Josh 

The next one is we are confident in who we are. So like we can like be ourselves, especially around each other and we want Emily and Owen to grow up knowing that they can always like be their true selves and and yeah, we just want them to. 

00:25:58 Josh 

Know that like they're made in like God's image and that we want them to be free to follow their own passions and interests and not, I guess not. As they grow up to try and be shepherded and to like follow and be interested in the same things that I am, or that summer as we want them to try and find something that interests them and. 

00:26:16 Josh 

Because they like. 

00:26:17 Kris 

It, which can happen a lot, right? Where kids feel like they have to live. 

00:26:24 Kris 

Up to what their appearance has set for them, you know, following their footsteps, or that they have to somehow strive to meet some sort of expectation, I guess you're just setting that at the ground level, right? Hey, you guys are free to find your own path and figure out what you're passionate about. 

00:26:40 Hannah 

That feels so respectful. Like you're treating them as full human beings, which doesn't always happen. 

00:26:46 Hannah 

For children, yeah. 

00:26:48 Kris 

Alright, so that was we are confident in who we are. So we're at number. 

00:26:54 Hannah 

We spend time outside being active as we know it's good for our bodies, minds and souls, so this one probably does come from our research into this thousand hours outside movement. I think that Hannah teaches me a lot about child development. 

00:27:13 Hannah 

Human development in. Yeah. She's always talking to me about, like, the benefits of out being out. 

00:27:18 Hannah 

Side and yeah, we see it in our kids, like when they spend more time outside, they're like, you know, their curiosity blossoms. They they're moving their bodies, they're being physical. We know that being in nature, like, connects us to God when we're outside. We're not using technology generally, which is also. 

00:27:39 Hannah 

Kind of part of that value is we would rather spend time outside than on devices. Yeah. So that's that one being outside knowing that it's good for our bodies, minds and souls. 

00:27:51 Josh 

So yeah, #7 is we have fun and a flexible thing. When things don't go to plan. 

00:27:56 Josh 

So yeah, I guess that's just about trying to find the fun and mundane things like putting the kids to bed, which sometimes can drag on and on and on. But I think even the times when Emily is struggling to get to sleep and I feel like I spend 2 hours in with her, it's. 

00:28:11 Josh 

I always try and come out and really value the time I've got to spend with her and like, even if it's just. 

00:28:16 Josh 

I got to hold her hand while she fell asleep for the last little bit and trying to have that as the lasting memory of bed time and then trying to be flexible. I guess with other plans. Like if we're out and about as a family trying not to be too precious. 

00:28:29 Josh 

Ohh, we wanted to be home by three, but we're still out and it's three and not be too worried about that and not be too strict on a 630 bedtime or a whenever it is for Italy and try and have the freedom to be out of it later and try and just. Yeah, I guess it's part of having fun is trying not to get too wound up on sticking to a schedule and. 

00:28:49 Kris 

Yeah, I like that. 

00:28:50 Hannah 

Yeah, yeah, I think we we want, we want our kids to be able to, like, move on from things easily like. 

00:28:56 Hannah 

Like like I mean. 

00:28:58 Hannah 

It's not that much in the that goes wrong that actually matters, you know, like, let's move on from that like, well, today I was at the pool, just me with my two kids. 

00:29:09 Hannah 

Emily did a who and who nappy on the pole and like that could have been so stressful because I had my 7 month old as well. But I was like. 

00:29:18 Hannah 

And this is not the end of the world. I gave my 7 month old to a lifeguard, asked him to hold him while I. 

00:29:23 Hannah 

Took him away to the toilet garden. 

00:29:25 Hannah 

Yeah, sorted that out. And then we just went back to reception and bought another swim nappy and we could continue on like it would have been sad if we had to like end, you know, end to the swim trip there. Like, we just wanted to be able, like, move on from things like. 

00:29:38 Hannah 

Yeah, it's all good. Let's have fun. And honestly, the impact of your guys's thinking and approach around that is like so much bigger than just the four of you in your little household. 

00:29:49 Hannah 

Like you know so often we are cooking together. 

00:29:53 Hannah 

And I you. 

00:29:54 Hannah 

Know, as you know, I am a control freak at times and so I can sort of like get a little bit flustered when things don't go to plan, you know, and I get like a bit disappointed. But because you guys are so, like easy breezy. 

00:30:09 Hannah 

That for me is like way easier to then go into that mindset, I guess to catch it, you know, I'm, I'm not saying that it would be contagious for everyone, but it certainly is for me because I would like that for myself. So to be around your influence in that area is so, so helpful. 

00:30:26 Hannah 

So yeah, I just think that that is, that's one that like serves you and like, makes your life wonderful. But it also serves the people who you encounter, you know. 

00:30:36 Hannah 

That's very, very kind. 

00:30:38 Hannah 

Some people in that situation that you described at the pool would have gotten like, really upset and flustered and maybe could have, like, peed off some other people at the pool area by like being kind of heightened, you know, and might have. 

00:30:48 Hannah 

Ended up talking rudely to staff members or whatever, you know, and it's because they are feeling upset. It's understandable how you might feel like that, but because you're like, I'm just not gonna let this be a big deal. Then you can keep sort of operating from, like a rational, steady mindset. Yeah. Well, and that's like, you know, one of the questions that we were pondering. 

00:31:10 Hannah 

Like before, we came up with these family values, is what do we want other people to see in us as a family, but is very much these family values are for us and how we want to live. But yeah, it is also, you know, like we are wanting to be like good stewards and you know, like shine the light of Jesus. So yeah, we obviously want these family values to. 

00:31:30 Hannah 

Influence other people. 

00:31:31 Hannah 

As well. 

00:31:31 Josh 

And that leads on to number. 

00:31:32 Hannah 

8 So #8 is we bring light, life and love and. 

00:31:39 Hannah 

That particular statement, those 3 words like to life and love those 3 words, just like sort of like came to us. And they feel really like. 

00:31:48 Hannah 

They feel really. 

00:31:49 Hannah 

Important to us and we haven't quite figured out exactly what that one is going to look like, but we like those words. We want to hold on to those and we will just continue figuring out exactly how that looks. But yeah, I guess it's just like, you know, we're wanting to be like Jesus in this world. We wanting to be joyful. 

00:32:08 Hannah 

Wanting to be peace. 

00:32:10 Hannah