Episode 23: Rhythms Rewind, feat. Gray & Hannah Buchanan


Kris and Hannah are delighted to welcome friends and superfans of the show, Gray and Hannah, to help them break down some highlights from the past 20+ episodes, and chat about the impact of a growing understanding of rhythms in their lives. 


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Episode transcript:

00:00:00 Hannah M Hey friends, welcome to another episode of The Rhythms Podcast. Just so you know, we've got an interview again today, which is exciting. You're going to meet some super fans of the show and friends, Hannah and Gray, and they are going to help us sort of take a look back at the last 20 episodes, 20 plus episodes of the show. 00:00:20 Hannah M Have a look at what stood out, what stayed with them, those memorable moments. So we hope that it'll be a great invitation for you to do the same as you. Listen a lot. 00:00:28 Hannah M Song and over the next couple of episodes, you'll hear Chris and I as well. Our reflections on this first season of rhythms. 00:00:35 Kris And we'll make sure that Hannah M and Hannah B are separate for the transcription robots. OK, let's do it. 00:00:41 Hannah M Welcome to The Rhythms podcast. My name is Hannah. 00:00:45 Kris And my name's Kris. This is a podcast about exploring the rhythms, patterns and habits that bring joy and add richness to our everyday life. 00:00:54 Hannah M From daily habits to embracing the changing seasons, it's not about mindless routines, but patterns with purpose. It's about making something special out of something ordinary. 00:01:05 Kris If you're someone who wants to move beyond just being more efficient or productive and instead find ways to infuse your days with small, familiar moments that matter, then you've found two new friends with the same goal. 00:01:19 Hannah M Every episode listen in as we share a reflection on the role of rhythms in our lives. Join our conversation as we unpack this idea further and then spend a moment with us considering how that rhythm could shape or add richness to our lives today. 00:01:35 Hannah M The number of starts that we've had on a couple of episodes is a little bit embarrassing. We feel like morons getting started sometimes. 00:01:42 Hannah B I was wondering actually whether you would do a. 00:01:42 Yeah. 00:01:43 Hannah B Bloopers reel at the end of. 00:01:47 Kris Sure, there there's a lot. There's a lot to sift through though. 00:01:48 Speaker 4 All that, just like, just just. 00:01:50 Hannah B No. What was I gonna say? 00:01:53 Kris Yeah. And the scenes we do reference a Lotte like, Ohh. Before we started recording, there's a lot more at the start and the end of recording. That would be an interesting podcast. 00:01:53 Hannah M They would be sending me. 00:02:02 Hannah B Yeah, yeah, that's true. All the honest. 00:02:02 Hannah M Too, but. 00:02:06 Hannah M Yeah, true. They're they're an actual press. 00:02:07 Kris Here's what we're really thinking. 00:02:09 Speaker 4 Yeah. Umm. 00:02:11 Hannah B As opposed to the people you pretend to. 00:02:12 Speaker 4 Be once you started. 00:02:15 Kris The our characters. 00:02:17 Speaker 4 Yeah. 00:02:17 Hannah M Yes, definitely we haven't. We haven't been able to yet. We can't, we haven't really heard it yet on this podcast. But on our like kids Christmas one, Chris's like storyteller voice is so good. We should find a way to. 00:02:18 Hannah B Where you get on. 00:02:26 Speaker 4 Oh. 00:02:30 Hannah M Put that in the rhythms podcast. 00:02:31 Gray Ohh definitely yeah yeah, it's really what it's really nice to actually meet you, Chris. Cause like obviously we've heard your voice so many times, but you you've probably never really. 00:02:40 Speaker 6 Come across. You were. Yeah, yeah. 00:02:41 Kris It's it's a funny dynamic, isn't that there? There's people who I probably have spoken to more. 00:02:47 Kris On the podcast in a have in real life? Yeah, that's probably one example where people like they know. 00:02:49 Speaker 6 Yeah. 00:02:52 Kris Me quite well. 00:02:53 Speaker 4 Now. 00:02:54 Tray. 00:02:54 Kris But I I barely see them. That's it's a strange, yeah. 00:02:58 Speaker 4 It's always it's. 00:02:58 Hannah M Yeah, I was. 00:02:59 Hannah B Always funny with people that don't like, interact anyway and then they know everything's happened in your life, cause you've. 00:03:04 Hannah B Shared it on and. 00:03:04 Speaker 6 Yeah, you're 5 steps, but yeah. 00:03:05 Hannah B They're like, oh, it's like this and all that. 00:03:06 Hannah B And you're like, oh, you didn't message me once. 00:03:08 Kris And people will reference things that we've said and you. 00:03:11 Kris Know. 00:03:11 Kris Like 10 episodes ago, and I don't know about, you know, Hannah, but I. 00:03:13 Speaker 4 Mm-hmm. 00:03:16 Kris Hey, I'm like what? 00:03:18 Hannah M Yeah. Hannah does that. Hannah does that to me sometimes. Hannah, you're, like, message me. Something I remember one time you messed about chickens and I was like, what the heck are we talking about? Me. So. OK, she's listening to the podcast, Mariah Carey. 00:03:18 Kris What do you like? Like it's the most. 00:03:20 Kris Fresh step, yeah. 00:03:29 Speaker 4 Context. 00:03:35 Hannah M Yeah, you don't you. 00:03:38 Speaker 4 Very complex, yeah. 00:03:40 Hannah M Yeah. So sometimes I think, but yeah, I had that. I was at a baby shower last weekend and saw some people haven't seen for months. And they're like, oh, how are you? And then, like, kind of know how you. 00:03:49 Hannah M Work. 00:03:49 Hannah M So I've been listening to the podcast. 00:03:50 Gray I'm like, OK, yeah, yeah. No need for small talk. Brilliant achievement. 00:03:54 Speaker 4 Yeah. Thank you so much. 00:03:59 Hannah M Ohh Chris's Chris's drive is keeping us going. 00:04:03 Speaker 4 Have you have you still not received any e-mail? I nearly emailed you today. 00:04:08 Hannah M And I you should. 00:04:08 No, no, we have. 00:04:09 Speaker 4 I emailed you. 00:04:10 Kris Often checked actually. 00:04:12 Hannah B And then I thought. 00:04:12 Speaker 4 Yeah. 00:04:13 Kris I'm actually going. 00:04:13 Hannah B You haven't checked your check on quickly someone. 00:04:13 Kris To chase down. 00:04:17 Kris Ohh no summer has emailed. 00:04:20 Ohh. 00:04:20 Kris Us. 00:04:21 Hannah M How rude. 00:04:22 Kris Well, I mean not oh. 00:04:23 Speaker 4 No, but yeah, you can say our emails are active. We received our emails, have gone up under default. 00:04:25 Gray Yeah. How long has it been there? 00:04:27 Kris Yeah. Look that it's just flying off. 00:04:33 Gray 100% getting 100% increase. 00:04:38 Hannah M But we do have we can't tell you what it is that we do have something like a fun project and that works for people who do engage with us in real life about the podcast. So. 00:04:44 Speaker 4 And. 00:04:46 Gray Ohh nice. 00:04:48 Hannah M You'll find out more about that at some point. What I kind of said hopefully to you guys is the reason that I really want to do this with you guys was because we talk all the time about how we want this not to just be people just listening to us, but being able to have a conversation great with that one e-mail. Now we occasionally get some DMS, you know, you and I have. 00:05:08 Hannah M Actual conversations, but it would be cool to actually have a conversation with people who listen to the podcast and us, you know, about what we've talked. 00:05:15 Hannah M About and blah. 00:05:16 Hannah M Blah blah. So that's all it is really is getting to do that and we just thought I thought you guys. 00:05:21 Hannah M Would be awesome because. 00:05:23 Hannah M I don't know you. 00:05:24 Hannah M And certain things that you say. 00:05:24 Speaker 4 We're super fans. 00:05:26 Gray But yeah, we we can, we can speak to certain episodes and you know different, like how different rhythms have been integrated into our lives a bit more and stuff. And hopefully that all comes across and. 00:05:37 Hannah M Yeah. 00:05:38 Hannah M Yeah, well, one thing I. 00:05:39 Hannah M Was just saying to Chris is. 00:05:41 Hannah M Having a young family. 00:05:44 Hannah B No, we were going to complete, disown our children. 00:05:47 Hannah M But yeah, I was just like I was reading something that the lazy genius had run this week. She's like, bring out a time management book. And she was saying she's done the she's looked and 93% of time management books are written by men and they hardly ever speak to some of the more domestic like judies and stuff that we have. 00:06:06 Hannah M And like including that in your time management. 00:06:08 Hannah M Energies and so that just got me thinking. I said, oh, yeah, that's just something that you could speak to quite specifically. Obviously a lot of the themes and things that we talked about, I'm sure would be applicable. Alright. So Hannah. 00:06:14 Speaker 4 Do. 00:06:22 Hannah M Great. Like I've already said, we just wanted to get you on the pod because it's so fun that you've been listening throughout this whole season. So we actually wanted to talk to you and have this conversation that Chris and I say every every episode only take us 23 episodes. 00:06:37 Hannah M To actually have the conversation that we've said we want. So thanks for doing this. 00:06:42 Gray Yes. Welcome. OK. Thanks for having us. Yeah. It's great to be on. Great. 00:06:46 Speaker 6 To be a part of it. 00:06:47 Hannah M Yeah, let's sort of just get started telling us a little bit about yourselves, your fun or how you spend your days. People probably already picking up a little on your accent. So as much as you want go. 00:06:57 Hmm. 00:06:59 Right. 00:06:59 Hannah B Yep, we're having great and we've been in New Zealand for five years and we've been married for coming up 12 years. We've got two boys, seven and four. Yeah, two noisy boys and. 00:07:13 Hannah M I actually got. 00:07:14 Hannah M That right, Chris? Chris was asking before he recorded us. I'm pretty sure there's seven which I should know, so. 00:07:20 Speaker 4 Yes. 00:07:20 Kris I thought you meant she was asking. Are they? 00:07:22 Kris Noisy or not? 00:07:24 Gray Correct. Correct on both. OK. 00:07:24 Speaker 4 I can attest. 00:07:26 Kris Yeah, OK. We've got we've got confirmation there. 00:07:29 Hannah B Yep, and the podcast came at a really good time for us. Really interesting time for us because as you were starting the. 00:07:36 Hannah B Just we were both going through major changes in our work lives exactly the same time. So I started my new position in May and Grey made a big decision in his work life in May 2 last year, which is around the same time you started as well. So we've kind of followed you through your big journey and we've had a big journey at the same time, which has been really. 00:07:57 Hannah B Really nice to have someone to, you know, start something new. 00:08:00 Hannah B Alongside. 00:08:01 Gray Yeah, it's really interesting that respect like both kind of pursuing two different kind of creative pursuits or the different sort of risks and challenges and and journeys with that. And like Han said, like I yeah, when we moved over and I was working at a design studio in town in in Wellington and we live out in in Wakkanai so like. 00:08:20 Gray Good cause of ours up the coast and I've since gone gone solo and started my own design practice which is which is cool and sort. 00:08:29 Gray Of you know. 00:08:29 Hannah M Yeah, shout it out for us, grey. 00:08:31 Hannah M We'll we'll take you. 00:08:33 Gray Genre, genre. OK. And there's there's my little, my little plug, but yeah, like it's been really helpful cause like leaving work was and wasn't easy either. And starting a business is is challenging too. So just the whole sort of concept of rhythms as well has been really, really helpful to kind of, yeah, sort of. 00:08:52 Gray Work through that that season and that journey as well, which is cool. 00:08:55 Kris Do you know what's fun for me? Is hearing real life. People talk about things that we've talked about, like it sounds silly, but like we talk to each other, Hannah and I, and we very rarely hear other people talk about our our ideas. So even here you guys talking about rhythms, it's like. 00:09:04 Speaker 6 Yeah. 00:09:13 Kris Hey, that's our that's our thing. 00:09:14 Speaker 4 That's your. 00:09:16 Speaker 4 That's you guys. 00:09:17 Gray I definitely say with them a lot more these days. It intercepts. No, no, no, every time I. 00:09:20 Kris Can you spell it? Can you spell? 00:09:22 It. 00:09:23 Gray Get it wrong. 00:09:24 Kris It's it's RHYTHMS, dot. 00:09:26 Kris Com. 00:09:27 Gray Flying. 00:09:28 Hannah M I did have a friend of mine say she now know how to spell. She knows how to spell it now, so that's cool. OK, well, talking about rhythms then what are some of your guys rhythms? Maybe that you've even identified. Since listening as rhythms for yourselves. For your family. Like that just sort of helps us know as well. What what does life look? 00:09:46 Hannah B Like for you like currently speaking. 00:09:48 Hannah B To you in one of our most. 00:09:49 Hannah B Important rhythms in our. 00:09:51 Hannah B Life, which is that on Fridays we're very fortunate. We're recording on Friday on Fridays are. 00:09:58 Hannah B My in-laws or Grey's parents? They just live just up the road and they have the boys for us every Friday night, which is really important to us because it's a time when we can. 00:10:04 Speaker 4 Hmm. 00:10:09 Hannah B Have dinner together. 00:10:11 Hannah B And we can go for walks together and we can chat things through properly without being. 00:10:16 Hannah B Interrupted as much as we normally. 00:10:17 Speaker 4 Have a finished. 00:10:18 Hannah B Conversation, but also, you know, the boys are quite difficult to get to bed. So sometimes in the evenings we don't get to speak to each other until we're dropping ourselves. So it's so good to have this Friday evening. 00:10:19 Speaker 6 Yes. 00:10:26 2nd. 00:10:29 Hannah B Time to make the most of speaking to each other, and I think seeing it as a rhythm is really helpful to be intentional about that time and make the most of that time. So we really try to spend time together during that time rather than following our own interests and pursuits. 00:10:45 Gray Yeah. Yeah, it's a nice little sort of bookend to to the week. So you know the, the, the, the question of, like what rhythm is saving your life? Sounds like quite quite dramatic. But I think it, I think it does keep us sane and it keeps us on an even keel and it gives us that chance to kind of, yeah, debrief the way we think it think about the week ahead. 00:11:06 Gray And Starfire cause it's. Yeah. Like we love our boys. But yeah. I mean, even even last night, one of them. 00:11:12 Gray Was. 00:11:12 Gray In at 3:00 AM. So we've kind of been up off and on since 3:00 AM. So it's nice to know. Well, actually, we've got that life saving aid tomorrow morning as well to just recharge the batteries a little bit and, you know, stay stay a little bit. 00:11:25 Gray A little bit same. 00:11:26 Hannah M It kind of. 00:11:26 Hannah M Reminds me of that idea that we introduced of like how I meant to be doing my physio exercises for my. 00:11:32 Hannah M And and the idea that our rhythms here can be like a preventative, almost like. And I think I talked about my mum's one, which was that she used to work from home on a Friday. And just like knowing that's coming, knowing that that's gonna happen every Friday. Yeah, helps in the chaos of Tuesday or whatever. 00:11:42 Speaker 6 Absolutely. Yeah, yeah, yeah. 00:11:46 Gray Yeah. Mm-hmm. Yeah, yeah, totally. You. You benefit not just on the Friday, you benefit the run up because you're looking forward to it, but then you, you've also got the benefit afterwards as well. No, totally. 00:11:48 Hannah B Yeah. 00:11:56 Kris So as the main consistency that you spend time together and then you just kind of wing it every Friday like maybe we go out for a meal or maybe we do a walk or. 00:12:04 Kris Or is it kind of flexy or? 00:12:06 Hannah B We nearly always go out for a walk unless it's really raining. 00:12:10 Gray Yeah, I mean, some has been brilliant for that. Just getting down, walking my beach and just having a good long walk and it's just really conducive to having a good chat as well because we're both not distracted by notifications or messages or TV or or whatever. So it's nice to get out and have that have that rhythm of just being out in, out in creation, out in the outdoors, having that recharge and. 00:12:30 Gray Yeah, been able. 00:12:31 Gray To yeah, we we we bring it a. 00:12:33 Speaker 6 Little bit it's. 00:12:33 Gray More like trying to intentionally connect with each other as as opposed to do anything specifically, yeah. 00:12:39 Hannah B Sometimes the only time. 00:12:40 Hannah B We get through the week. 00:12:41 Hannah B Just to go, do you watch June on Friday night? It's going to be raining. Do you wanna do this? You know? And we've just got another time to go. Yeah. Yeah, let's do that. Yeah, you know, so it's just sometimes sometimes we use it for boring things. 00:12:53 Hannah B Like. 00:12:54 Gray Jobs. Yeah. Laundering. Yeah. Just get back on top of the stuff that we didn't get done. 00:12:55 Speaker 4 Jobs. Yeah, things like that. 00:12:58 Hannah B But generally it's, you know, kind of grown up conversation time where we can plan the things that we wouldn't normally be able to plan book flights, you know, things that we just don't get on to that we can have a proper conversation about where how do you. 00:13:07 Gray Yeah, yeah, turns off the pictures. 00:13:12 Hannah B Feel about this. How? 00:13:12 Hannah B Do. 00:13:12 Hannah B You feel about that? Yeah. It just means that we can reflect on things that have happened and plan for things in the future. 00:13:20 Hannah B Sometimes. 00:13:22 Hannah B Talk about things that really bothering us as well. And so it's like, just so you know, I'm boss, this is right and it's not, you know, it's not because of you. It's because of this thing. Somebody said to me and it's really like. 00:13:24 Speaker 6 Yeah. 00:13:34 Hannah B Stayed with me. 00:13:34 Hannah B And I will talk it out through with you and. 00:13:35 Speaker 6 Yeah, yeah. 00:13:37 Hannah B Then Grace says yeah. 00:13:37 Kris Like a little therapy time. Yeah, yeah. 00:13:38 Speaker 4 I love it there. 00:13:39 Speaker 4 But actually, that's what it mostly is. 00:13:40 Speaker 6 Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. 00:13:43 Hannah M Yeah. And yeah. Is that because yeah, you just. 00:13:45 Hannah M Get that like. 00:13:46 Hannah M Kind of full presence with each other, like at no other time in the week you can. 00:13:48 Hannah B Yes. 00:13:50 Speaker 6 Yes. 00:13:51 Gray Yeah, yeah, yeah, the, the, the, the boys are brilliant at sort of interrupting or adding their two cents. So, you know, comic timing when you're just trying to, like, just trying to, yeah, pay, pay it in voice or speak about some of this. Really doesn't or whatever. And it's. Yeah. So we know we've got that dedicated rhythm but like, well, we can at least chat on Friday. We can at least. 00:13:59 Speaker 4 Contributing, contributing. 00:14:11 Gray Process this on Friday. 00:14:12 Gray We can, at least. 00:14:13 Speaker 6 Kind of. Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. 00:14:14 Kris You can park it and put a pin. 00:14:15 Kris In it or Friday. 00:14:18 Kris Or we'll deal deal with this on Friday. 00:14:19 Speaker 6 Yeah, that's it. That's it. Yeah. 00:14:21 Hannah M I was gonna say I don't know if this was like a rhythm. 00:14:24 Hannah M But man, you guys are like involved in stuff in our community. Like I always say that you're out and about doing, doing stuff. Tell us about that because. 00:14:34 Hannah M Like, I'm not like that. 00:14:35 Hannah M At. 00:14:35 Hannah M All. 00:14:36 Hannah M So I just think it's. 00:14:36 Speaker 4 Really. 00:14:38 Hannah M I'm very boring. I'm like a homebody. 00:14:40 Hannah B Yeah, I don't. Well, I think I. 00:14:42 Gray Think family life lends itself to. 00:14:44 Gray Kind of being out and. 00:14:45 Gray About because we're we're all we'll. 00:14:45 Hannah B Yeah, that's good. 00:14:47 Gray All quickly go a little bit insane if we're all trying to, you know, sort of cope within the house a little bit. So like having the boys is always great motivation to get to a park or get to an event or get to whatever's going on. And that's that's what's brilliant about living and why. 00:14:56 Hannah B That's true. 00:14:58 Yeah. 00:15:04 Gray Time in New Zealand, full stop as well. It's there's just so much stuff happening and going on all the time and loads of lovely. 00:15:10 Gray Free. Whether it's like, yeah, down at, like Toy Mahara or the opening there or little craft things or stuff at the library. Or like all the OR. 00:15:19 Hannah B Even. 00:15:20 Hannah B Dogs and dogs. 00:15:21 Gray Sometimes, yeah. Yeah, yeah. 00:15:22 Speaker 4 Like we don't have a dog. 00:15:24 Speaker 4 The the boy dogs and. 00:15:24 Dogs and. 00:15:25 Hannah B Dogs. It's the last day of the season in that local outdoor pool, they. 00:15:26 Gray And. 00:15:29 Speaker 4 Let all the dogs into the pool. Ohh. 00:15:30 Gray 11 bucks. One. That's it? Yeah. 00:15:32 Kris Mentioning them with shorts on and. 00:15:34 Gray Like, they don't even need to be dressed. Yeah, yeah. 00:15:35 Hannah B No, they don't. Optional bugs are optional. 00:15:38 Hannah M You should bring lonely cress. That'd be awesome. 00:15:40 Hannah B Yeah, you have to. You have to. 00:15:41 Kris You talk, you get a little two piece. 00:15:43 Hannah B Yeah. Amazing. 00:15:44 Hannah B Yeah, you have to register. You're talking where you get the things that we don't have a dog, but it's like, oh, we can take the boys to go look at some. 00:15:49 Hannah B Dogs in a pool? You've got. You've gotta get them out, yeah. 00:15:50 Gray Yeah, because they'll, they'll get something from it and they'll learn. And they'll have fun. And it makes. 00:15:54 Gray Memories, yeah. 00:15:54 Hannah B And then I'll probably post about it on Instagram. People like you go to everything, but it's like, no, the boys just need constant entertainment. So there's something and. 00:16:01 Hannah B We'll take you to. 00:16:01 Kris It. Yeah, we've talked a lot about how our communities add to the rhythms of our lives, like the the places that we're involved in, the people that we see in those places. 00:16:07 Hannah B Definitely. 00:16:12 Kris Speaking of rhythms, where we're kind of coming to the close of the first season of the podcast and we wanted to take the opportunity to ask a super fan listeners because we know that you guys listen, have listened to every episode, have there been or are there episodes that have? 00:16:28 Hannah B Absolutely. 00:16:32 Kris Stuck out to you. Maybe some of the themes that have come out, you know, cause it's really like I said, it's really cool to be able to talk to a listener, to people who have listened to the show. 00:16:43 Kris And you get it. Overtime you get the themes over time. And so I wonder, you know, closing in on the end of the season, what are some of the themes? What are some of the episodes that have stood out for you? 00:16:52 Gray Yeah, I think I think for me like 1-1 sort of broad point to note is just that like I wasn't overly familiar with the concept of having rhythm. So it's like it's really healthy just to find those little intentional moments to to build on. But yeah, I think one podcast that really resonated with me was the. 00:17:13 Gray Lakers versus managers one just because that was, that felt really pertinent to my situation like last year where. 00:17:19 Speaker 6 Yeah. 00:17:21 Gray Yeah, I did about four years at a design studio, starting very much in like the maker role transitioning towards potential business ownership. So taking on, you know, from a maker role to then more of like a hybrid maker manager to them through lots of different circumstances ended up pretty much just being the the manager and it was. 00:17:41 Gray It was really helpful because it really articulated a lot of what I was. 00:17:45 Gray Thinking and processing and it's sort of validated a lot of my thoughts around the those two different roles, the two different head spaces that you have to get into to do both and like I think I'm much more of a I think I can do a bit of both, but I think I'm much more a a maker and I think. 00:18:04 Gray Actually, just being almost like a 99% manager just really didn't suit my. 00:18:09 Gray We're this position, so I think here we're. 00:18:11 Gray In. 00:18:12 Umm. 00:18:12 Gray You speak about that and discuss it and articulate it and then as well try and find Ways and Means of rhythms to to to manage that and to have these different interactions because. 00:18:23 Gray We've all gotta. 00:18:24 Gray Work with people and everyone's wiring in different ways. Everyone's got different strengths and so on. 00:18:29 Gray So that one really stood out for me. I remember chatting to had about that and be like, that's really that's really good, really, really motivated. And that's what's been good about setting up genre is like I can do a little bit of both, but I can I can do much more than making. 00:18:41 Gray And then I can. Yeah. So be my own boss and pick and choose things a little bit more. 00:18:46 Kris I think that one did very well with the 35 to 45 demo, so it's sort of like moving, moving from being told what to do to telling people what to do. And like that weird transition phase of growing up and doing air quotes here. 00:18:50 Speaker 6 OK, there you go. Yeah, yeah, yeah. 00:18:52 Speaker 4 That sounds that sounds. 00:18:56 Speaker 6 Yeah, yeah. 00:19:03 Kris You know, becoming a grown up in the working world. 00:19:06 Kris And. 00:19:07 Kris Taking on more responsibility, yeah. 00:19:09 Hannah M And it's like, so helpful. I like this is kind of what you said, Grey about like just. 00:19:13 Hannah M Having some of the vocabulary. 00:19:14 Hannah M That you need like the words to help you understand your own experience, I think that's what I found. Even just working on the podcast as some of these ideas have maybe been like little seeds in my mind for a while. But and then having to flesh them out and give them words that helps give you a really helpful lens. 00:19:29 Hannah M Your life and yeah, I'm the same. I like use that make and manage your language all the time at work. Now to myself to be like. 00:19:30 Speaker 6 Sorry. 00:19:36 Hannah M OK. That's meeting that meetings change. You feel uncomfortable about it. It's OK because it's gonna edge into that time that you'd put aside, and I can't change it, right. Like, I'm purposefully place myself in a role where I don't get to decide the meeting times. But I can understand. OK. That's why you feel kind of like stink about that. So let's just adjust. 00:19:56 Hannah M Yeah. Yeah, let's go. OK. Yeah. Hannah. 00:19:58 Gray Totally. Totally. 00:19:59 Hannah M What about you? I'm just. 00:20:00 Hannah B Gonna say that my favorite episode is the. 00:20:02 Hannah B Baking episode. 00:20:04 Speaker 4 Very much we made, we made our we. 00:20:06 Kris A live experiment. 00:20:07 Hannah B Made our dinner and we sat on the sofa and put you guys. 00:20:10 Hannah B On the big TV. 00:20:12 Kris Cool. 00:20:13 Speaker 4 While we watched you guys in the kitchen and. 00:20:15 Hannah B Yeah, I really love that one and. 00:20:16 Kris Pumping down chocolate pudding. 00:20:17 Hannah B Yeah. Yeah. I also recently listened to the summer catchup episode as well. And I think what both of them have in common is the. 00:20:26 Hannah B Kind of friendship. 00:20:28 Hannah B Aspect in the way that. 00:20:29 Hannah B You. 00:20:29 Hannah B Two, you know, bounce off each other, and I think I've also really love stories. And I think that the summer catch up one was a lot about, you know, what have you been up to? What? What kind of stories can you bring over that from the past few weeks? And yeah, I think they, I've really. 00:20:44 Gray Well, bacon was really fun, wasn't it? Cause in fact a little bit behind the scenes as well. Do you? Do you know the way? Like, you've listened to like the official podcast and then you get the little bit more of the kind of, yeah, the the like houses. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. That's great then. 00:20:45 Hannah B Enjoyed breaking was great. 00:20:49 Speaker 6 Yeah, yeah. 00:20:55 Hannah M Well, you got real us like non edited. 00:20:59 Kris Yeah, we can edit out all. 00:21:01 Kris The the swear words. 00:21:02 Speaker 4 Best the best bit, the best bit. 00:21:03 Hannah M That's what I. 00:21:04 Hannah B Of course, was when. 00:21:05 Hannah B Honey goes no no. 00:21:05 Speaker 4 No, no, no, that's the best. 00:21:07 Hannah M Bit yes cause. 00:21:09 Hannah M What were you gonna put in the wrong amount or something? I don't know. 00:21:10 Yes. 00:21:11 Gray It was it. 00:21:12 Kris Wasn't the wrong amount. Thank you. It was. I was just. I was just testing your anxiety baking anxiety levels. 00:21:14 Hannah B The firing was. 00:21:16 Gray The record show, yes. 00:21:19 Yeah. 00:21:22 Hannah B It was also. 00:21:22 Speaker 4 A glimpse of Vanessa glimpse of Vanessa as. 00:21:25 Kris Yeah, just a yeah. 00:21:26 Hannah M She gets a lot of air time on this podcast, so that's fun. 00:21:29 Hannah M To get to see ya. 00:21:29 Kris Maybe she should be the season finale. 00:21:31 Speaker 6 Yeah. 00:21:31 Speaker 4 Shrek. 00:21:33 Kris I have to convince him. 00:21:34 Hannah M Yeah, Paul, Vanessa, because she was the one that brought Chris and I together. She was just, of course, going to feature in so many of the stories. OK. So then, yeah, are there any other, like, ideas or thoughts that have kind of stuck with you? Otherwise, it would just be fun to think about, like, how your thoughts around life rhythms maybe have changed. 00:21:53 Hannah M As you've listened, especially as you've gone through this journey of, like your life actually changing quite a lot since May. 00:22:00 Hannah M Last year. 00:22:01 Hannah B Yeah. So I started a new role in May that was in a field that I wasn't familiar with. So everything that I was learning was pretty new to me and a lot of the role that was particularly unfamiliar and I didn't particularly enjoy happens on a day when I'm in the building by myself. 00:22:19 Hannah B And so that's the day that I listen to. 00:22:20 Hannah B You guys and put you guys on and you don't know that, but you you're in the building with me too, Chris, and we're figuring it out together. Yep. And you know, that's been such a a friendship to me as well. You know, an accompaniment to me. You've joined. You've joined along cause it. It's quite difficult starting a new job. I took a few years out. 00:22:41 Hannah B To having our youngest so you know it's a return to work life. There was a completely new position. So there was a lot to adjust to and thinking about rhythms and thinking about. 00:22:53 Hannah B The things that we don't have control over or the things that we have to do, how to make those, how to make intentional choices within those things that we do was really was really helpful to me and really a helpful way of thinking about work I suppose was just, you know how to how to bring familiar loveliness into those routines. I suppose those everyday. 00:23:13 Hannah B Your teams was really helpful to me. 00:23:15 Hmm. 00:23:16 Gray Yeah, yeah, I think it. I think it the timing of it as well was quite funny because we were both choosing to do different things. 00:23:24 Gray Was and then we were listening to rhythms as well. It got us thinking about, you know, when you're making those changes and those decisions, what is important to you? What do you value? What what actually helps your your mental health or your your well-being? What what are those things? And I think it's made me. 00:23:44 Gray By listening to the Rhythms podcast over the last year or so. Kind of yeah. Drill down into a few of those things and think I I love being. I love being outdoors, I love nature and creation, and I don't do anything overly special with with that per say, but simple things like. 00:24:03 Gray Like Hannah, you're taking the dog for a walk in the morning and presume you do as well. 00:24:07 Gray Chris, but like. 00:24:09 Gray Some you know, like I've I've built a little rhythm in the morning now because I'm predominantly unless I'm contracting in town. I'm predominantly working from my home studio, so. 00:24:18 Gray Once the madness of getting the boys out the door has and they've gone to school, I'll just take a very mundane walk around our block and we're we're fortunate. It's like it's quite beautiful. You know, you can hear the birds singing. You can look at the light on the hills and it's just like a little circuit breaker from from home to home. And it's it just sort of starts my day and I can kind of come back in. 00:24:40 Gray And and start afresh. It's like little simple, almost like mundane familiarities which just help. And you you just notice those little things. Like running again. Been another little one that like you know I'm I'm no I'm no great runner if I get out I'll take that as an achievement I'm not sort of. 00:25:00 Gray Huge on pace or anything. 00:25:01 Gray But we're fortunate to have, like the the Wakkanai River, which is great cause it's beautiful, but it's flat as well. So it's that it's not too. 00:25:09 Gray Hard to. 00:25:09 Gray Run so like trying to build little with them so that into mid there as well. When I've got a whole new structure where I can kind of pick and choose my my workloads to try and have some rhythms that. 00:25:22 Gray Help me in lots of ways has been like a revelation really. 00:25:27 Hannah M Yeah. So it kind of sounds like Hannah, you're sort of saying kind of like that idea of, like, habit stacking of like, OK, well, how can you infuse some familiar loveliness into something that could be not enjoyable and then grow what you that's sort of what I heard you say. And then, Grey, what I heard you say is being able to find that something that could just be ordinary. 00:25:49 Hannah M Actually. 00:25:50 Hannah M Is lovely because it's sort of familiar, you know, like one. You're kind of making that way. And one, you're kind of looking at it with different lens and like, it is lovely, even though it's. Is that fair to say? 00:25:53 Speaker 6 Yeah. 00:26:02 Gray Yeah. And I think I think what I like about a lot of the rhythms you all speak about is that that they're generally pretty like accessible or achievable. It doesn't have to be this huge hierarchical like range of. 00:26:17 Gray New new methodologies and motivations for us to do these big great things or to achieve these great things. It is as simple as that. Coffee in the morning or that walk around the block or just these little sort of noticing things which I think is really like, cathartic and helpful as well. 00:26:34 Kris Because there's a lot of moments that pass us by on our day that we stop noticing that actually, when if we were just a bit more self aware of what was going on around us, we would see a lot more things. 00:26:39 Speaker 6 Yeah. Yes. 00:26:48 Kris To be. 00:26:49 Kris Thankful for, you know, grateful for interested and inspired by and that and life. You know the pace of life has increased so much I think in the last 10 or 15 years with, you know you can you can see the attention span of people like go down by seconds. You know you know got short. 00:27:02 Gray Totally. 00:27:09 Kris Short form everything now. So everything's zipping by us really quickly. And so having that time, I think that those intentional times, whether it's your Friday night or great, your, your walk or whatever. 00:27:14 Hmm. 00:27:23 Kris That those are times for everything to just kind of, you know, like matrix bullet time, slow down everything and just kind of take. 00:27:28 Gray Yeah. 00:27:30 Hannah B It in? Yeah, it's funny with young children as well because they are. 00:27:30 Gray Yeah, totally. 00:27:31 Gray Totally. 00:27:36 Hannah B It does feel like everything drags sometimes in the moment to feel that this is just taken forever. When I take them to school and it just feels like the walk just takes so long. 00:27:47 Hannah B Get them from one door to another, and then all of a sudden. Oh, it's the end of term. It's just like, come round so quickly and feel like I was just walking from my house to school for over an hours and hours. And then all of a sudden it's. 00:27:59 Kris Yeah, but, but how much? How much will you value or want that time back when they're, you know, 18 and out? 00:28:04 Speaker 6 Yeah, exactly. Yeah. 00:28:04 Kris Of the house. OK, you. 00:28:05 Know. 00:28:06 Kris Yeah, I think they can go. Ohh. You know those those walks, man? I wish they could. 00:28:09 Kris Have gone on forever. 00:28:10 Hannah B Yeah. Yeah. Our little one will start school later this year and my preschool days are over. I don't have a preschooler anymore, and that's a that's a, you know, a big shift for any parent really. 00:28:17 Yeah. 00:28:23 Hannah B Yeah, it's a big. 00:28:24 Gray It's nice to try and slow it down and treasure it all and be OK with the timeline. Let let you're saying, Chris, everything is 100 miles an hour now and then when you've got those little gaps you can fill it on your phone as well if you want. And you can read Twitter and watch real and you can you can have that constant. 00:28:40 Gray Stimulus. 00:28:40 Gray But child child pace is child pace. 00:28:43 Gray You can't, really. You you have to either go along with it or get fed up with it. And it it's, you know, it's not always easy, but I think, yeah. When you can try and appreciate those, it's. Yeah, it's really, really special. 00:28:56 Hannah B Yeah. Yeah. We have some, some really good talks on our, on our walks to school. You know, that's a really that's a. 00:29:02 Hannah B A time when they really open up, so I really appreciate those walks with the boys. They just seem to be in a better mood and we're walking until they get tired and then then not so. 00:29:13 Speaker 6 Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. 00:29:14 Hannah B Much, but yeah. 00:29:16 Hannah M Ever since March hurt, it's like, Oh my gosh, those crisp autumn mornings have arrived. The sun shines like a gorgeous temperature to be in, so I'm assuming that you're, like, walks to school are, like, extremely pleasant because all we have had a bit of rain, but not too much. That's still hopefully a couple of. 00:29:30 Speaker 6 Yes. 00:29:32 Hannah M Away. And so then that sort of gets me thinking about those rhythms of our year. For instance, I am looking forward in April to going to my first ever Harvest Festival, which is very exciting. So I've been looking for like an autumn celebration, but what do sort of some of those like seasonal, yearly rhythms look like for you guys? 00:29:51 Gray Yeah, yeah. I mean it's it's funny. It's funny being from the UK because we're like, at least to speak for myself. Like I'm constantly, like, seasonally confused. 00:30:00 Gray Like you could tell me at any time. Like it's Christmas next week and I'd I'd have to think twice as to whether it is or not, but but no. It's brilliant that we have the seasons here and it's been a it's been an interesting adjustment cause we've been in the country coming on five years now and we haven't been back because of the cause of COVID and stuff. In some ways that's been really good for like. 00:30:05 Speaker 6 Yeah, yeah. 00:30:20 Gray Really getting us into that sort of Kiwi rhythm and then like we quite look forward to that matariki as well because that's like a nice kind of celebration time come come winter. 00:30:32 Gray But yeah, what? 00:30:32 Gray We do at the end of each year, cause we've got kids as well now, like, come New Year's Eve, we'll we'll sit up together and we'll just try and reflect on the year. So like it kind of varies. Sometimes we'll dig out the Google Calendar or the physical calendar or go back through Instagram or. 00:30:50 Gray Photos and just try and figure out what did we do well and what happened and what when was that and was that really that long ago or was there? Was that only this this year or that month and. 00:31:00 Hannah B Yeah, we'll go. Ohh, that was this year when we did that. That was this year that was March that. 00:31:02 Speaker 6 Yeah. 00:31:04 Hannah B Was this time. 00:31:05 Speaker 6 Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. 00:31:07 Gray And so that's like a that's that's become I think over the last three or four years almost like a really nice kind. 00:31:07 Yeah. 00:31:13 Gray Of. 00:31:14 Gray Big Picture yearly rhythm because it it actually helps us to take stock and then even if it's like, I think there's a lot of stuff last year where we felt like well that was quite hard that month and that was quite. 00:31:28 Gray Tricky and we're. 00:31:28 Gray Like bad about that or we, you know, there's there's lots of different low points, but it instead of trying to create a story where it's, it's just all, it's all bad or it's all good and it's all happy enough. That's an issue. You you kind of get a fuller picture because you're forced to look at it as a whole and you go OK yeah. There's. 00:31:49 Gray There's ups and downs there and we did this at that time. 00:31:52 Gray And that worked well, and this was good and we should do that again next year or we should maybe not do that next year or whatever, whatever it is. But I think that's become it's been good for us as well, isn't it? Like from our from like our our relationship point of view as well that it kind of yeah it. 00:32:10 Gray Consolidates. 00:32:12 Gray A lot of choices. 00:32:13 Gray That we've we've made, you know. 00:32:15 Hannah B I think it puts what see what looks like crazy. You turn decisions are crazy, crazy decisions that we've made right that change everything into context when you go well because of this conversation I had with this person because. 00:32:20 Speaker 6 Yeah, yeah. 00:32:28 Hannah B Of this medical appoint. 00:32:29 Hannah B That had this conclusion because of this conversation with that person. Because of this appointment, you know, work, appointment or whatever it might be that led to this, this led to that and that's why that's why April was so difficult, because this was all going on or that's the month that this happened. And yeah, it was literally the same day for his. 00:32:30 Speaker 6 Yeah. 00:32:40 Speaker 6 Yeah, yeah. 00:32:43 Gray Because I have handed handed my notice that you started your new job, yeah. 00:32:49 Hannah B Literally, on my first day. Yeah, that's very true. Ohh yeah. Yeah. And it was. It wasn't what we planned. So that, you know, so. 00:32:53 Gray That's why it's not. 00:32:54 Gray Hard. Yeah, because you're like. 00:32:59 Was. 00:32:59 Speaker 4 And you look back and. 00:33:00 Hannah B Go. Oh yeah, that wasn't that. 00:33:01 Hannah B Wasn't our original plan that was our original plan and that's why that made sense then. And that's why that happened because of this and putting the whole year into context is something that we found really, really helpful. 00:33:13 Speaker 6 Yeah, yeah. 00:33:15 Hannah M I think it's what like when you guys told me just as my friend that you did that I was like, Oh my gosh. Like, that's crazy that you do that. How do you do that cause? 00:33:23 Hannah M I'm I just don't keep. 00:33:24 Hannah M Like a handle on what I've done as well, but I think it's so smart that you just use something as simple as a calendar to be like, oh, this is what we did. Or your Instagram like photo or whatever, so it's not. 00:33:33 Hannah B Yeah, yeah. 00:33:35 Gray Yeah. Yeah, it's not very technical or thought through. It's more just like we all end up taking all sorts of photos throughout the year and you can kind of you've got this sort of digital treasure trove of of family that you can kind of call back on or emails or receipts or flight tickets or whatever and you get, oh, yeah, no. OK, but yeah. 00:33:36 Hannah B Very technical. 00:33:53 Gray It's and I think it's more like. 00:33:55 Gray Kind of. Everyone's had some crazy years over the past, like two or three years with, with pandemics kind of reshuffling everything that it's like it's it's been really helpful to try and make sense of those yearly rhythms and those seasons as well. OK. OK. Yeah, you know what? 00:34:11 Hannah B We we followed a template this year in terms of, you know what was the most challenging thing, what was you know, I can't remember. 00:34:14 Speaker 6 We did, actually, yeah, yeah. 00:34:17 Gray That. 00:34:17 Gray Good. 00:34:19 Hannah B But that was. 00:34:20 Gray Year compass. 00:34:22 Hannah M Yeah. Yes, you have shared it with me. 00:34:22 Gray Or something like. I think I sent. 00:34:24 Gray It to you. 00:34:25 Gray Yeah, it's a huge thing and it's bit overworked as a framework, isn't it? But. 00:34:28 Hannah B And we'll just skip pages. We'll just skip pages if we don't want to do them. You know, it's not. We're not recording it for anybody. It's just for our. 00:34:31 Speaker 6 Yeah, yeah. 00:34:35 Hannah B Own conversations? No. 00:34:35 Gray No, we're not militant about it. It's more just, yeah, conversation starter, but yeah. 00:34:40 Kris I like that idea of putting putting your year into context because it makes it less about just a collection of, you know, series of unfortunate events. Maybe sometimes. 00:34:49 Hannah B Exactly, yeah. 00:34:50 Kris And it gives it a bit more meaning and you know that's something we've talked about a lot is. 00:34:55 Kris Ordinary moments can be meaningful, and definitely sometimes we just need to give them our. 00:34:59 Kris Attention. 00:35:01 Gray Yeah. Yeah, totally. Yeah. It makes you try and pick out, you know, what, whether it was something quite mundane that February last year or whatever, maybe that was the highlight and maybe that's something nice to treasure and reflect on and yeah. 00:35:13 Hannah M Yeah. Or even like to be like, look at being able to look at a time, be like, oh, that was really quiet. 00:35:19 Hannah M Not sure, June or whatever it was. And then we had like that really nice time. Maybe it was that margin that. 00:35:25 Hannah M Just those six. 00:35:26 Speaker 6 Yeah, yeah. 00:35:26 Hannah M Observations say, and I wanted to pick up on what you said just then about not being militant and how you approach that sort of reflection exercise. Do you feel like that is sort of your approach just in life like? 00:35:39 Hannah M Because I think if people probably only who would only know me from the podcast might think that I'm, like quite structured and I think in some ways I am. 00:35:50 Hannah M But like, I'm like this is weird this. 00:35:52 Hannah M Belongs in the drawer in the kitchen. If someone doesn't put it there, I'm extremely upset, even though I never told. 00:35:57 Hannah M Them all lives there, but like. 00:35:59 Hannah M My observation of you guys is that you are kind of much more fluid flexible. Is that true? 00:36:05 Speaker 4 Yeah, I do. 00:36:06 Gray Know I think so. Yeah. I mean, I'm, I'm there early days, not long after we got married and you will you you saying like I don't like rules I don't like. I don't wanna make rules you know when when you're trying to sort of find your own rhythm of like oh should we always do this on a. 00:36:15 Hannah B Yes. 00:36:21 Gray Thursday, I should always do that or whatever. Or. 00:36:23 Hannah B All the children will have this many hours of screen time, or, you know, those kind of arbitrary aims where you are setting yourself up for failure. That's the kind of thing that I just. 00:36:26 Speaker 6 Yeah, yeah, yeah. 00:36:32 Hannah B Don't really have any patience for. 00:36:34 Speaker 4 That's all. 00:36:35 Gray Yeah, we're possible. We do try to follow like this the the spirit of the law rather than the letter of the law. Like, if that's if that's fair, because that's that's the. 00:36:43 Gray That's the nugget, isn't it? That's the. That's the motivation. That's why those frameworks as exist have kind of guidelines. But. 00:36:50 Gray Yeah. And I think with the boys as well, like you've just gotta pick and choose and find what's working for them at at times. Do you know what I mean? So sometimes I'll, yeah, we'll. We'll dash out just before tea time and or just after tea time. We'll all bounce on the trampoline because they're all getting a. 00:37:08 Gray Bit. 00:37:09 Gray Angsty before bath time and. 00:37:11 Gray That time, and it's maybe drizzling a little bit, but it's like it's not the kind of you know you can't play outside after tea time. It's like, let's just kind of go with the flow and see what works and. 00:37:21 Hannah M Because I think it's so helpful to hear because obviously you are embracing the idea of having some rhythms in your lives. But I think sometimes people could hear that and think it does sound so prescriptive. So it's like, so helpful to hear that you really hold both. 00:37:36 Gray Yeah. Yeah. And I think it's always like rhythms as well. It's. 00:37:40 Gray Like it's remembering why you're doing like. I don't. I don't always want to go for a little walk. Sometimes I'm like, I know what design work I need to get on with and I'm keen to get into it. So the boys are gone and I kind of wanna dive into the studio and get cracking, but I know I'll feel better and I'll appreciate the outside. Then I'll, I'll feel a little bit. 00:38:01 Gray You know, sort of calmer and ready for the day. So it's it's like like looking after yourself a little bit and not hugely indulging. 00:38:09 Gray Way or in a way that's, you know, taking much for anyone else at all. But yeah, just trying to sort of keep the the spirit of it and not be militant and overly self zealous about the structure of it. But yeah, just trying to follow those footsteps. 00:38:25 Kris I think it was really similar to that I've, you know, at the start of it with how we pitched the podcast. 00:38:32 Kris It took the magic out of life and the like. The the mystery and the fun to have something that you did every day, or you know. But I think after 20 plus episodes starting to see some of the. 00:38:42 Kris Benefit of? 00:38:43 Kris Having those repeated things and and what I think I've landed on one of the things is that rhythms are really great for times where things. 00:38:52 Kris Aren't very easy because they're they're things that we can depend on it, even if it's just a dumb cup of. 00:38:54 Speaker 6 Yeah, definitely. 00:38:58 Kris See. 00:38:59 Kris That's so important for that sort of gluing together of things that are actually kind of crazy. We've talked about chaos in a previous episode, but, you know, we're so used to living in chaos. Sometimes those rhythms are helpful to just kind of glue us back together a little bit. So I think there's there's some similarities there. 00:39:21 Kris Work in progress, perpetual work and progress. Yeah, it's on our blurb. 00:39:24 Hannah B Totally. Yeah, that's where. 00:39:25 Hannah M I think I'm just weird because I'm so like a child in child children like to know what's gonna happen. All the children have all the familiar things. 00:39:34 Hannah B Yeah, I'm very much. I do. I'm definitely a planner, but I like to set myself up for successes. I think that's the key thing there that I don't like to commit. 00:39:44 Hannah B To reading how many pages a day or whatever it might be, even though that for somebody else would be an absolute life saving rhythm. But they're like every day I start my day with reading this many pages or this many I'm gonna get through this many books in a year. Cause, how exciting would. 00:39:48 Kris Hmm. 00:40:00 Hannah B That be if. 00:40:00 Hannah B I look back on my. 00:40:01 Hannah B Year and I've read how. 00:40:03 Hannah B Many books, but for me it's. 00:40:05 Hannah B As soon as. 00:40:06 Hannah B I've. 00:40:06 Hannah B You know, like get your notebook as soon as you've, like made a. 00:40:09 Hannah B Mess on the first page it's. 00:40:10 Hannah B Like, Oh well it was. 00:40:11 Hannah B It's ruined. You know, as soon as. 00:40:12 Hannah B I'm not keeping up with. 00:40:13 Hannah B Those targets it's, it's so discouraging, I. 00:40:16 Hannah B Think I think I feel so. 00:40:16 Speaker 6 Yeah, yeah. 00:40:17 Hannah B Seriously discouraged. And so I I don't like to. 00:40:20 Hannah B Set. I suppose that's what I mean by. 00:40:22 Hannah B Rules is like we will always do this and we will always start the. 00:40:24 Speaker 6 Yeah, yeah. 00:40:25 Hannah B Day with this and we will, you know. 00:40:27 Hannah B Yeah, because just. 00:40:29 Hannah B Just do more of it, not necessarily set. 00:40:30 Speaker 6 Yeah, yeah. 00:40:31 Hannah B A number to it, but that's just. 00:40:32 Hannah B That's just me. 00:40:33 Hannah B Other people will love the target of it by the end. 00:40:36 Hannah B Of the year did. 00:40:37 Hannah B You know I. 00:40:38 Hannah B Wrote. You know the what's the Spotify songs at the end of what Spotify. Yeah. 00:40:39 Speaker 6 Yeah. 00:40:44 Speaker 4 Something like share it with. 00:40:45 Kris You're renting. 00:40:45 Hannah B Everybody, you must sing all the songs. 00:40:47 Hannah B I've been listening to. 00:40:47 Kris Yeah, but sometimes it's a status symbol too. You see it lots in in like self help a. 00:40:49 Hannah B That's fine. 00:40:53 Kris You know the big self help figures are always like, you know, you gotta read 25 books and, you know, do 1000 push-ups a day. And it's like, yeah, but everyone's different. So there's no one-size-fits-all. But it's like finding the right fit for your day. 00:40:57 Yes. 00:40:58 Yeah. 00:40:58 Speaker 6 Yeah. 00:41:00 Hannah B Hmm. 00:41:08 Gray Yeah, totally. And I think I think that's like very sort of goals driven as well as. And if you're looking to achieve something or a specific goal. 00:41:16 Gray Then yeah, it generally if you follow those those structures or that that training pattern or whatever it is you, you should, you know, barring any other unfortunate events, hit that goal. But I think the some of the essence of rhythms that that I've picked up on my interpretation is that it's it's kind of just, you know, it's more of a. 00:41:36 Gray A well-being and a your own sort of nourishment and encouragement. So why are you doing it? Not you know, if it's not, it's not to sort of unlock some sort of huge goal or status symbol or anything like that. It's just that little bit of sort of, yeah, looking after yourself and those those around you. 00:41:50 Hannah M Yeah, sure. 00:41:53 Kris It's just existing in a way that is nice. 00:41:57 It's. 00:41:58 Kris The place kind of way, you know. 00:42:00 Gray Beautifully simple. Yeah, yeah. 00:42:01 Hannah M I think that's such a good observation because I am like not someone who is goal oriented really at all, you know, like I don't often have big goals and things I'm trying to achieve, but I just know that I just want to live this. 00:42:07 Speaker 6 Yeah, yeah. 00:42:12 Hannah M Like quiet normal person. 00:42:14 Hannah M In life, which is lovely everyday in some way. So yeah, I think it's a good distinction there. 00:42:15 Speaker 6 Yeah, yeah, yeah. 00:42:17 Speaker 6 Yeah. 00:42:20 Gray Yeah. And you have to be intentional about that as well. Don't you know, I mean, you have to sort of go out of your way to to do those things that that help facilitate it, but yeah. 00:42:29 Kris All right. We're sort of circling our time together, coming to a close. But I think we were really keen to hear from you guys. 00:42:36 Kris Like. 00:42:37 Kris You know, we're 20 plus episodes and what have we missed anything. Is there an episode that you feel like we could cover? You guys represent, you know, different stage to some people. But you know there's a gap. Maybe we could feel what's something that you'd like to hear from, like a future episode. 00:42:56 Hannah B Something we were thinking about would be quite interesting to hear about and explore is rhythms that you can do with friends. We have quite a lot of friends all over the world and. 00:43:08 Hannah B Different friendships at different stages and rhythms that you could do with a friend. So not, not necessarily a member of your family or your or your spouse or your children, but friends that you would like to keep in touch with and you would like to have a rhythm that you share with them. It would be interesting to hear the different rhythms that you have with your friends or hear from. 00:43:29 Hannah B Your friends, what kind of rhythms that they do with each other? 00:43:31 Hannah B We thought that would. 00:43:32 Hannah B Be quite an interesting idea. 00:43:32 Gray Yeah. Yeah. No, certainly, I think I think you touched them a little bit in the sort. 00:43:37 Gray Of the episode about kind of traditions and you know, what are those bigger traditions that you can kind of gather around and stuff? But yeah, we were thinking that, yeah, be really nice to hear you guys explore and discuss around, you know, what, what are those rhythms of relationships or in communities a little bit more potentially cause. 00:43:58 Gray We've kind of got our own rhythms which kind of work for us and we've been more intentional about those for. 00:44:03 Gray Versus individuals or or together as a family. But yeah, just thought, uh, it's quite it's quite interesting when you start sort of casting the net. 00:44:12 Gray A little bit wider. 00:44:14 Gray If that makes sense. 00:44:15 Hannah B Outside of the home unit, yeah, whether it's with long distance friends or with friends that you see every day. 00:44:18 Hannah M Yeah, yeah. 00:44:22 Gray Well, 11 little thing that we thought was funny that that hadn't picked up on was that like when Liverpool aren't playing and when the football seasons closed, I've I've lost that little community group, but I've lost that rhythm of the football fixtures and messaging on the group chat and that's like a funny little rhythm. 00:44:40 Gray Haven't picked up their, you know, whenever Liverpool play me and my friends have a little chat about it, so there's like there's like a really nice simple, you know, escape from work and other life adamant and jobs. But then obviously there's times in the year where that isn't happening. It's. Ohh yeah. OK. Yeah. That little little friendship and those. 00:44:48 No. 00:45:01 Gray Like those little you know, chats and me. 00:45:03 Gray And with that. 00:45:03 Hannah B They don't keep up with each other. 00:45:05 Hannah B If there's no. 00:45:06 Hannah B Football. They don't keep up with each other. 00:45:07 Hannah B They have to wait. 00:45:08 Hannah B The football season. 00:45:08 Hannah B To start again to learn about all of their life events. 00:45:09 Kris Yeah. 00:45:12 Kris Somewhere out there, my brother-in-law is just kind of set up like, since that someone's talking about Liverpool, I think he would relate very much to that and having being a a huge Liverpool FC supporter, he would be like really locked in with certain conversations, you know, while the seasons on or whatever. 00:45:15 Speaker 6 Yeah. 00:45:18 Speaker 6 Side. 00:45:26 Speaker 6 Darren. 00:45:31 Kris You know something? Used some players been traded off or something. 00:45:32 Gray Yeah, of course. 00:45:34 Kris And it's just like, you know, locks you in for that moment. And then it's transient. It just goes. 00:45:39 Speaker 6 Yeah, yeah. 00:45:40 Kris Onto the next one you know would be a really great episode. It's like how to ruin a friendship and and really or just be go travelling together. 00:45:45 Hannah B Yes, I would like that, yes, absolutely. 00:45:50 Speaker 4 Yes. 00:45:51 Kris Trying to figure out where to eat. 00:45:51 Hannah M We did OK. We did OK, Chris with some friends. 00:45:54 Hannah B He does not feel the same way. 00:45:55 Hannah B Hannah. 00:45:56 Gray We're all. We're all hang out doing this. 00:46:01 Kris Malcolm, we'll write that down. 00:46:04 Hannah M OK. So you guys know then when we finish every episode, we're always asking. So what, you know like what's gonna, what's gonna be different or something gonna tweet going forward often. Chris and I, we try to have that reflect the conversation that we've had and think of something. 00:46:16 Hannah M For. 00:46:21 Hannah M And so we want to ask you guys that question that was finished with what's a rhythm that you're interested in exploring or experimenting with as you go into this week or month? 00:46:32 Hmm. 00:46:33 Gray Do. 00:46:33 Hannah B You wanna go? We are, we've. 00:46:35 Hannah B Just started. It's really new. A new rhythm with our boys, which is that on Thursday nights we're trying to have a movie night with them. They love popcorn, so we try to dinner 1st and then popcorn, but they just want the popcorn. They're not and and the bedtime is. 00:46:45 Speaker 4 Oh. 00:46:53 Hannah B Much more drawn out process than we would like it to be. 00:46:56 Hannah B In our house. 00:46:56 Gray Yeah, we need to improve that. 00:46:57 Hannah B And we're constantly trying different things all the. 00:47:00 Hannah B Time at the moment we take it in turns to have a child each, and then we swap over the next night and it's a really good time to read something that's at their level and that it with their interest. And it's a time that they really treasure as well and it's time. 00:47:14 Hannah B That we. 00:47:14 Hannah B Really treasure, which we've been doing for a while. Although we're constantly changing it up. 00:47:18 Hannah B And things but. 00:47:19 Hannah B I knew addition to this is that Thursdays we're going to try and. 00:47:22 Hannah B Start having movie nights. It did mean a later bedtime, which wasn't ideal. We need to keep tweaking it. 00:47:28 Gray Yeah, we need to start earlier. 00:47:30 Hannah B Going to start earlier, but we're just starting with movies. It's just it's quite a new thing for us because our children are. 00:47:36 Hannah B Quite. 00:47:36 Hannah B Sensitive to anything they. 00:47:41 Gray Looking like it's gonna ever say something scary. Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. 00:47:41 Speaker 4 Even though they fight and then they will take. 00:47:46 Hannah B The lights over to each other. Not a moment's hesitation. We want to try to watch Toy Story and the children falling out, the toys falling out the window was like. 00:47:53 Hannah B Much just too. 00:47:54 Hannah B Scary. And so we have three, we really. 00:47:56 Hannah B Have to click and choose. 00:47:56 Kris Ohh men don't show them Part 3. 00:47:58 Kris With the furnace. 00:47:59 Gray Well. Oh well, many little person. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. 00:48:00 Speaker 4 I don't even think. 00:48:02 Kris Ohh man that that's. 00:48:04 Hannah B Yeah. So, like, we're constantly constantly on. 00:48:04 Kris Bad enough for 35 year olds who grew up on the Toy Story. 00:48:08 Hannah B Common sense media reading through what is the what is the scary thing? 00:48:11 Yeah. 00:48:13 Hannah B Yeah, I'll say things like smoking depictions. Smoking's at least wars. Is there a storm cloud? Cause that might tip them over the edge. Yeah. So this is something that's new that we're trying to be really intentional about. That's time together rather than them choosing rather than watching blaze or. 00:48:15 Speaker 4 What's new? 00:48:31 Gray Yeah, it just gives us a. 00:48:32 Hannah B Pirates or paw patrol, or one of these kind of programs trying to choose a movie that we'll all enjoy and we can talk about later and. 00:48:34 Speaker 6 Yeah. 00:48:40 Gray Yeah, yeah, yeah. Cause cause our Thursday night as a as a family is kind of our Friday night together cause. 00:48:46 Gray They'll go off to Nana and Papas and stay there. And yeah, I think it was when you had your your friend on the well. Maybe it was the 1st guest episode and you guys say ohh I'd say floor. 00:48:47 Hannah M Of course. 00:48:56 Speaker 4 Yeah, we call her phone. 00:49:01 Kris You like that? 00:49:03 Hannah M Funny how we say. 00:49:04 Speaker 4 Floral yeah. Floral. Yeah. 00:49:07 Kris Oh, I see. 00:49:08 Kris Yeah. 00:49:09 Kris Maybe that's the poll for the episode, Laurel or Flora. 00:49:13 Gray But yeah, I think they did a movie night and like. 00:49:15 Gray There, the boys are at an age now where we can kind of have that nice little time together and try and establish that. So yeah, try and get that going. 00:49:23 Gray And get to bed before 9. 00:49:25 Hannah M Yeah. Yeah. Then. So that's so sweet. And that makes me think again about, like, I've been talking with summer and Josh since the episode, you know, more about their values and then how they're gonna love those out. And I just think that's so sweet as a household or family or even friendship groups could do it. It's like, what do we want? 00:49:32 Hmm. 00:49:44 Hannah M To like bank, you know, and our relationship and I think that we probably all have memories of. 00:49:50 Speaker 4 Like. 00:49:51 Hannah M You know, it's so easy for you to put a movie in, pop some popcorn every week so easy. But like that time together can be so special and overtime potentially even becomes like a sacred time. It might not feel like it in. 00:50:01 Speaker 6 Yeah, yeah. 00:50:02 Hannah M The moment but. 00:50:03 Hannah M When you look back, realize how special it was. So I think that's so, so lovely. 00:50:06 My name is. 00:50:08 Gray No, thank you. Yeah, it's good. 00:50:11 Hannah M What about you, Chris? 00:50:13 Kris I think. 00:50:15 Kris We haven't been to a movie theatre in ages and I I really enjoy because we we live just down the road from the Roxy Cinema, which is like a really nice 20 style art decoy sort of vibe. 00:50:27 Gray Brilliant. 00:50:31 Kris And it seems like such a waste that we don't go to this beautiful building that's just so curated and and like, lovely to be in. So I think I'm going to this is like a habit of mine, but steal your rhythm and actually try and have a movie night where we actually go and enjoy this like awesome. 00:50:39 Hmm. 00:50:50 Kris Building it's it's a lovely place to be in and you know that that rhythm of going to the movies and smelling the popcorn and, you know, getting I always get a orange chocolate chip chop top. It's like my movie go to. 00:51:02 Speaker 4 Hmm. 00:51:04 Hannah B Is that an ice cream? 00:51:06 Kris Yeah. Have you know everyone? Ah, that's so good. 00:51:09 Hannah M My word. 00:51:10 Kris Orange Chocolate chip is very divisive though. 00:51:13 Hannah B Orange chalk tip is it also surrounded with chocolate? 00:51:13 Kris It's either. 00:51:15 Speaker 6 Yeah. 00:51:17 Hannah B Is it on? 00:51:17 Hannah B A stick. Sorry, foreign. 00:51:18 Kris Yeah, it's on. It's on a cone. No, no, this is I'm educating now. 00:51:21 Gray Crucial. 00:51:23 Kris This is it's. It's on a cone and it's like a scoop of orange chocolate chip ice cream orange. 00:51:27 Hannah M Have you seen that in the grocery store? Orange chocolate chip ice cream just in their pubs? 00:51:30 Kris Are you an orange? Do you like orange flavoured things? Yeah, I love the chocolate orange. Yeah, it's basically there. But an ice cream. 00:51:33 Yeah, I. 00:51:33 Gray Think Terry's chocolate orange would. 00:51:35 Gray Be a be a smaller. 00:51:37 Hannah B Please speaking total orange teams. 00:51:40 Gray Yeah. 00:51:40 Kris Yeah, it's. It's like a milk chocolate terrys chocolate orange. 00:51:43 Hannah B Amazing. 00:51:44 Gray Yeah, that's worth going to Roxy. Full stop. 00:51:44 Kris Surrounded and then yeah. 00:51:47 Kris Yeah, I hope they still have. 00:51:48 Kris Them, but I'll bring my own in my back pocket or something. Yeah, I think I think I wanna go to the movies more often. Mm-hmm. 00:51:49 Speaker 4 My God. 00:51:58 Kris Finally, they've put something decent out, although doing she's playing so it looks alright, yeah. 00:52:00 June. 00:52:01 Gray June 2 is amazing. 00:52:03 Hannah M Yeah. OK for me, I don't know if I've got something specific, except that I just need to find some new ways, some new rhythms to embrace order, because I'm like, I've mentioned before. I'm so excited about autumn. Like, this is the perfect temperature. 00:52:19 Hannah M These are the colors and the clothes that I like. 00:52:23 Hannah M So I've got this festival that I'm looking forward to my whole family. We're going to that very soon, but yeah, like I think I just need to like, look at what a little tweaks I make to my rhythms to reflect the season that I'm in. So already like, I'm still doing my monthly dinner plans with the family. So we've had, like, our autumn dinner queue. So we've switched to, like, what do we like to eat? 00:52:44 Hannah M In these months and those are in the plan now and I'm realizing with daylight savings coming, I'm going to have to change when I walk because I'm too scared to walk on the. 00:52:54 Hannah M Back and so I think that's what I need to do is just go, OK, how do things move and shift because of the time of year that I'm in, which I love, what are the candles that I'm going to burn this water that's. Thanks. 00:53:06 Gray There you go. You're not. You're not militant about it at all. Honey, you're fluid. You're changing with the seasons, that things you go. 00:53:13 Kris One of us. 00:53:18 Hannah M Grey and Hannah, thank you so much for spending your Friday night with us. It feels like such a privilege, knowing that this is like sacred time for you guys. 00:53:27 Kris What a sacrifice. We we you know we're we're not taking it for granted. 00:53:32 Gray No. 00:53:32 Hannah M And also I just like love the chats that we have just in real life about rhythms and the pot. 00:53:38 Hannah M And stuff. So yeah, really grateful that you were happy to come and share our conversation with other listeners of the party and meet Chris as well. 00:53:47 Kris Yeah, so cool to have you guys on and and, like, meet people who have been listening to us. I was just saying before we started that you guys have heard me more on the podcast than we have actually talked in real life. So it's nice to kind of start evening it out a bit. I'm talking in real in, in person so. 00:54:06 Hannah B Definitely. 00:54:07 Gray Ohh, sounds fabulous. Yeah, it's been lovely to like, you know, follow the follow the journey so far and then be like a little bit of a lot of the process and you'll actually sort of break the 4th wall and have a chat with you guys and me you Chris and yeah, it's it's awesome. Yeah. It's lovely thanks from this. 00:54:23 Hannah B Yeah, thank you. It's been great. It's been really. 00:54:26 Hannah B Good listening to. 00:54:27 Hannah B The answers. 00:54:27 Gray Hopefully we've said something vaguely interesting, that something. 00:54:29 Hannah B Yeah, I'll be giving you my feedback later, Hannah. 00:54:33 Speaker 4 The other person. 00:54:35 Kris We you know, we're good at taking feedback. 00:54:37 Hannah M Now, yeah, true, we like it. 00:54:37 Speaker 6 I have no get your hand, dude. 00:54:39 Hannah M Now cool. So yeah. So if you want to let us know how you say floral or floral, then head on over to Spotify and. 00:54:47 Hannah M Put in the pole there. 00:54:48 Kris Vote vote with five stars for floral or five stars for floral. 00:54:53 Kris Those are your two options. 00:54:55 Hannah M And yeah, as always, please reach out to us on Instagram or flick us the e-mail. You know that we've been begging for. But yeah, we just look forward to chatting more with you very. 00:55:06 Hannah M Soon. 00:55:08 Kris Thanks for listening to the Rhythms Podcast for showing notes, episode transcripts, and more. Remember, it's RY. 00:55:15 Kris Hms.com that's its rhythms.com. If you enjoyed today's episode, don't forget to subscribe. Rate and review on your favorite platform. It really helps us out. 00:55:26 Kris We want to hear from you if there's a rhythm in your life, you want us to talk about or a question you'd like to ask us about this episode or any others. Get in touch. You can e-mail us at the rhythmspodcast@gmail.com you can DM us on Instagram at its rhythms podcast, or if you're listening on Spotify, make sure to use the. 00:55:47 Kris Q&A feature. 00:55:48 Kris See you next time on the Rhythms podcast.


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